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  1. Well, for me, creating a site seems like something very complicated. I do not understand this at all, unfortunately. Is it possible to learn how to create sites using lessons from the network?
  2. Yes, it’s absolutely obvious that the site was created by professionals, because I quickly examined the site and did not find any bugs. I don’t know if this site was created by fans or by the application developers, but the site was made as high quality as the application.
  3. I'm just trying to be objective. By the way, I recently found a fan site for this application https://utopia.fans/ did you know about it? Something new and, unfortunately, so far no additional information except subjective articles on general topics. Maybe something will change over time.
  4. Yes, you’re probably right, but you understand that most people will appear undermined. Ordinary users want to see confirmation that the application is reliable, while, of course, the anonymity of the developers raises only questions. As well as the privacy of the community itself.
  5. Hmm, this is really interesting. Because now there are already more reasons to believe that this application will exist on the market for a long time. Now it is even more interesting to observe its development.
  6. Yes, I found a couple of users who know English and who can be exchanged for dollars, bitcoin and perfect money. I just came into the chat and asked a question - they answered me themselves.
  7. Cool! Thanks for the idea, I will definitely try to search. I hope that my searches will succeed.
  8. By the way, I’m very interested in whether you managed to find those who change bitcoins? I tried to write a couple of users, but failed.
  9. Well, I just read about it from other users, they wrote that the conclusion goes without problems, you need to write to someone who is involved in the exchange of crypts and agree on the conditions.
  10. I can’t say anything about the deadlines, I just mined in the background just for fun. And about the minimum amount of withdrawal, it is worth checking with users who offer an exchange of crypts, the conditions can be different
  11. This must be clarified with the money changers who are sitting in the chat rooms. Personally, I changed on the perfect money there were no difficulties with this.
  12. Well, I have already started mining, I can say that everything suits me, it did not affect the speed of my PC at all. As soon as I earn $ 10, I’ll try to withdraw. Now I often sit in thematic chats, communicate with other users.
  13. Oh yeah. For my nudes, I am most worried! To be honest, I think I will download it today and test it. I probably won’t mine yet, but I’ll test the browser and messenger.
  14. Hmm, I never heard of such an application, but I read a couple of articles about it and I can say that there is not a single mention of the presence of bugs or some kind of security system errors. It is interesting to test it, but I'm afraid.
  15. Hmm, yes, I sealed up about the protonmail, but otherwise, as for the change of languages and other points, I can’t say that I did not try to solve this problem. And, yes, I, like you, are interested in finding an application that will not require personal information at all.
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