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  1. One of the features of Bitcoin is a pre-programmed algorithm for creating new coins. However, not all cryptocurrencies have followed this path. For example, the emission of the same Ethereum is set by the developers. Moreover, miners are not able to resist this. Initially, Ethereum miners received 5 ETH per block + commission. Then the developers decided that this was too much and cut the reward to 3 ETH. Then they cut it again — to 2 ETH, and now they want to exclude commissions from the reward. In this case, UMI adopted the experience of Bitcoin and developed its own pre-progr
  2. The original UMI emissions were fully distributed to the community. This is one of the important signs of true decentralization, when the cryptocurrency is in the hands of users, not developers. New UMI coins can only be created by cryptocurrency holders by staking according to a pre-programmed smart contract. And third parties are not able to influence this process. This is real decentralization - power is in the hands of users, the number of which is already more than 300,000 around the world.
  3. We tried to solve the problem of cryptocurrency volatility and put bitcoins in the order book on the SIGEN.pro crypto exchange to support the coin rate. Now about 365 BTC has been collected in the order book. This “wall” supports the UMI rate, preventing it from dropping below $ 0.95. At the same time, nothing holds back the rate of the coin from growth.
  4. An interesting fact: Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, is perceived by the community as a real decentralized cryptocurrency. But did you know that the Ethereum developers gave themselves about 70 million ETH at the time the project was created? Now the number of all ETH is 115 million. That is, the developers received more cryptocurrency than was created by users in 6 years since the launch of the network. The UMI team took a different path. The coin also had an initial emission of 18 million UMI, BUT we did not take it for ourselves, but distributed it among the community, including by
  5. UMI’S 1ST ANNIVERSARY! We’ve done a lot, and there’s still a lot to do It seems like it was just a few days ago that a group of crypto enthusiasts and programmers got together to give the universal monetary instrument to each and every person in the world. Years of development, discussion, strenuous work, and finally UMI was displayed to the world on June 1, 2020 — as a universal blockchain platform that enables fast and free transactions, can work with smart contracts and allows people to generate new coins within the wallet via staking. UMI would have remained another medioc
  6. UMI turned one! Dear friends, we can’t believe how fast time has flown. It’s been a year since we launched the UMI blockchain. On June 1, 2020, the network was launched. It was the day when the first master nodes confirmed their first transactions and started controlling the rules to be complied with, thus supporting the UMI blockchain. Over one year, our cryptocurrency has grown to an enormous scale. - The total number of UMI coins reached 180 mln, with 155 mln in staking smart contract. - Users created over 320,000 addresses; 250,000 addresses were created in staking st
  7. Sometimes users ask us questions: «Is UMI a coin or a token? And what is the general difference between these two concepts?» We wrote a whole article about this. After reading it, you will understand that UMI is a full-fledged cryptocurrency, that is, a coin, and you will forever understand the difference between a coin and a token. Read here: https://blog.umi.top/?p=2035
  8. Recently, the ISP Club team successfully brought UMI to the decentralized finance (DeFi) market and launched the new Umiswap exchanger. We would like to separately emphasize one important function of the exchanger. Umiswap added support for Payeer electronic payment system for both UMI and WUMI tokens! For now, you can: - Buy / sell UMI cryptocurrency for Payeer USD. - Buy WUMI tokenized coins for Payeer USD. Today, many people use electronic payment systems (EPS), since this is a convenient way to transfer money on the Internet. Payeer is one of the most popular EPS.
  9. UMI staking participants do not need to freeze coins - they can be withdrawn from staking at any time without losing interest. New coins are created immediately in the wallet, and only the user has access to them. At the same time, you can start creating new coins today with any wallet balance from 20 UMI.
  10. UMI Active on DeFi Market — Today! New blockchains and decentralized exchanges A while ago the ISP Club Team took UMI to the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. The team tokenized the coin in the Ethereum blockchain, created the WUMI token and added it to the biggest decentralized exchange Uniswap: https://v2.info.uniswap.org/token/0x46943113ae84e732bb510b5f7686d8b76ff56774 We have three more awesome pieces of news for you: - In addition to Ethereum, WUMI tokens were also created in Binance Smart Chain, TRON and Polygon (previously Matic Network) blockchains. Polygon is a
  11. UMI is very easy to use. You don’t need to be a techie to do this, be able to configure nodes, and so on. It is enough to download the application to your smartphone — and you already get access to full-fledged work with cryptocurrency and can make instant and free transfers to any country in the world. A few more clicks will allow you to connect to one of the staking pools to create new UMI coins at a rate of up to 40% per month through staking on a smart contract.
  12. The UMI team opened the source codes of the network and smart contract for staking. Like Satoshi Nakamoto, she put the instrument in the hands of humanity. Anyone can make sure that everything is absolutely transparent and honest! The UMI source code is available at the links: https://gitlab.com/umitop https://bitbucket.org/umitop
  13. Sometimes criticism is heard against the UMI cryptocurrency about the "murderous emission", which supposedly, sooner or later, will lead to hyperinflation, which will "ruin" the coin. As a rule, this is said by people who do not delve into the principles of UMI and compare staking with a traditional bank deposit, where such high interest rates are simply unrealistic, and the cryptocurrency itself is with the notorious financial pyramid that deceives depositors. However, both of these statements are fundamentally wrong. We have debunked all the myths about the "killer emission" of UMI
  14. UMI Successfully Entered DeFi Market! Friends, we regularly inform you that UMI cryptocurrency never stops to develop. Today’s news is the most dramatic confirmation of this statement. UMI cryptocurrency has successfully entered the Decentralized Finance market — DeFi! Our partners from ISP Club have tokenized UMI cryptocurrency and added it to the most popular decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap with operations based on the Ethereum blockchain. What is tokenized UMI? What is decentralized exchange? Why do we need this? Read on to find out. Tokenization is t
  15. 11 Months of Success! 11 months ago to the day, on June 1, 2020, the world welcomed creation of UMI cryptocurrency. It seems like it was just a little while ago, but it’s almost been a year. We continue to develop, while UMI community continues to grow. We suggest that you have a look at the numbers to see what we all have achieved over this time. - UMI network has registered nearly 220,000 addresses and additional 175,000 addresses have been registered within staking structures. So the network now comprises nearly 400,000 addresses. Our cryptocurrency is in high demand f
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