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  1. Yes you are right. Mining is a long-term investment, but it is a fairly reliable investment with little risk.
  2. Perhaps you are right about the increase in the cost of bitcoin, however, the current market situation requires caution when investing.
  3. Even job search sites have many offers for remote work. If you are not interested in the world of forex or cryptocurrency, you can find a robot manager, operator or copywriter.
  4. Cloud mining is certainly good, but what about the more serious investments, for example, buying an ASIC from this company, they have normal prices, and besides, there is an opportunity to immediately connect hosting.
  5. Small business has an advantage, entrepreneurs always have room to grow, and moments in which it is worth developing, doing something, unlike large businesses where all processes are established and it is already very difficult to stand out.
  6. Investing is an important step towards passive income, but not everyone is willing to risk their own funds. From my own experience I can say that it was easiest to invest in the stock market.
  7. Earnings on the Internet can be mastered by anyone, even if you do not have special skills. On the Internet there is a lot of diverse work out of many options, I think everyone will find a job to their liking. The only drawback of working on the Internet is not stability.
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