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  1. Are you an affiliate? Well, we've finally found each other! 💙 Did you know that you can get up to 30% on our software sales? Use the Avangate platform to get a personal link and go ahead! Just in case, we've prepared for you detailed instruction: 1. Create your Affiliate account using this link https://www.avangatenetwork.com/affiliates/sign-up.php; 2. Find AtomPark in the list of partners; 3. Choose the software you want to sell; 4. Generate your personal affiliate link; 5. Copy-paste it to your website or any other web resource. We regularly add new sales, great offers and modern banners. Each client’s order provides you with a cash reward. So be active and take advantage of any opportunity to advertise the product. Start now ✅
  2. Hello, community I was looking for a software for email extracting and found so many different programs and services that I'm a little confused. Maybe somebody here can recommend the tool you use for parsing contacts from the web? How would you rather use this kind of tool: as a desktop software or as a web service? What are your pros and cons? Thank you in advance for help 🙂
  3. Hello, everyone! I am Colin and I like affiliate marketing.
  4. Hi, everyone! I am interested in generating traffic with cold emails. Maybe somebody can share it with your own experience? what strategy you have, where you search for emails and what type of emails you create. Any tips for warming email list?
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