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  1. CPS, PPI, CPA, CPL, IVR… quite a few “words” that you’re probably seeing for the first time. Don’t worry! We’re here to explain everything to you. The abbreviations mentioned above mean the remuneration models in the affiliate network, i.e. everything that MyLead can pay you for. You can learn more about these and other models in the video on our Facebook profile.
  2. Affiliate Marketing? Publisher? Advertiser? It's time to clear up these seemingly difficult concepts. If you are just starting your adventure with earning money on the Internet, be sure to check out MyLead on Facebook. What you'll find there is a short video in which we can easily explain what affiliate marketing is all about.
  3. How to create graphics for free, what to do to become an even better version of yourself and what steps do you have to take to start making money online? You can find answers to these and other questions on the MyLead profiles on social media. You’re not following us yet? It’s time to change that! New content has recently appeared there, and soon you’ll see much more there!
  4. At MyLead, we know perfectly well how such news is enjoyed. From now on, the rate of the Aliexpress Global program is even higher! You can gain up to 51.75% on each completed sale. Promote Aliexpress Global and see for yourself! Aliexpress Global Rate: 0,56% - 51,75% | Model: CPS | Conversion point: Sell | Geo: GLOBAL | Preview: click
  5. There can be many languages of money as well as the languages of love, which is why from now on, MyLead is also available in French, German and Czech. This is the next step in the development of our small world of earning money online, which we owe to you - our publishers. Merci!
  6. Have you accumulated hard-earned money in your user account? Time to use them! New withdrawal options have appeared in the MyLead offer. From now on, you can also use the payment systems like ЮMoney, Capitalist or QIWI. Don't waste your time and try them out now!
  7. MyLead managers are not slowing down. On the list of affiliate programs, you can already find new dating campaigns targeted at audiences from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. See them all and start earning today! Namorisco - PT Rate: 1.09 USD | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Single Opt-In, Create and activate an account | Geo: PT | Preview: click Aescondidas - ES Rate: 1.36 USD | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Single Opt-In, Create and activate an account | Geo: ES | Preview: click HelloRDV - FR Rate: 2.27 USD | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Single Opt
  8. You have read about this tool more than once or twice, but do you know what its full potential is? We're talking about Content Lockers from MyLead, of course! It's a tool with which you can earn money on your website, application or shared files. How? You will find out from the latest video on the MyLead.Global channel. Do you want to know a bit more about Content Lockers? On the MyLead website, you will find a special tab in which the basics of earning by using this tool are explained.
  9. New dating smartlink has appeared in the MyLead offer. The campaign works globally, and the rate per lead can range from $0.13 to $5.58. Interested? Adult Dating - Smartlink IX is waiting for the first publishers! Adult Dating - Smartlink IX Rate: $0.13 - $5.58 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In, Creating and activating an account, Email confirmation | Geo: GLOBAL
  10. Do you know that there are over three hundred Sweepstakes campaigns in the MyLead offer? All of them can be found on our website! Spin the wheel, complete the survey or become the millionth visitor of the site! Choose the best one for yourself and promote them right now to earn some money! More than $30 for every completed action!
  11. Who would have thought that VOD campaigns had such effects! One of our publishers made over $250 thanks to the promotion of discounts and coupons. And that happened in just 14 days. It was possible thanks to the use of OnlineCinema - one of the exclusive MyLead programs. You can read about the details of this adventure on our blog. OnlineCinema Rate: $0.01 - 10.48 | Model: CPA | Conversion point: Create and activate an account by using Content Locker | Geo: GLOBAL | Preview: click
  12. Did you think this is the end of the news? Of course not! Recently, new investment campaigns have appeared on the MyLead offer, with which you can earn up to USD 582.09 for one customer. Hot Invest - Smartlink Rate: $445.12 - 547.85 | Model: CPA | Conversion point: Deposit payment | Geo: AU, DE, IE, IT, NZ, ES, UK | Preview: click Prestige Life Club Rate: $205.31 - 582.09 | Model: CPA | Conversion point: Deposit payment | Geo: AU, AT, BE, DK, FI, HK, IL, IE, KR, LI, MY, NL, NZ, NO, QA, SA, SG, ZA, SE, CH, TT, UK | Preview: click The Ethe
  13. A new bonus is waiting for users of the MyLead mobile application. From today, you can increase your lead rate by 2% for 24 hours. How? All you have to do is rate our application in the App Store or Google Play.
  14. Have you ever heard of split testing? We hope you have! It’s one of the most common ways of choosing the best solution for your online activities. Thanks to A/B tests you can understand the behavior of your current and potential customers, identify your weaknesses and act on data-based information. Want to know more about this incredibly useful solution? Go to the MyLead blog and read the article about conducting the tests.
  15. Missed us? Popular MyLead e-books are back! Did you miss Popular MyLead e-books are back! You can now receive guides about voice assistants, Facebook limits, or building a Messenger bot. To claim the guides, go to the Your bonuses tab. There will be a short action required to receive an e-book.
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