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  1. Brief introduction : the main problem with the network is scalability: the blockchain is overloaded, transactions are slowed down and the cost of "gas" (transaction fees) is increasing. If the consensus algorithm is not updated, the network will one day no longer work. To avoid this, developers have been working for several years to move the network from the PoW algorithm to the state 2.0, running on PoS. This should make the network more scalable, faster and cheaper. In May 2020, another unique and by far the best installer on the market was launched in the network, Yoda X Bot with the possibility of stacking - the first users have already earned 1%. In the PoS algorithm, which is not mined, but validated by delegating coins from the user network to the masterminds. During the delegation, these coins are frozen, and users receive part of the reward for providing their funds for block validation. This is a stacking - such a crypto analogue of a bank deposit. There are several types of stacking: with dividend income or skillfulness, but in all of them the important thing is not the power of the device, as in PoW algorithms, but the number of miner coins. The more coins you have, the higher your income. For crypto investors, stacking is an opportunity to earn passive income from blocked coins. So let's look at Yoda X Bot and what can he do? ⠀ Provides YodaBot partners with earnings of 21% to 30% per month at YODA Coin Stacking every month. All of this is possible thanks to an increase in the stacking ratio. ⠀ Daily profit withdrawal ⠀ Referral charges We have an affiliate program with earnings up to 20% in 20 lines (with no limit on the number of partners in each line). Bonus Get % from collective stacking is possible already from 50 coins. (The affiliate program opens with a deposit of 50 YODA. This amount is also the minimum amount to be deposited in a stacking). When applied to a stacking - % per day from 50 to 10,000 YODA - 0.7%. 10,000 to 50,000 YODA - 0.8% between 50,000 and 100,000 YODA - 0.9% from 100,000 YODA - 1% How do we get the coins out? You can withdraw your mined coins every day or reinvest them in a further collective stacking - thus increasing your income. Technical specification: Algorithm :PoS Block size: 2 MB Block time: 60 seconds (Focus each block) Key features: Specialized access control battery system Right to SwiftX 1 lockout confirmation and 6 lockout confirmations for three for spending. Collateral is held in 15 blocks. The YODA X network is a two-level network. The network consists of the first level - stacking, in which all YODA X holders can participate in stacking from 100 YODA X and the second level - master node. ⠀ #YodaXEmpire #yodax #cryptoyodax #Saleyodax #Buyyodax #Dreamteam #Yodax #Dreamteamleaders
  2. Who can live a rich life and youth: Someone who was born with a gold spoon in his mouth, and everyone is provided by his parents. Who else in his youth made sure that he had a passive income. Who has real estate or a rich man. But the truth is, you can live differently. The time you spend at work, the actual whole day of light, you can spend much more interesting and, most importantly: productive for yourself. Not sitting in front of a computer, bending down to three deaths. And doing sports, jumping with a parachute, traveling. The list can be continued endlessly. If you are unlucky with 1 and 3 points, you can still begin to form your passive income. If you think it takes a lot of money to do this, which will have to wait a long time, stop! 10,000 rubles and six months of time, do you think that's a lot? This is the minimum you will need if you use a working tool to generate passive income. Of course, everything depends on your needs. For someone, 100,000 rubles is not enough on a passive income. And for someone, it's 1,000,000. Based on the desired amount, you have to work at the first stage. If you were sure that you could do it, would you do your best? Let me tell you what to do. First of all, there is such a tool and it is called Yoda X. Secondly, the tool is quite young, but already very powerful, like the Yoda Master. Thirdly, it will allow you to make money. Yoda X is a cryptographic currency. Like Bitcoin, only more progressive. The capabilities of Yoda X: Proof of Stake Proof of Stake mining gives you the opportunity to earn income without creating huge mining farms and purchasing equipment for their maintenance. With Proof of Stake coins are minted on their own. And you get an income, as with a deposit in a bank. Price . If you want to buy 1 Bitcoin now, it'll take a fortune. Yoda X was launched in March 2020, so the price is still affordable. Approximately $1. Community and Marketplace Yoda X is already forming a huge friendly community. In the future there will be a Marketplace, like Yula or Avito, with the opportunity to buy goods and services for cryptographic currency. Kryptobank . That's what crypto investors of all kinds are investing in Yoda now. The ability to have a card in cryptcurrency with the ability to exchange for any, including fiat money. So how do you earn passive income on it? You will need Telegram messenger and Yoda Bot tool: First you need to buy a YoDA X cryptomonet. You can get the list of exchangers with the best prices from me (specify link, contacts). Buy at least 100 YOD. Next, press the "Enter on Stacking" button of the bot. Now your money is on deposit at 21-30% per month. The income comes every 24 hours. To save up faster, do not withdraw your funds, but reinvest them. How to do it, I also show you. The referral program will help to increase the yield. Share information, give your referral link and get up to 20% extra from 20 lines. Are there any doubts? This earnings are not for me. I can't do it. The systems do all the work. All you need to do is put the coins and press the button. Then you'll see for yourself how your income starts to grow. Believe me, it's very simple. Besides, you always have partner support. This is not a reliable income. And what is reliable? In a factory for 30,000 rubles? When you do not own your life at all, and every day only brings you closer to a miserable pension? Where they take your present and do not even promise the future. Why are you there? Here reliability is guaranteed by a blockage. Bitcoin's been around for over 10 years and its price is just rising. Those who bought it at the start are now dollar millionaires. It's not time to give it back. Yoda X is your chance. In this world, everyone is given equal, everyone can be rich. So why are you giving your share to someone else? Are you ready to take yours? Just write me (@AlenDel) and start to live for real.
