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  1. Treat trading as a business and keep a log of your trades. Calculate your average profit per winning trade, average loss per losing trade and percentage winners vs. losers. If this does not produce a profit or a profit not worth the risk you are taking, then reassess your approach and set goals.
  2. I think that in first time of trading you have the feeling that you know the market and you can make the money like you can do nothing, so it is big mistake - because if you want to trade good you have to have a lot og knowledges about forex which come only after time with your experience!
  3. There are many reviews websites to read the reviews about Forex trading and if you want to select a good broker than check it its reputation online on these sites and select a broker with your requirments.
  4. There are 2 kinds of scalping: scalping in classical way (on the way of signal systems - trading on close bar only) scalping traded on open bar. It is most popular scalping for now - such as tick scalping (on close tick of course . Traders are using special indicators such as Tick_MACD and so on for M1 timeframe in Metatrader just to get 10 seconds timeframe in reality. It is most modentr and cool scalping right now.
  5. Before investing in Forex trading you always learn the basics of Forex because without proper knowledge it will be difficult for a trader to make good profit.
  6. If you are wondering how to start in Forex trading then you should find a good cource to learn the basics of forex because without knowledge and skills it will be difficult to become a good and successful trader.
  7. In Forex trading you might face many hardles and these can affect your trading style and you can face some loss in Forex trading. So always keep you updated about Forex and try to learn to make it possible to be succeessful in Forex trading.
  8. According to my opinion i will say that knowledge and experience play a key role in the business. If you have knowledge and experience about real trading so you can easily win a lot of money and you will never face the loss. You can gain knowledge and experience from your senior members or from demo account.
  9. There are many brokers in the market and some are good and some are bad. Always choose a broker after a lot of care and research and do not choose a unregulated broker. broker should be regulated, reliable and trusted with good online reputation.
  10. In Forex there is no way to become rich quickly, you need to do hard work and if you have good knowledge and skills you will be able to be successful trader and can make good profit. So always learn the basics of Forex and make you able to trade successfully.
  11. Yeah, Practice is more essential thing to overcome the problems and if you will do more and more practice then you will become a successful trader easily. Demo account is also very helpful to do more practice and this practice will make you more perfect and helpful to gain more experience to become a successful trader.
  12. I have heard Osprey FX name first time, is it a regulated broker?
  13. Pasion is very important in every work because pasion only means what is the end purpose of the work you are going to do. And for this success you have to work a lot Because when you work hard you will get a very good corner and you can earn very good profit from that Bonus Therefore, you need to get maximum drainage and you have your own benefit from this drain.
  14. If you want to be successful trader than you should learn the basics of forex and should understand it well. Forex can be blessing for only if will be a successful trader and make good money and it is only possible when you have good education and understanding about it.
  15. Forex market is open 24 hours and it is the only market in the whole world in which millions of people are trading all the time. While the stock market is different from every country and it does not remain open all day, due to which there are very few people who can trade in it. This is the reason why there is more chance of earning profit in the forex market than the stock market.
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