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  1. New questions answered Friends, we continue to answer the most popular questions from UMI crypto users. Let’s get down to answering questions right away. Here we go! 1. When will the UMI OneApp platform be launched? Immediately after the vote for stopping UMI staking and entering the DeFi market was over, we started developing UMI OneApp — a DeFi platform that will include a lot of decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. The first version of the DeFi ecosystem will be available in December. The beta version will include such DeFi solutions as: U-Wallet multi-currency wallet. At the first stage, it will support assets from the UMI, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. The support for other networks will be implemented later. U-DEX decentralized exchange. Users will be able to make a quick exchange of their assets from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. It will also allow users to provide liquidity to pools and farm supported assets. U-Staking is a cryptocurrency and token staking service. At the first stage, only GLIZE staking will be available. Staking of other crypto assets will be added later. U-GameFi is a page that will show a variety of “Play and Earn” games based on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. U-ProfitCenter is a page where users can review all available ways of making a profit on UMI OneApp. U-Burn beta version will display statistics on UMI burning and have an interface for burning coins. We have already published a full list of products that will be available in the first beta version of UMI OneApp: https://blog.umi.top/en/first-umi-oneapp-release-coming-in-december/ We also plan to add the other services that we announced before and expand the functionality of already existing solutions. This will be a long journey. We must develop and integrate all the solutions described in the Manifest. UMI OneApp Manifest: https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf 2. When will the crypto cards with UMI support be launched? Crypto cards with UMI support are still under development. Our long-term partner ISP Club is working on their launch. The latest version of the cards was successfully released in October. In the current version, to make a payment, users have to convert UMI to fiat currency manually by using a special app. The future version will have automated conversion. Our partners from the ISP Club are responsible for distributing the cards with UMI support and keeping users up to date with the latest information. The latest news about crypto cards: https://t.me/umi_news_eng/409 3. Why did you stop staking? UMI staking was stopped because the community decided to stop it. We took a decentralized vote on stopping staking. The overwhelming majority of users decided to stop staking and switch to the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. We couldn’t enter the DeFi market without stopping UMI staking. The truth is that the high staking rate caused the generation of an excess number of coins and, as a result, a steady drop in the UMI price. In that situation, UMI wouldn’t attract new participants in the crypto industry, even with a wide range of products presented in UMI OneApp. Now, after stopping staking and developing DeFi protocols, we can market UMI as a top blockchain platform for a variety of DeFi products. On top of it, by having stopped staking and integrated the burning mechanism, we turned UMI into a deflationary asset. It can have a positive impact on the coin’s shortage in the long run. 4. Why did you not foresee that high emission can cause a price drop? Initially, the high staking rate helped UMI grow and draw an audience. It was one of our main advantages which helped the cryptocurrency stand out among other cryptocurrencies. UMI has always had and still has other strong points such as super-high blockchain throughput and no fee on the network. Looking back at the past, you could see that the growth of the UMI price was not connected to the high staking rate. From January to June 2021, the cryptocurrency price increased from $1 to $3. But then we generated too many coins. The market situation changed, which led to the limitation of development resources. As the coin price began to fall, we offered the community a solution — stop staking and entering the DeFi market to popularize the cryptocurrency. Users made their choice. 5. What are your plans regarding listing on major exchanges? When will UMI be listed on Binance? We plan to have UMI listed on major exchanges, including Binance. In parallel with UMI OneApp, we are working on adding UMI to a range of trading platforms. As a result, you may have already noticed that UMI has been added to several platforms. The largest and most popular ones are BitGlobal (formerly Bithumb Global, an international trading platform from Bithumb crypto exchange) and Bibox. We also plan to have UMI added to other exchanges. It’s just the beginning. 6. Will U-DEX support stablecoins? Yes, it will. The beta version which will be launched in December will have this functionality. At the initial stage, U-DEX will support the exchange of assets from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. These networks feature a range of popular stablecoins, including USDT, USDC, and DAI, which will also be available for trading on U-DEX. Similarly, the multi-currency crypto wallet U-Wallet at the first stage will support assets from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. So users will be able to efficiently work with all popular stablecoins: store, transfer, receive, and trade them in pairs with other crypto assets. 7. When will the UMI rate grow? The UMI rate depends solely on supply and demand on the market. We do not influence the coin price and cannot know when the rate will rise. But at the same time, we have focused all our efforts on popularizing the cryptocurrency, its development, and creating a deflationary mechanism, which will encourage the growth of demand and create a shortage of coins on the market. That was why we stopped staking, launched burning, Manifest, and started the development of UMI OneApp. As a native coin of the DeFi platform, it will be used to access various products. If users want to use some solutions, they will need to buy UMI. Thanks for your time!
