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  1. Yes, it is true that forex is a not a scam and it 100% legit business but also there are many brokers who are scam and making fool to their customer and eating their money. So always choos a broker with good reputation of the market and also broker should be reliable and trustworthy.
  2. The Forex market is the international currency market. In this market a currency fair is created by combining two currencies. We buy and sell that currency. In eurusd, for example, sometimes the euro is strong and sometimes the dollar is strong.
  3. In order to trade in the forex market, you need educational qualifications because without education you can't learn anything from this market, so we have to work hard to get forex education here in order to be successful in this forex market with educational qualifications.
  4. What is your prediction about Bitcoin price, will it hit 50k in next few months?
  5. If you want to do forex trading, first of all you need a forex account. However, before opening a Forex account, you must have enough knowledge about Forex. You can learn a lot about Forex by posting in the forum. You can also learn about Forex from YouTube tutorials and by reading from various websites. After the first level verification, you will be able to trade in Forex and after the second level verification, you will be able to withdraw.
  6. If you want to gain real advantage from Forex market then you need to have good knowledge and skills and after a lot of trading you must put a break into your trading period and get relaxed your brain for preparing for your next trading period.
  7. Great research about digital market voice SEO. It would be very helpful for everyone who wants to start digital marketing.
  8. The Forex is very difficult and hard to do but if we are hard working and have will then we can learn and make good profit with it. Knowledge and skills can help you to make good profit with good effort.
  9. Have you recieved withdraw and is it paying?
  10. As a new trader we always need a good knowledge and skills but most of the new traders do not care of these things and try to become rich quickly which is the biggest cause of lose and they lose their whole money and leave the Forex market.
  11. Very well said. But forex is not easy to do especuially in the beggning of our trading period. But after making some good steps and develop a skill every trader can make good profit and can good make money for his living.
  12. I think during the news comming we should only wait for it and if want to start trading just start terading near the time the news is comming.
  13. Choosinga broker is very important aspect of trading and if you have help of a good and reliable broker then it would be easy for you to save your money with this broker. Broker should be regulated too.
  14. If you want to become a good and successful trader then you learn the basics of foex and you can avoid loss in Forex trading. Youtube videos are the best source of learning and you can get a lot of knowledge from there.
  15. Forex trading can be quite stressful for me. Especially, when some long-term trade fails after working perfectly for quite some time.
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