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  1. I just joined the Remitano Bounty - Chill-out program this July, everyone can refer to GET FREE COIN. The more the program participates, the more the unlocking stages are unlocked according to the total number of "Entries", the prize will increase !!! REMITANO BOUNTY - Chill-out July Join time: July 3 - July 23, 2020 Prizes: Up to 1000XRP Audience: For all users on Remitano platform Play now and call as many friends as possible everyone!
  2. You only have to create a 2-10 minute long video reviewing about their producs to have the chance to win the highest prize UP TO 10000 USDT ! Visit Remitano Lightning League - Youtube Video Competition and see the prizes you can get. Joining time: 13 May - 13 Aug 2020
  3. Hi guys, who want to get free XRP, quickly come here. Recently, Remitano is holding a mini game to welcome a hot summer: Remitano Bounty event. You guys just need to go to the notification, click on a button, do what the system asks you to do. The game runs from 03/07 to 23/07/2020, with a prize pool of up to 1.000 XRP. The prize is counted according to the total number of entries. For example, this game has 150 participants, then if the total of these 150 entries is 5000, the total prize will be 1.000 XRP. And this will be divided by the number of people awarded. This time, the system will choose the 100 luckiest people. Learn more about the Bounty game. Join the game now to take free XRP to your pocket. P/S: The more people play, the higher the reward will be.
  4. If you want to earn money fast and easy. There are two interesting Giveaway programs on Remitano platform waiting for you. Only the first 1000 users who have done KYC after creating new account on Remitano and completed their first trade from 15 May to 15 August, 2020. Then after that, for every Tier, you will be promoted to 3 more USDT. That’s it!
  5. On the occasion of Remitano India wallet launch, we are starting a Special Giveaway program to celebrate the launch from 15 June to 15 July 2020. That is Giveaways to Indian Users on Remitano. For every new user: Get 500 rupee after completion of the first trade For referrer: Get 200 rupee for every new user as your Tier 1 Bonus up to 700 Rs. Let's join!
  6. You chance at winning 10000 USDT is just a few clicks. Believe me, all you need to do is following step-by-step instruction via this link: Remitano Lightning League - Youtube Video Competition, Win 10,000 USDT Don’t be worry, Remitano platform is a reliable exchange place and you sure get your reward. Just to remind: Video Competition is available from now until 13 Aug 2020. So hurry up and get free coins as easy as pie!
  7. Hi guys, On the occasion of the new INR (fiat) wallet launch, Remitano is giving many exclusive perks for new Indian traders. All you have to do is sign up for a Remitano account and verify documents to earn 500 rupee. On top of that, you can earn the last 200 rupee with a 40% lifetime discount commission when inviting your friends to join. What’s more, all trades will be charged at 0% transaction fees for 1 month. Are you ready? Join with me to earn 700 Rupee (only for Indian) and more! > Learn more about special offers of Remitano
  8. Remitano just launched a new Indonesia Wallet – combining both instant buy/sell and support for deposits and withdrawals - and just with the first trade, you can get up to 7 USDT! Do you want free coins with just a few simple steps? This is the place for you Super easy and simple, all you have to do is sign up for a Remitano account and earn 2 USDT for FREE after KYC verified. KYC is essential for a succcessful transaction because it prevents, detect, adn flight identity theft and also protect you against illegal acts. After that, complete the first trade and get 5USDT. Easy righttt?? More importantly, you can get 3 USDT for every new user as your Tier 1, but remember, they also have to do KYC in the first 3 months of launching Indonesia – based wallet. Soooo come join and invite as many people as possible!! Come join us now and be one of the first 1000 new users to get all the benefits!! Remitano is reliable and commit to refund 50% fee for transactions taking longer than 15 minutes. Never too late to join! For more infomation, check out here: https://remitano.com/forum/post/1193-remitano-indonesian-wallet-launch-get-free-coins-for-every-first-trade-in-indonesia?utm_medium=mp
  9. Hello pals, for those who are trading in Indonesia or about to enter this exchange, I gonna bring some good news for you.There are two giveaway programs on Remitano at the moment. You can easily get free coins or even received 7 USDT reward by completing some basic steps: - Get 2 USDT after completion of KYC. - Get 5 USDT after completion of the first trade. - Get 3 USDT for every new user as your Tier 1. So I’m gonna drop the link here: Giveaway Programs on Remitano As long as you join, you sure get free coins but they might not last very long so you better hurry up!
