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  1. High profitability is one of the most important reasons why institutional investors are interested in the cryptocurrency market. This is the most compelling and never outdated reason. The main instruments traditional for institutional investors barely exceed the inflation rate of 2-3% per year. For example, the annual yield on US government bonds is 0.1-1.4%. In such conditions, institutional investors are increasingly paying attention to more risky instruments: stocks, corporate bonds and now — cryptocurrencies.
  2. UMI Marketing: Top Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies When UMI was launched, people acquired a universal money instrument that allows for instant and secure transactions charged with no fees and independent generation of new digital money—with neither energy expenses nor powerful equipment. It has the potential to fundamentally change the financial system by making it more profitable and convenient for the entire human family. The more people will learn about this cryptocurrency, the faster this idea will spread around the world. In other words, like any new product, UMI needs
  3. Who are Institutional Investors? Institutional investors are companies that trade and invest in securities. These are large financial and brokerage firms, banks, pension and investment funds, asset managers, insurance companies. Institutional players are one of the most important participants in the traditional stock market. They account for up to half of the volume of all trade. They usually own the largest shareholdings and have significant market influence. In the first years of the existence of the crypto market, institutionalists were afraid to enter it. And this can
  4. The authorities of many countries often say that cryptocurrencies should be banned, as they are supposedly an ideal tool for criminals. In fact: criminals are hundreds of times more likely to use cash and bank transfers, but no one thinks about banning them too? Cryptocurrencies are not as convenient for criminals as they seem. This is an unnecessary intermediary link. They still have to cash out, and to do it anonymously is more and more difficult — it is much easier to receive cash by courier or accept a bank transfer through «their channels». In fact, it is more difficult to track
  5. Cryptomats are a useful and convenient tool. It is not suitable for everyone and is not needed in all cases. Users who are not very concerned about their own privacy and who have access to banking services can do without them. But for those who value privacy, as well as owners of cryptocurrencies from developing countries and simply newcomers to the market, cryptomats can help out a lot. In any case, the more such devices work, the wider the adoption of cryptocurrencies will be. We remind you that in the future there will be cryptomats supporting UMI!
  6. UMI is high scalability of the first level blockchain Neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum managed to solve the problem of blockchain scaling. One of the options for solving it was the creation of a second blockchain layer, on top of the first level. This is a rather complex system that offloads the entire blockchain and allows you to process more transactions without changing the code of the main network. In fact: this is a new fast system working inside an old and slow one. In the Bitcoin network, this solution was the implementation of the Lightning Network - a second layer that all
  7. For its time, bitcoin and other first generation cryptocurrencies were a real breakthrough. They showed that people can build an alternative financial system that is more advanced than traditional banking. And in this they do not need the help and permission of governments. Over time, it became clear that PoW blockchains are too imperfect. They do not scale well, are slow and expensive, and cannot be programmed with smart contracts. Today Bitcoin is one of the slowest cryptocurrencies in the world — it takes about 10 minutes to confirm a transaction. And the commissions can be higher
  8. UMI cryptocurrency is 8 months old! Friends, today the UMI cryptocurrency is exactly 8 months old. Contrary to all skeptics and pessimists, our innovative coin shows simply colossal results. Let’s summarize the latest summary for today. - More than 97,000 UMI-addresses and more than 76,000 addresses in staking structures are already registered in the UMI network. That is, over 17,000 addresses have been added over the month for each of these two positions. The total number of addresses at the moment is over 173,000. - In total, almost 3,000,000 transactions
  9. New blocks in UMI are created very quickly, there are no commissions, the network scaling is almost unlimited. Already in the test version, UMI operates at a speed of 65,535 transactions per second, and potentially it can increase to a million transactions (there are no technical restrictions for this). Soon 65,535 transactions per second will be no longer in the test version, but in the main network!
  10. From an objective point of view, the UMI code is perfect. In this regard, we did our best, not allowing ourselves to relax and cheat in a single trifle. - The UMI code is like a book, qualitatively divided into chapters, free of grammatical errors and syntactic oversights. It was read ten times and rechecked a hundred times, where every line is written with love. - Well, as for the subjective point of view, it’s up to you to judge. The UMI network is completely transparent, the source code is open, so anyone can evaluate the quality from their subjective side. - We’d love to h
  11. It often happens that some errors, for example, bugs in a mobile application, are directly related to dependence on someone else’s code. But bugs are the lesser evil that can happen. For clarity, we will give a vivid example of the world-famous Copay crypto wallet, developed by BitPay. Due to the use of third-party libraries, one day a hole appeared in the wallet, allowing you to effortlessly steal bitcoins from users. In UMI, there are practically no such dependencies, which means that problems in the code of other projects will forever remain problems of other projects. They will n
  12. At the moment, the UMI code is written in 8 languages at once: GoLang, PHP, JavaScript / TypeScript, Python, Java, Swift, Object-C, C / C ++. For development, IDEs from JetBrains are used, which have built-in tools for checking code quality. The UMI source code is available at the links: - https://gitlab.com/umitop - https://bitbucket.org/umitop
  13. For many DeFi players, immediate profit is more important than security. For UMI, safety comes first. We are already providing complete transparency — the source code of the network is available in the public domain. For all operations within DeFi, including for withdrawing coins, you need to pay very large commissions, which continue to grow. They can be charged not only by the network, but also by the smart contracts themselves. Sometimes commissions «eat up» up to half of the amount. DeFi is now only for the rich, and UMI has no commissions at all. Except for those charged
  14. DeFi is a promising cryptocurrency sector that can bring huge benefits to the world. But while this market is too imperfect, and looking at it from the point of view of benefits is still very risky. Today it is much safer to multiply cryptocurrency using UMI staking Our cryptocurrency offers extremely generous conditions for this. Already, staking brings up to 30% per month, and in the future — up to 40%. A reliable and time-tested smart contract for staking in the UMI network protects users from fraudsters, and the unique network architecture and economic model of the project save t
  15. The initial UMI issue is fully distributed! Dear users! A historical and very important event happened today We have fully distributed the entire initial ussue of 18,000,000 UMI: - We have 0 coins left on our genesis address: https://blockchain.umi.top/address/umi1funq869de06x8tdfth0hs5z8v37ral3yyalmuvj7j0z94rtxcaxq289cf9. - There are no more sales offers created by us on behalf of SIGEN.pro and Crypto-by-Card. Thus, ALL the coins created at the start are successfully distributed to more than 81,000 (according to the number of addresses https://blockchain.umi.t
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