  2. What is DeFi and why is it so popular? New video about UMI OneApp In this video, we’re answering important questions. What is decentralized finance, or DeFi? Why is it an important tool for the crypto market? What are the unique opportunities opening up for DeFi users? Why are we developing the UMI OneApp ecosystem and how is it related to DeFi capabilities? We will also review the DeFi infrastructure, DEX capabilities and U-SWAP functionality. https://youtu.be/uoduZpdslzc
  3. Friends, the burning mechanism on the UMI network is working successfully. Today at 12:55 UTC, 175 048 642 UMI were burned using the new transaction type, Burn. Here is the transaction itself — https://blockchain.umi.top/transaction/2ac9676f0d241f0a55d12eb960fd716ae00ad5c4178a0bf649453e6ad12cc119. Another 150 000 000 UMI were burned through the conversion of coins into GLIZE tokens. Transaction — https://blockchain.umi.top/transaction/48f47f9996cd9c86565d8ad5ab0c06467cf1565c1b5d68c93dd1ee64c039bb4f. Current UMI emission is 677 773 263 and will continue to decrease. UMI burning + increased coin demand = deficit. Always with love, your UMI team!
  4. Dear friends, we’re in the final stage of preparation to the large-scale UMI network upgrade. Right now, we’re actively testing the new node, and the upgrade of the main network is planned to happen on November 29 at 07:00 UTC. The new node supports issue of tokens in the UMI network and coin burn! After it’s launched, it will be technically possible to issue tokens in the UMI blockchain. GLIZE will be the first token. The UMI network will also have a new type of transactions — burn transactions. These will be transactions that will make the much-awaited UMI burn feature! Important: all users will need to update the UMI Wallet mobile app after the new node is released. The new app will be released along with the node — on November 29 at 07:00 UTC. The old mobile wallet version will not be supported! You will also need to update the validator node if you installed it. We will publish all links after the successful launch of the new node. Yours, UMI Team!
  5. UMI-based NFT to take the sector to a new level The market of non-fungible tokens (NFT) has seen a great boom this year. Digital artists sell their works for hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars; video game developers actively integrate NFT tokens into their projects, and sports clubs sell their players’ cards in the format of NFTs. The advantage of NFTs is that each token is indivisible and unique and its owner has the exclusive right to it. In this way, NFTs can resolve a lot of problems related to copyrights — to track ownership of an asset, you just need to view the history of transactions with this asset on the blockchain. NFTs are actively used and developed in such areas as: - Digital art - Music industry - Digital collectibles - Sports clubs’ fan tokens - Blockchain games, or GameFi - Ticketing business And this is just the beginning — NFTs can be used in many other areas which involve identity verification and documents or items authentication: law, insurance, real estate and antiques, certification and licensing. For this reason, UMI OneApp users will have access to U-NFTCenter — a universal NFT marketplace where they will be able to create, store, transfer and sell NFT tokens. Zero-free transactions in UMI blockchain will ensure users to make transactions on the most favorable terms. On top of it, U-NFTCenter will fully support all popular blockchains. In other words, users will be able to exchange any tokens based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and other blockchains. UMI OneApp is all NFTs in a single place!
