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  1. Yes, it is true that traders can make good money in Forex. If a trader has a good strategy and plan then it is easy to make good money and profit. Never use many strategies and should focus on only one strategy and work with it to make good money.
  2. Cryptocurrencies are independent of conventional, governmental currency systems such as the Euro or the Dollar. Popular cryptocurrencies are, for example, Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. For cryptocurrencies, the right to ownership is controlled through the possession of computer-generated keys. Payments are cryptographically legitimized and processed via a network of computers with equal rights – without the need for a bank. The administration is based on a decentralized, synchronized accounting system, the so-called blockchain.
  3. Wazirx is the best exchange of India and you can trade your coins here.
  4. If you search for copy positions this forex copier is good and for free https://fxmerge.com/free-trade-copier-mt4-mt5
  5. This is new and very interesting project https://fxmerge.com/fx-merge-coin
  6. Great details about Koinbazar. Thank you for providing such a great information.
  7. It is a solid post and very beneficial who are trading cryptocurrency or thinking to start.
  8. This a great article. Crypto trading can be risky if you do not follow the market trends.
  9. When we can withdraw into our wallet?
  10. Good advice, I was looking them and now it is easy to find.
  11. Knowledge is very important to become successful trader. Always learn forex and develop your skills to make good money in trading.
  12. SHIB is a good coin and we should buy and hold it for long time to make good profit from it.
  13. Bitcoin is a good earning opportunity and its price can hit 50k $ in near future.

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