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  1. Hi, If you are a new Forex trader, then first you need to know what is real Forex trading and how does it works? and what is Forex brokers? Because Forex brokers is also important in Forex trading and gain success in Forex trading. So, Lets start. What is a Forex and How does it work? Foreign exchange market, Forex or FX is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies. This market determines foreign exchange rates for every currency. It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. In terms of tr
  2. Yes, you are right. Good customer service is especially important. and knowledge is also important in Forex trading.
  3. Hi, If you would like to send, receive or just store Bitcoin, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet. But you’ll also got to keep this Bitcoin wallet safe. Whether you’re employing a hardware, mobile, or desktop wallet – your Bitcoin will always be attractive to scammers, fraudsters and thieves – especially if you’re HODLing or transacting with large amounts. The promise of blockchain technology and therefore the power of cryptocurrencies is their security. Blockchain makes it impossible for somebody to hack into your cryptocurrency and steal it since blockchain is totally secure throug
  4. Hello Guys, Forex trading is a risky business. But if you do hard work and perfect experience can provide you success on Forex. Today is the globalization world. Day by day science invent new technology. that's technology helps our daily life and our professional life. So, here are some analysis about new technology and forex trading. actually I want to show you how new technology helps us with our forex trading. According to the foreign exchange (Forex) broker Alpari Philippines, a mobile app that lets you track your daily spending plays a vital role in ensuring success in Forex tradi
  5. Hello, DO you know crypto subculture ? Crypto subculture In Tehran, as in any other major city, there is a bustling subculture of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Formal organizations exist, such as the Iranian Blockchain Association, as well as less formal groups of researchers, students, investors, and hobbyists. Such groups meet regularly in local restaurants, host podcasts, and operate dedicated news sites, like CoinIran. There, they discuss the latest tech, debate the virtues of competing cryptocurrencies, and share investment tips and warnings about scams. In Jun
  6. Hello guys, CNBC reported that, The users of Robinhood haven't been happy lately, they're actually getting together and suing the company for negligence over a series of outages that left them unable to trade on the day with "the highest single-day market gains in recorded history” according to the lawsuit. Rival 'Webull' Makes Waves... With Robinhood struggling, their biggest rival Webull is standing up and taking them on. Now offering 2 free stocks to new users who join via special invite links like this one, this is double the free stock giveaways that Robinhood offers. Many
  7. Hello guys, Today i will share with you some Bitcoin trading and exchange related tips. I think it's very important for beginner. 1. find out how to properly store your Bitcoin first It’s important to find out to steer before you'll run. Begin by learning the fundamentals about the mechanics of shopping for and selling Bitcoin. You’ll got to read our reviews of all the leading Bitcoin exchanges first to get the simplest and safest platforms to start out buying Bitcoin. Such as you can visit our site (Exchange Qiwi For Bitcoin) for exchanging your Bitcoin with the accurate pri
  8. Hi Bitcoin new today is: ""Bitcoin’s (BTC) price remained resolute this week as global market indexes reacted to oil futures collapsing below $USD for the first time in history. West Texas Intermediate’s (WTI) May futures contract went negative on Tuesday with a closing price of -$37 per barrel. Demand for oil has shrivelled as half the world’s population is under lockdown restrictions. As people have nowhere to go, less oil is being consumed. As a result, oil storage limits are being reached."" So what do you think about this news?
  9. Hi, As time goes on, the corona virus is changing its form. So far three types of corona virus have been identified. Day by day situation going to bad. India, bangladesh is most population country all over the world. So far three hundred people die in india by covid-19 and 125 people die in Bangladesh. Its very sad news that, WHO says in proper way to made covid-19 vaccine needs minimum 10 years. So what will i do??
  10. Hi, Actually deposit is very important in forex trading. Without deposit you will not get profit. But its better for new traders that, first practice with demo account. Because demo trading account can teach you how much deposite you need to input your trading business first and Its also teach you how you can management your trading business. But if you want to start trading with a real account, then my suggestion is first start 100$. Because if you start trading with 10$ then its very small amount and sometime you can be loss your money. Loss and profit combination build up a busin
  11. Hi, Actually i am new on trading. Yes you right, scalping is good or bad Its all depended on a trader. If he had proper knowledge it then Its will be helpful. One things i don't understand, binary trading style is really good or bad for a new traders.Someone told me binary trading system is good and Its very responsibility style for getting profit. So, anybody pleae give me suggestions? Thank you..
  12. Hi, Good advice, yes you are right, for will be a successful trader we need to control many things. You need more patients for gain success. Forex trading is not a quick invest quick earn business. You need to patients after investment. When price going down then we need to buy and wait, again when price going up then we need to sell. But some traders wait more and more for high prices sell. For this, sometimes they suffer lose. So, don't be greed in forex trading. First start earn small then slowly you will can earn big amount. Thank you...
  13. Hello, If you want to rank up your website then you need more backlinks. Backlinks : Actually backlinks is a links which will find your website on online world. When your website link or your website post link add another your niche relevant website then build a backlinks. Means link collection from another website. Actually google algorithm find out which website has many backlinks. Then google rank up. So backlinks is very important for ranking your website. If your website will rank up on google then you can get more traffic and more customers for your business. Than
  14. Hi, If you want to rank up your website then you need to doing SEO for your website ranking. There are two types of SEO, one is On page SEO and another is Off page SEO. Both are important for google ranking. But Off page SEO is some difficult then On page SEO. Off page SEO means backlink create, linkbuilding, traffic generate, manual google ranking etc. So, on page and off page are both important but Off page is some difficult. Thank you..
  15. Hi, My first question is, is it free for all backlink builders and if i want to rank my website on google 1st page then i need powerful backlinks, so do you provide me powerful backlinks from your website? Moreover, alexa ranking is a paid rank checker. So how you do that free? Thank you for sharing your valuable information. Thank you..
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