  6. GameFi has lately achieved a real breakthrough in the crypto industry. In simple terms, GameFi is blockchain-based games. Their distinct advantage is the opportunity to earn real digital assets during gameplay. Alas, GameFi users have to deal with problems typical of existing blockchains: low capacity and high fees. The UMI blockchain is able to solve both these problems! UMI's high-tech nature will allow blockchain games to rise to a new level. Just imagine a virtual world in which: - All transactions are free and instant; - All in-game items are in the form of tokens that you can buy or sell in the game and on exchanges; - UMI coins or network tokens are used as in-game currency; - UMI's high scalability rules out the network overload. It's clear that existing blockchain games need to be developed, and the UMI OneApp ecosystem can make a significant contribution to their development.
  7. First UMI OneApp release — coming in December! Dear friends, immediately after the voting ended, we set down to actively develop UMI OneApp. Over a short period of time, we’ve done a huge amount of work to develop a multitude of products that will be available to the users of our DeFi-platform. We’re happy to report that the first release of the ecosystem will be available in about a month — in December. UMI OneApp beta version will include the following products: U-Wallet multi-currency wallet. At the first stage, it will support the UMI, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. This means that all UMI OneApp users will be able to work with any assets — both coins and tokens — from the above listed blockchains. The support for other networks will be implemented later. U-DEXdecentralized exchange. In the beta version users will be able to make a quick exchange of their assets from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. It will also allow users to provide liquidity and farming (will work via PancakeSwap and Uniswap decentralized exchanges). U-Aggregate is the first beta version of the aggregator of decentralized exchanges which will have only the routing functionality. The aggregator will offer the user the most profitable exchange path, displaying diagrams with all pairs only on one exchange — U-DEX. U-Staking is a page for staking cryptocurrencies and tokens. At the first stage, only GLIZE staking will be available. Staking of other crypto assets will be added later. U-Gamefi is a page that will show various “Play and Earn” games based on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. U-ProfitCenter is a page where users can review all available ways of earning money on UMI OneApp. U-Dashboard is a personal smart control panel where the user can view all necessary information regarding their assets. U-DAO is the first version of a decentralized autonomous organization where UMI holders will have the opportunity to vote for integration of certain changes into the protocol. U-Burn beta version will display statistics on UMI burning and have an interface for burning coins. U-Data is an analytical dashboard in the form of dashboards and graphs for tracking general activity in the UMI OneApp ecosystem. It will also include a blockchain explorer. U-Interface is a service for downloading and installing UMI nodes. U-API will provide a lot of options for interacting with UMI OneApp via API. Please keep in mind that in December only the first beta version will be released, that is, some features which you read about in UMI OneApp Manifest may not be complete yet. Nevertheless, even at this stage, it will have a wide range of options: staking, farming, providing liquidity, profitable exchange at DEX, asset management via a multi-currency wallet, and a lot more. And we will not stop there. This will be a long journey. We must develop and integrate all the solutions described in the Manifest — https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf. Our ultimate goal is a fully developed app. Thank you again for supporting us in the voting. Lots of love, UMI Team!
  8. UMI listed on Bithumb Global! Dear friends, we're here with very hot news. The top crypto platform Bithumb Global is listing the UMI cryptocurrency today! - The announcement was made at 07:00 UTC (10:00 Moscow time) — https://support.bithumb.pro/hc/en-us/articles/4409254511385-UMI-UMI-Listing-Nov-10-2021 . - At 08:00 UTC (11:00 Moscow time), UMI deposit capability became available: https://global.bithumb.pro/asset/deposit/spot?c=UMI . - Trading starts today at 13:00 UTC (16:00 Moscow time)! Bithumb Global (Bitglobal) is an international trading platform created by the popular top exchange Bithumb. Bithumb itself is on the 10th line in the CoinMarketCap rating, and BitGlobal is in TOP 50. And most importantly, this is just the beginning. In the near future, we will continue to work on listing UMI on the world's other top crypto platforms. Link to Bithumb Global: https://www.bitglobal.com We continue to grow. Always yours, UMI Team!
