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  1. As trader when we caught in emotion at that time we ignore our trading strategy and all trading rules we just follow our own emotion. In addition, many time emotions we prefer to open big lot size and set take profit very high without any logic. There are many tools and techniques which can help a trader to control emotions. The best that I follow is to make sure in every trade I follow trading protocols.
  2. Plan is the most important factor in every work so before start to do work you must have a strong plan and you follow it orderly if you don't follow the plan then you don't have to make plan. If you make plan then you also make some good strategies which can help you to achieve the plan and also hard work is required to achieve the plan.
  3. Long-term Forex traders do not have to worry about stop-hunting or intraday spikes. Their positions are safe from the usual daily market volatility. If you trade long-term, you always have enough time to change the parameters of your position when something important happens.
  4. Planning is must for trading.In everyfeild of life for succes planning is nessesary.Without planningyou can't get succes.In forex everyone have to use plan and work properly with planning then every trader can't lost.
  5. A common mistake beginning forex traders make is to use leverage without taking into account the risk in relation to the amount of money available in their trading account. Leverage can wipe out a trading account very quickly if it is not handled properly.
  6. Greed is our big enemy and if we have no control over our greed than we can lose our patience too and it will harm our trade and we can lose our whole money. So we should have patient and control our greed to become a successful trader.
  7. MT4 has a huge community behind it and many brokers support it. It also has a huge amount of indicators written for it. MT5 has struggled to gain support from customers and brokers and programmers to make it valuable to the end consumer.
  8. Yes, it is true like other business you should have good knowledge in Forex too and learn it first and than start investing your money. In the begining of your trade you must start with demo trading and should practice with it for at least three months and than start real account trading.
  9. We must understand that all businesses there are risks. Forex is a business with high risk and we can not say that this business is very easy. The most important thing is to do trading with real time and respond to every movement that happens to generate a profit.
  10. Forex is the business everyone can do and there is no restrictions for your mother or other members of your family if they have interest than it can be easy for them to make a lot money in Forex and can finacial help to members of other family.
  11. Yes, students can do trading and make a lot of money but students should learn the basics of Forex and make a good strtaegy and plan to trade. Students have talant and can learn Forex quickly and can make profit.
  12. Scalping is definitely not for everyone. That requires a particular temperament and attitude to handle the risks involved here, without being emotionally affected by the market moves. It takes intense concentration and quick analyzing power to do scalping efficiently.
  13. Finding a good broker is very difficult for a trader because there are many broker available in the market but also a lot of broker are scam. So do the research before choose a broker with good reputation in the market and choose a trusted, reliable and regulated broker.
  14. My bad habits is sometime I feel I can be rich quickly and easy in this business.. that actually making me greedy and over confidence which make me less concentrate on Analyzing the Market..
  15. Losses are the part of Forex trading and everyone knows that forex traders suffers losses in the market time to time and fail to make money. Most of the traders start trading without proper prepartion and want to become successful but fail. So always prepare yourself for trading properly before start forex trading.
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