  3. Чи можете ви похвалитися, що ваші діти отримають найпрестижнішу освіту? Щоб вони могли здійснити свої мрії. Щоб вони не заважали вашим низьким доходам, боргам та позикам? Kids grow up very fast. And their needs and demands are growing with them. So the sooner you take care of forming your own capital, the better. I'm glad that 3 years ago I started investing in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, my daughter gets a good education abroad and I do what I like, live in Europe for several months. Do you want to know what you can do right now to ensure a hopeless future for yourself and your children? A few months ago, the cryptographic currency YoDa X appeared. And if you're a beginner, investing in this coin will change your life. If you're already an investor, the coin will make you happy too. Read on. If we compare it to other cryptographic currencies, it is too late to participate in some, and too expensive in others. It's the same one: 1. Everyone earns their money at the start. 2. The cost of the coin - $ 1. It has a low threshold to start earning - from 100 YOD. How fast can I make money on YoDa X cryptology if you're a beginner? Yoda X has two tools for this: 1. Passive income from keeping money in your wallet. 2. The income from sharing your knowledge and helping people make money. PASSIVE INCOME The first way is for those who are willing to invest a lot of money at once. Of course, by the rules you can only invest 100 YOD. But you want to get to the passive faster, which does not need to work at all! The passive income comes every day. Keep the amount in your wallet for at least a month, do not withdraw interest, also invest. And your funds to increase by 30-50% for 1 month. REFERRAL INCOME Дохід, який надходить від мережевої схеми. Для кожної людини на 20 ліній поглиблення, яка використала ваше реферальне посилання та стала членом проекту, ви отримуєте зростаючу віддачу. Цей спосіб теж дозволяє швидко заробляти гроші, якщо ви вмієте запрошувати. Вихід до 70%. І на відміну від першого, ви можете реально інвестувати лише 100 YOD. У той же час, ваш прибуток, ймовірно, буде більшим, ніж у звичайного інвестора, який вклав гроші і не стежить за ними. Що YoDa x привабливе для досвідчених інвесторів? Мета монети Yoda X - це нарешті зробити всі криптовалюти доступними та простими у використанні. Скільки людей у світі, які заробляють на криптовіті лише гроші. Але вони все ще не можуть купувати товари один у одного і замовляти послуги, не можуть переказувати гроші один одному, не обмінюючи свої монети на фіатні гроші. Це дуже незручно: при виведенні частина грошей втрачається в результаті переходу на поточний курс, а частина йде в комісійні. І ось що придумали розробники YoDa X. 1. Буде створений банк криптовалюти, який видаватиме дебетові картки для всіх криптовалют. Банк також надаватиме фінансові послуги, легко здійснюючи перекази без комісії. 2. Ринок Yoda X також призначений для всіх видів криптовалют. Це означає, що ви можете легко купувати товари та послуги, незалежно від того, яку валюту ви маєте на своєму рахунку. Отже, що ми робимо для того, щоб почати заробляти, і щоб наші діти мали гідне майбутнє? 1. Купуйте криптовіт Yoda X. 2. Використовуйте ближчий вам інструмент заробітку. 3. Інтегруйте криптовалюту у своє життя за допомогою криптовалюти і насолоджуйтесь усіма перевагами насиченого життя! Усі питання Yoda X можна задати безпосередньо через Telegram @Semenpaliy1331 #YodaXEmpire #yodax #cryptoyodax #Saleyodax #Buyyodax #Dreamteam #Yodax #Dreamteamleaders
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