  9. Thank you for your support! Dear friends, today we just want to thank you for your support. For reading the Manifest, accepting our ideas and voting for entering the DeFi market. As we have repeatedly said, it is you who are our main value and achievement, something we have managed to achieve in a year and a half of development. We understand that it didn’t turn out as perfectly as we wanted. In the first year, the UMI price grew, the coin developed, and members of the community had an extremely positive attitude. However, new emissions changed everything, and the UMI price began to fall. Some of you bought UMI at a higher price than you can sell it now, and you are worried about this. Believe us, we are also worried. We also feel bad about your assets (ours, too) growing cheaper and cheaper. But we are not resting. We have proposed a solution to the problem, and you have supported it. Right now, we have actively started developing the UMI OneApp DeFi platform which will open up the possibility of safe, convenient and profitable use of all DeFi ecosystem products to everyone. All types of income existing on the crypto market and the entire decentralized finance world will be available to you in one place. UMI will be UMI OneApp’s native coin, thanks to which its value should grow. Especially so, if we take into account the stop of staking and the introduction of the burning mechanism which will soon begin to operate and will lead to a shortage of coins on the market. Thanks again for your support. It inspires us to continue working. It is only thanks to you that we continue to develop and we are sure that in the near future we will reach new heights together. Always with love, your UMI team!
  10. Powerful video about UMI OneApp and its entry to the DeFi market Dear friends, you have voted for stopping UMI staking and entering the DeFi market. We have accepted your decision and have already started developing UMI OneApp — a common ecosystem where all DeFi products and all types of earnings on the crypto market will be represented in a single place. To celebrate this, we have prepared an awesome video: https://youtu.be/cVuijYGJAaY
  11. Voting has ended! UMI community has opted for stopping staking and entering the DeFi market Dear friends, congratulations! Our community has made their choice. We’re stopping UMI staking at 1 billion coins, going to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market and launching UMI OneApp development! 22 725 addresses with a total balance of 140 101 798 UMI have voted YES. 1 990 addresses with a total balance of 9 889 381 UMI have voted NO. Both in terms of the number of addresses and the amount of UMI coins — the bias towards stopping staking is obvious. Each of you was free to make a choice, and most of you have chosen the path of further technological development. 📈 Voting results — https://umi.top/vote. What happens next? Right now, we’re starting to update UMI website to align it with the new mission and new ideas. Most importantly, we’re launching active development of UMI OneApp. The very first DeFi products based on UMI will include: - U-Wallet multi-currency wallet; - First token based on the UMI blockchain; - U-Swap decentralized exchanges as part of U-DEX. Then, we’ll go on creating new UMI OneApp products. Thank you for each of your votes. We’re confident that an awesome future is waiting for us out there. Always with love, UMI Team!
  12. UMI OneApp: U-Wallet multi-currency crypto wallet — what on earth is this? Dear friends, we're right in the middle of decentralized voting for or against stopping staking and launching UMI OneApp — an entire ecosystem of DeFi products in a single location. From this day on, we will briefly review individual products of the ecosystem every day. We'll start with the basics — U-Wallet crypto wallet. U-Wallet will have a range of key features, including: Support for all popular blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, TRON, Free TON, Minter, Polkadot, EOS and UMI, of course. All crypto assets based on the blockchains above, including cryptocurrences and all tokens, will be available in a single location: U-Wallet. You will be able to access all assets using a single mnemonic phrase. To do this, we will ensure U-Wallet supports all up to date crypto industry standards. It means your mnemonic phrase will grant you access to the wallet of each cryptocurrency and token present in UMI OneApp. You won't have to create a bunch of phrases and worry whether each one is secure. U-Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. It means it doesn't store users' private keys. It ensures security as your mnemonic phrase will only be stored by you and no one else will have access to it. Most importantly, you will be able to use U-Wallet to interact with UMI OneApp directly — to add assets to staking, farming, lending, to trade on decentralized exchanges, to dispose of NFT and many other things. It's all in one place — secure and convenient. It's an ideal solution for anyone. If you like it vote YES — https://umi.top/vote Will come back tomorrow to tell you more about the Profit Center in UMI OneApp. Yours always, UMI Team!
