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  1. Any experience with this bookmaker? They have a high profile advertising in the UK. Thank you.
  2. It is a fact that technical analysis and elliot wave theory do not apply in predicting Bitcoin's price. However, when we use technical indicators, supports and resistants that go back in time, 2013-2018, then you can have a very general idea of what is happening and you can conclude a price range where you expect price to move. This is not good for those who practice day to day trading, but those who want to build a long term investment portfolio will find it very useful. My 2c.
  3. Seems significant volumes are needed in order to break the 10.000 resist.
  4. Thank you Kelelis, as you see I am already posting actively in the forum and I contribute to the best of my knowledge. Regards
  5. You might want to take a look at some tools called alert services. There are some in the market.
  6. You can make money from sports betting provided that you know how to do it. You must never delude yourself into thinking that you’re investing when in reality you’re simply gambling. Gambling becomes mortally dangerous the moment you begin to take it seriously. You must put strict limits on the amount you are willing to wager. And of course you must have a plan. I would suggest to everyone, to start from sports arbitrage, matched betting, trading, middling and value betting. Out of these, I would go for value betting, that has many similarities with value investing.
  7. ;These days, everyone has the same data regarding the present and the same ignorance regarding the future. Who ever tells you that he knows what lies ahead, is either a liar or stupid. We may not be able to know the future, but that doesn’t keep us from reaching conclusions about it and holding them firmly. Thus, it is a game of possibilities. If the odds are on your side you bet on them and if the odds are against you, you simply let it go. At this point the odds are not on our side and that means that we should stay aside and let others take the risks.
  8. Thanks for asking Admin, is there a specific question?
  9. Before starting any trading business one should be ready psychologically. I believe the real enemy is not the markets but it hides inside of us. To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework. The secret to financial success is inside ourselves. If you become a critical thinker who takes no market “fact” on faith, and you invest with patient confidence, you can take s
  10. I always use technical analysis to find support lines. When BTC price is closing a support line I buy. This technique seems to be working for years now.
  11. Heya, I m completely new to the forum but very experienced in value betting, BTC and stock markets. Looking to get educated by other members and willing to contribute with what I know. Good luck to all.
  12. Could someone say if Trezor token is 100% safe? Obviously it is safe when it is not connected to the computer or mobile phone, but how safe it is when you are connecting it to the PC in order to send/receive cryptos? Thank you.
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