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  1. It's cool that there are still people for whom cryptocurrencies and investing in them are not always just earnings, but sometimes an easy format of play and risk.
  2. Yes, you are probably right. But investors need to be attracted with something. They need to give a little more than just promises, unfortunately.
  3. Yes, you may be right. However, I believe that any changes within the ecosystem are more positive. In general, it is very surprising that a non-profit and self-financed project is still somehow developing.
  4. Yes, you may be right, but it also looks like a good way to share some memories between users, or transfer some movies, for example=)
  5. Honestly, I have no idea, I don't quite understand how it works, but both scenarios are likely. I meant positive and negative developments.
  6. Why do you think so? I think this is a good replacement for Google drive. In addition, I think that the ardent fans of utopia will be good news that you can abandon another platform of the evil corporation. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  7. Wow. Now you can stop using an insecure Google drive.=) I also want to share the good news: ัrypton has been added https://cryptex.net/trade/CRPUSD to another exchange platform. This looks promising, apparently confidence in the coin is growing.
  8. I think that 2021 is full of good news. Here's another one: CRP was added to another cryptocurrency exchange https://cryptex.net/trade/CRPUSD . The number of sites that trust this coin is growing, and developers are devoting time to development not only inside but also outside of the software.
  9. Hmm, that's probably good. This will help grab the attention of users who are not yet using this ecosystem. Hopefully more exchange pairs will be added soon.
  10. By the way Utopia's CRP exchange is available through the usual browser also, not only through the Idyll and application. Here's the address https://crp.is/ Now everyone who's interested don't need to doenload the app and can check everything easily. Good job.
  11. Yes, this is a great solution, the developers are cool guys. By the way, as I said, I have nothing against closed source applications. I don't see any problem in this at all.
  12. Oh, I don't know how to answer this question. Try to find out about it on the forums in utopia or in the thematic channel. I think that they will definitely give you the answer there.
  13. YES, time will tell. Let's see what happens after the next update. Perhaps a new pair will appear for exchange. Since the project is self-financed, one should not expect any quick changes.
  14. Hmm, maybe you're right. Although, on the other hand, in my opinion, a sufficient number of people already know about this ecosystem, therefore, I believe that it already depends on the technical awareness of users and their requirements for the application.
  15. You know what? Now we can join Crypton Exchange trading platform inside the Utopia ecosystem. CRP to USDT and vice versa. It is the first native Utopia ecosystem service providing the secure and comfortable way to buy and sell Crypton cryptocurrency.
  16. This really simplifies the use of the ecosystem. And yes, I also want to add that it can be proved that the coin is reliable and really develops.
  17. Oh yeah. This will significantly increase the usability of the ecosystem. In addition, it will stick it to those who think the coin is not reliable enough.
  18. YES, I kind of saw the news inside the ecosystem. I'm not good at this, but it seems like a good sign to me, am I right?
  19. Hmm, are you serious? Yes, I saw news about this, this update is quite actively discussed among users, but I myself have not tested it yet. Well, thanks for sharing your experience!
  20. Oh, this is very cool! Finally, it will be possible to exchange coins within the ecosystem without resorting to the help of suspicious money changers.
  21. Hi guys! I'm interested in looking for new promising crypto projects, and this time I found a low risk project among a group of new ones. They have an Ann thread on altcoinstalks -> https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?topic=177590.0 I believe in "low risk" as they honestly provide all information along with the video, but they DO NOT have an ICO. What is your opinion? Is it worth trying, especially since the coin does not require investments and can be simply mined? Thank you in advance
  22. Thank you. To be honest, I am in awe of their brand design. Let's hope that over time, a page will appear on the site dedicated to the mobile version of the application.
  23. Oh yeah. I was especially interested in reading the section with reviews from real users. I am also looking forward to the appearance of a new page, which will be dedicated to the mobile version of the application.
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