  13. Decentralized voting has started. It's time to make a decision! Dear friends, the decentralized voting for stopping staking and UMI's entering the DeFi market has been launched. The voting process is completely transparent: thanks to blockchain, balance snapshots, current results, and information on how an address voted are publicly available. Thus, you will be able to check that votes are real, not faked, and make sure that everything is fair and square. Voting lasts until 12:00 MSK (09:00 UTC) November 1, 2021 If the majority votes "yes", we will be able to create UMI OneApp — a whole universe of blockchain solutions which will combine all types of income on the crypto market. You will also have an alternative to UMI staking in the form of token staking. As another option, you can vote to leave things as they are. It's up to you to decide. Don't forget to vote. Now the future of UMI is only in your hands! - VOTE, VIEW TERMS AND SEE RESULTS: https://umi.top/vote - Detailed voting statistics: https://umi.top/votes P.S. Short FAQ: 1. How does decentralized voting work? — https://t.me/umi_news_eng/417 2️. What are we voting for? Manifest’s full version (recommended): https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf Onepager (brief version): https://umi.top/OneApp_OnePager_en.pdf
  14. How, Where and When to Vote for Stopping Staking Dear friends, soon you will have to take a historic decision on the future of the UMI network: to stop staking or not. We are ready to lift the curtain of secrecy and answer all the questions. HOW WILL IT WORK? On Monday, Оctober 25 at 09:00 UTC (12:00 MSK) decentralized blockchain-based voting is launched on the official website: - At the start of voting, we will make snapshots of balances – we will record the number of UMI on all your addresses, including structural ones. - When you vote "FOR" or "AGAINST", the system will record your coins into the relevant block. The more coins you have, the more interested you are in developing UMI, which means the more valuable your vote is. - Voting is finished at 09:00 UTC (12:00 MSK). The solution that receives the most votes will win. Your coins will NOT be withdrawn — voting is free! WHY DO YOU USE BLOCKCHAIN AND SNAPSHOTS? The snapshot-based voting system protects against fraud with coin tossing and juke. Blockchain will make the voting process completely transparent: anyone will be able to view balance snapshots, current results, and now any address voted. Thus, you will be able to check that votes are real, not faked, and make sure that everything is fair and square. HOW CAN I VOTE? 1. Just enter your UMI address. 2. Sign a special message via the UMI wallet or SIGEN.pro. 3. And then just click "FOR" or "AGAINST" to cast your vote. WHAT ARE WE VOTING FOR? 1. Stop staking when 1 billion UMI is reached. 2. Launch token-based staking as an alternative to UMI staking. 3. Transform UMI into a blockchain platform for DeFi rather than leave it a cryptocurrency intended primarily for staking. You can find more details in the Manifest: Manifest’s full version (recommended) — https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf OnePager (brief version) — https://umi.top/OneApp_OnePager_en.pdf WHY DO WE NEED VOTING? UMI is a decentralized cryptocurrency, so all global solutions will only be implemented after our community gives its approval. Our community is the most valuable thing we have. And we must take this historic decision together. We will choose the path you will vote for! Remember you are the best! Love, UMI Team!
  15. Important: DeFi Market Entry Manifest by UMI Dear friends, we have been talking about transforming UMI into a DeFi blockchain platform for a long time, but staking at a rate of up to 40% per month provokes a continuous price drop and does not allow us to implement this idea in the current situation. Therefore, you will have to make an important historic decision via decentralized voting in the near future: 1. Whether we should stop staking and enter the DeFi market while creating a shortage of coins; 2. Whether we continue staking, but UMI transformation into a DeFi blockchain platform will be impossible in this case. If staking is stopped, you will be offered an alternative — staking of new tokens launched within the UMI network and characterized by their own emission mechanism. We have prepared the DeFi Market Entry Manifest where we spoke in detail about our thoughts, plans and UMI OneApp — a new ecosystem that will be created and launched if you vote “YES”. In short: UMI OneApp is an app that unites various blockchains and the entire crypto market in a single place. - Multicurrency wallet for cryptocurrencies and tokens; - All types of income originating from cryptocurrencies, including staking, farming and liquidity pools; - Decentralized exchanges (DEX) and P2P platforms; - All DeFi market products: NFTs, blockchain games, insurance, transfers between blockchains and much more; - New unique solutions. UMI burning mechanism will also be integrated into the app. All transactions in UMI OneApp will be instant and have minimal fees; in most cases — no fees whatsoever. All this will be ensured by the decentralized DAO management system where each user is an important part of the ecosystem and makes key decisions with the entire community. UMI OneApp is a unique solution in the decentralized finance market. The entire universe of blockchain solutions is always at hand with this app! The launch of UMI OneApp will offer you a huge number of new opportunities, including income generation on the crypto market. Within the new ecosystem, UMI will be the native coin (by analogy with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and other blockchains) that will be used for various transactions which will generate demand for it. Stopping staking and using the burning mechanism will create a shortage of coins on the market. Read more about UMI OneApp, our thoughts and plans in the Manifest. It contains screenshots and a detailed description of all opportunities. DeFi Market Entry Manifest by UMI: https://umi.top/OneApp_en.pdf P. S. Our entire community will be able to vote — each UMI holder. We will tell you tomorrow when and how decentralized voting will take place. In the meantime, study the Manifest. Love, UMI Team!