  10. Hi guys, Lately, Remitano has entered to Indonesia market so Indonesian trader are offered up to 10 USDT just through some basic steps: - Sign up at Remitano to get 2 USDT - Trade with any amount to get another 5 USDT - Invite friends to join with and get the last 3 USDT Exciting right? Join with me to earn 10 USDT (only for Indonesian) and more! > Find out more about the Giveaway program through this link: https://remitano.com/forum/post/1193-remitano-indonesian-wallet-launch-get-free-coins-for-every-first-trade-in-indonesia?utm_medium=nh
  11. Hi, there is a fun minigame Summer Bounty on Remitano I want to share with you guys. The rules is simple. It won’t take you long, just few clicks then you can be awared the total prize up to 1000 USDT. Interesting, right? Thus, instead of playing this game alone, you should invite your friends to join you. That would be more fun. Here is the link for more info: https://remitano.com/forum/id/post/1394-remitano-bounty-hi-summer-earn-free-coin-with-remitano?utm_medium=ny Time period for the mini game: 04/06 - 21/06/2020, just 10 days lefts so hurry up, the faster you join, the more free coins you get!
  12. A 2-10 minute long video may get you up to 30% of the total prize. Review one of Remitano products and upload the video on your Youtube channel. Look for more details of Remitano Lightning League - Youtube Video Competition and submit your video before August 13.
  13. Hi guys, A great opportunity to earn $7 that I had found on Remitano at Indonesian market for users who join their system. Just verify your document and create your first trade with any amount. What are you waiting for? I am very anxious to share with you this MMO chance! > Explore Remitano announcement and share to community if you found any interesting thing through this: https://remitano.com/forum/post/1173-trade-crypto-instantly-with-indonesian-rupiah-rp?utm_source=nhuha
  14. I am looking for a video contest which is interesting, easy, and luckily finding one from Remitano. I have just submitted my video, so now I will review it in detail. Surprisingly, the more videos the higher the total prize, it’s really cool. From the lowest award of 12 million to the highest award of 190 million. This is the first time I have got a contest that had a strange structure with a very unique way to increase the prize value like that. The contest format is simple, If you love making videos, being interested in crypto and also being eager to earn money, then diving into it. The video content here is a review of Remitano's product. Earlier I chose to review Remitano's wallet, but go check it out for more available content. The time to take the test is from 13 May to 13 August . You know the sooner you upload a video, the more opportunities you will have to accumulate views, likes, and win prizes! Well, I put the link below for you guys. Here you are: https://remitano.com/forum/vn/post/1126-remitano-lightning-league-youtube-video-competition-win-10000-usdt?utm_campaign=english&utm_medium=sharing-phungchuong&utm_source=phungchuong Wish you win the prize!
  15. Who wants to explore your potential in a VIDEO making competitions, come here quickly. Recently, Remitano is holding a Video Creation Contest with a total prize of "super huge and super big" up to 10,000 USD. Sounds interesting, right? You just need to make a video review of the Remitano product, post it on Youtube channel and show the link to the video. Remember that the competition takes place from May 13 to August 13, 2020. Regarding the prize structure, Remitano is divided into two rounds. Firstly, Remitano will select the 30 best videos based on the evaluation of the Crypto and Remitano community. After that, Remitano will rely on the total number of views and likes when posting these 30 videos on Youtube Remitano from August 25 to 23:59:59 September 15, 2020 GMT +7 to find the winner. Especially, the 3 members who own the highest views on YouTube Remitano will receive the title of "Remitano Brand Ambassador" and receive a 1-year contract for cooperation. In addition, the top 100 best participants in the contest will officially become a member of Remitano Lightning League and have the opportunity to continue implementing interesting projects with Remitano. Also, there are many other attractive prizes such as King of Views and King of Referral. If anyone needs more information, just visit this link: https://remitano.com/forum/post/1126-remitano-lightning-league-youtube-video-competition-win-10000-usdt?utm_source=nhuha&utm_medium=sharing-nhuha&utm_campaign=english Enjoy the contest and bring big prizes home.
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