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  1. It's kinda catching and very convincing, will wait and see for other TGF members who earn from it using the ebook. Good luck!
  2. Oh well another scam site! For sure now they are creating another website to scan other people. I think it would be best if all of us should be vigilant and diligent enough to do a research about the site if it's a scam or not. If it is just starting, I think it would be best to keep off from the grass and wait for proofs that people do get paid from it.
  3. zoomx69, that is very awful! Tsk tsk tsk... $100 can't be found anywhere and then all of a sudden it was just gone due to scammers like open-invest.net It's very difficult to recover that amount since I bet the transactions was made online and for sure the identity of the owners are sealed, they used nicknames or pseudonyms to lure people to join. Quite an expensive experience, but hey life must move on. You will recover more what you have lost in the near future.
  4. As for me? I do like Friendster. This is the social networking site which my bestfriend for a long time found me and get back to our friendship again and making up for those times that we lost contact.
  5. As for me? Just looking for posts here, welcoming newbies and giving replies to other threads too. In short, I am having fun.
  6. Welcome to Top Gold Forum Pardhu! I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I enjoyed staying and posting here at TGF.
  7. Hi there Fiaris! Welcome to Top Gold Forum! Hope you can find this forum a very informative one. Happy staying here.
  8. I continue to believe that the EUR/USD will trade within a fairly wide range through the foreseeable future. Prices rise and fall and past performance is no assurance of future performance. So we will just continue to cross our finger til we get through this crisis.
  9. Can the thread starter post some payment proof so we would know that paid-to-signup is really working? Hope this aint too much.
  10. What do we need to know in becoming a trader? Are there any agents that would help us choose the right path to trading? What kind of training do we need to take?
  11. This is an attempt to check and compare the benefits and downsides that we could get from these two big social networking sites. Post your insights.
  12. How to make such site? What do we need to consider so we can set it up effectively. Please post your inputs in making such site.
  13. i have bumpled into this interesting website that really meets your need on increasing referrals. click here. hope this would help you.
  14. I have been observing on people's reaction over MLM and it ain't good. Please post your comments and anything that you might want to say on MLM.
  15. Great job Rose. This is the beauty of having good members on the forum. We can help each other by sharing ideas and knowledge. Keep it coming Rose, as well as to the rest of the members. ;)
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