  16. More and more users are resorting to decentralized exchanges (DEX) instead of centralized ones. Why? We can explain: - You don’t need to trust your funds to third-party organizations; - The service is available to anyone; - DEXs feature a great number of assets; - You aren’t required to provide your personal data. DEX is the exchange of choice for those users who care about their privacy and security. Not all is perfect though. The main disadvantage is that due to the low scalability of blockchains, fees are high. Thus, for a complex transaction on Uniswap, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars (!). We understand this like no one else, so we plan to develop a decentralized exchange based on the UMI blockchain. In terms of the technical aspect, this platform will outperform all existing DEXs by providing users with a unique opportunity to carry out free and immediate transactions. It will become a solution to the main pain point of the crypto market. Nowhere else will you see it! Stay tuned!
  17. Recently, the world-famous magazine The Economist that has a multimillion audience paid special attention to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. On the magazine cover, the DeFi sector is pictured as a rabbit hole, and the article says that this industry could change the way the global monetary system works. One can’t but agree with this. DeFi is a new stage in the development of the financial sector. More and more users are leaving centralized crypto platforms, opting for solutions offering complete control over their assets. That is why UMI is moving to the DeFi sector and intends to become one of the leading platforms for the decentralized finance area! Thanks to its top-level throughput on the crypto market, zero commissions and the capability to execute smart contracts of any complexity, UMI can become the No. 1 platform for launching DeFi products, including decentralized exchanges, credit protocols and blockchain games. IN A FEW DAYS, WE WILL PUBLISH THE DETAILS. STAY TUNED!
  18. Cryptocurrency has never been so close! Here. Now. In your pocket. Take it. Pay. UMI bank card has been earned. It works — we have seen it ourselves. And we want to share this good news with you. This has been talked about for a long time! We have been waiting for this for a long time! UMI in everyday life! Not only on display! Look! https://youtu.be/Zxrx6kVjGgs
  19. UMI listed on Bibox! Dear friends, we are proud to announce that UMI has been successfully listed on the Bibox crypto platform. UMI deposits/withdrawals are already available — you can deposit your wallets. UMI trade is launched at 03:00 pm MSK ((08:00 pm UTC) Here is another piece of awesome news: thanks to listing on Bibox, we have entered a new market — UMI/USDT trading. You can exchange UMI for the most popular stablecoin in the crypto world and vice versa. In a few weeks, another trading pair — UMI/BTC — will be added to Bibox. Bibox is a large trading platform with a daily trading volume of about $500–$900 million. Listing on Bibox is an essential step in popularizing our coin. Link on Bibox: https://www.bibox.com/ Enjoy your trading! Sincerely yours, UMI team
  20. Numerous markets, including the cryptocurrency market, use various trading strategies, scalping being one of them. What is this strategy like? Scalping is running a variety of short-term transactions. Short-term movements take a very short time, literally a few minutes. Since UMI, just like other cryptocurrencies, is traded on the open market and has market pricing, you can also practice a scalping strategy. However, you need to understand that it can be very difficult to trade successfully. For inexperienced users, staking that has recently been gaining popularity in the crypto industry is much easier to use and more reliable. Thanks to staking based on a smart contract, you can multiply your UMI coins at a rate of up to 40% per month. This does not require special skills or a lot of time at the computer. You can just send UMI to the address for staking. The smart contract will take it from there.
