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  1. I think the title speaks for its self. :thumbdown:
  2. technobot

    Thanx for the back up Skylady :thumbsup:
  3. Hi guys, Best payout. No selling. http://www.globalnetworkinc.ws
  4. Hi Guys, I know what you're going through. Here is a couple of tips. 1.Video Marketing ex: Youtube, metacafe, and many others. 2.Have your own website ex: There are many free website builders out there available. 2.SEO (search engine optimization) ex: Check out my comment in the seo section. 3.Social networking ex: anything from Facebook to Myspace and many others. 4.Have your own blog ex: There are many free ones out there to create. 5.Writing articles ex: ezinearticles and others. Google loves it 6.Social bookmarking: ex: helps you get back links fast. 7.Forums like this one. 8.Don't spam 9.Use tags on any of those above. It helps google rank. 10.This tip is one of mine. Promote your product where there is no competition. ex: try to do a search where you want to show your product and see if it's there. If it is not then good for you. You can find good tutorials on any of those topics from youtube.com Oh yeah and Dennis is right. Stick with one program that pays the most money. I found my affiliate program that pays the most in two ways and is residual for life. I wouldn't even call it a program since it is a real company founded in 1999. In Inc. magazine placed #37 on the Inc. 500 "List" of the USA's 500 fastest growing private companies and #5 in the state of California. Yeah so check out my website below in my signature and the video will explain more in depth. Click on the other links to find out about bonuses. I will make my personal video of proof soon. So Check back. Hope the tips above helped a little bit. Together we can prosper. I wish you good luck in whatever it is you do. Bey for now :welcome:
  5. technobot

    You're right Rose that content is important to be noticed on google. I think you can get indexed very quickly on google by backlinks. Have your website linked with many good quality, robot crawled websites. You can get to top page of google quickly if your websites has good backlinks that google looks at everyday. Another thing is to create a sitemap and submit it to google webmaster tools. Google Engineer (Matt Cutts) mentioned to have enough links to find your site useful. Then they will index you quicker. I hope this helped and good luck in whatever it is you.
  6. technobot

    Hi guys, This is a nice looking site. I will post and give advice on many topics here. Together we will prosper. :thumbsup:
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