  21. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, but it is far from being the only one. In the context of Bitcoin’s limited technological base, new cryptocurrencies began to emerge. Thus, in 2015 the Ethereum blockchain appeared and popularized smart contracts. A smart contract is a blockchain code that fulfills agreement of two parties. Thanks to smart contracts, there is no need to trust third parties because all conditions can be pre-programmed and written in contract code. Over time, many different applications (dApps) were designed based on Ethereum, including decentralized exchanges, crediting and insurance protocols, etc. UMI is far superior to Ethereum, allowing you to create and execute smart contracts of any complexity. Our blockchain platform is very flexible and can be integrated into absolutely any project in the future. Instant and free transactions are a key advantage that makes UMI-based smart contracts much more profitable than smart contracts based on other cryptocurrencies.
  22. Add UMI to CoinMarketCap watchlist Dear friends, let’s help the UMI cryptocurrency win more popularity and authority among the crypto community around the globe. Just add UMI to the CoinMarketCap watchlist. It's really easy and fast to do: 1. Sign up for CoinMarketCap or log in to your account if you already have one — https://coinmarketcap.com/. 2. Open the UMI page — https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/umi/. 3. Click on the star symbol (to the right of the coin name). Done! Even though over 5,000 people already keep tracking UMI, our community is much larger. So let's increase this number severalfold. This will help the coin win popularity and show the crypto world how awesome, loyal, and big UMI's audience is. We are counting on you Sincerely yours, UMI team P. S. We have also prepared a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to add UMI to the watchlist – https://blog.umi.top/?p=2558
  23. UMI's video report from Supreme Blockchain 2021 Dear friends, in our today's report we would like to recollect the awesome Supreme Blockchain conference in Dubai where the UMI team acted as the title sponsor. Reputable representatives of the industry, celebrities and sheikhs discussed prospects of the crypto market, including DeFi, asset tokenization, NFT and other topical questions. And, naturally, UMI's prospects in these and other sectors! We have prepared a brief, but very beautiful and informative video about the conference. Make sure you watch it. Video: https://youtu.be/qMzjlGH37VU. This conference is just the beginning of our journey into the decentralized finance sector. We will not only develop DeFi products, but will also take an active part in such conferences on a regular basis, bringing UMI into the global spotlight. Follow the news. Yours always,UMI team!
  24. UMI's main goal is further expansion on the DeFi market Last week we successfully launched a new node that made UMI the fastest payment system in the world. We're the only ones who are able to prove our main network can reach a throughput of as much as 65,535 tx/sec. But, most importantly, the new node has opened us the door to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market. And we won’t be just a tokenized coin — we will be a fully featured blockchain platform that can be used to design DeFi products. It’s exactly what we’re going to work on in the near future. Why DeFi? Because it’s a promising and fast-growing crypto market sector that could potentially change the entire financial system. Overall, the DeFi protocols now account for (https://defillama.com/home) as much as $180 bln, and the number is constantly growing. However, crypto users still face the problems experienced by other platforms, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot and Cardano. UMI easily solves them via its high-tech nature, zero fees and instant transactions. We will do all we can to make UMI the leader on the DeFi market. Follow the news. Yours always, UMI Team!
  25. Announcement of UMI listing on the Bibox exchange! Dear friends, we have another piece of awesome news for you. A popular trading platform Bibox has announced the upcoming listing of UMI! Bibox is a large international crypto platform which trades more than 250 cryptocurrencies and offers various trading tools. The daily trading volume on Bibox is about $500-900 million! UMI continues to enter new large markets and gain popularity around the world. Bibox announcement about the upcoming UMI listing — https://bit.ly/3hJIGxT Bibox on CoinMarketCap — https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/bibox/. Link to Bibox — https://www.bibox.com/ As soon as UMI trading starts on Bibox, we will definitely let you know. We continue to grow together. Yours, UMI Team!

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