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  1. BR Softech is renowned in the world of web development. We, as a fantasy sports website developers, tend to maintain a secure solution with proficient services. Deliver an optimum combination of tools and techniques by customizing Fantasy Sports Software Solutions to help users address the challenges.
  2. Let's Start, 1. BR Softech BR Softech is known for providing the customized and responsive fantasy sports app development company. We are a blend of a professional and dedicated team. Our proficient fantasy sports app developers are well versed in developing all types of sports website and app solutions including football, cricket, NBA, baseball, rugby, tennis and hockey. They are proficient in delivering services like UI Design, Support and Maintenance, Quality Assurance fundamentals. Our fantasy cricket app developers have provided many effective and creative apps similar to dream 11 for the fantasy profitable fantasy sports business. 2. Appinop Appinop Technologies is a leading Web and Mobile App Development firm with a strong presence in India, USA and Australia. The company offers a range of web & mobile app development services for various industry verticals such as Healthcare, E-commerce & Retail. 3. AlbatrossMedia Albatross Media and Entertainment blends in creativity and creates an identity for your brand. It isn’t just about following its core values; it is also about conclusive work and responsibilities that come along with it. 4. TechPathWay Tech Pathway is the leading provider of Fantasy Cricket, Soccer-Football, Kabaddi software, Mobile App Development, and website development services. With the team of dedicated and experienced fantasy app developers, UI/UX designers, QA, Project managers, and Business analysts, we build rich fantasy sports applications with creative designs and deliver the best quality application to our worldwide clients. 5. Mentobile Mentobile is a top-notch fantasy sports app development company in INDIA that deliver best fantasy software with affordable cost and clients timelines. Last 5+ years, we are providing the quality fantasy sports cricket and football apps solution as like DREAM11.
  3. Are you looking for mlm software development company for your Project? BR softech is a leading smart contract based cryptocurrency mlm software company that provides best soltuions & services for customers. Features of Smart contract based MLM software Faster payment Secure transactions Easier payment No additional fees Enabled peer to peer transactions Allows international transaction
  4. We all know that the sports betting industry is known as a multi-billion dollar industry. This sector has countless betting enthusiasts spread worldwide, and the sports market is estimated to enlarge by up to $155 billion by the year 2024. Read More
  5. If you want to hire blockchain developer India, BR Softech is the topmost company that provides an experience & Expert team of blockchain developer. That use some blockchain techniques like: EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) EBAAS (Ethereum Blockchain As A Service) SAAS (Software As A Service) PAAS(Platform As A Service) Cryptography Decentralized Technology Distributed ledger
  6. Are you looking for blockchain development company? BR Softech is a leading blockchain development company that provides best blockchain development services for clients. Blockchain Development Services Provide by BR Softech:- Smart Contract Development Blockchain Exchange Blockchain development consulting service Hyperledger Development Blockchain Wallet Development Multi Chain/ Supply Chain
  7. These are 5 Ethereum Wallet Applications will helpful in 2021. BR Softech is an Ethereum token development company that provides erc20 token creation service for clients requirement. 1. Trezor Trezor is one of the best ethereum hardware wallets. It controls the stored Ether in the Trezor wallet. It is one of the most secure wallets. 2. Ledger Nano S It is another ethereum wallet. It is the most popular for storing in Ethers. I t can connect & support a wide range of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, etc. 3. KeepKey KeepKey is also a hardware wallet, that supports to ethereum as well as other cryptocurrencies, like bitcoins, litecoins, & other altcoins. The setup process is very easy and simplified. 4. Atomic Wallet Atomic wallet is one of the best wallets that support BCH SV, It is a desktop wallet. It helps the users stay anonymous and secure by advocating decentralization in their process. 5. Guarda Wallet Guarda Wallet is a custody-free, multi-currency wallet for over 45 blockchains and thousands of tokens. The coins that Guarda supports include bitcoin BTC, ethereum ETH, etc.
  8. A cryptocurrency wallet is a program or service which stores the cryptographic keys. Many companies provide cryptocurrency wallet development services at affordable prices. 1. A long-term solution Trust crypto development companies accepted payment in crypto or bitcoin wallets. 2. No hassle of conversion When you send your payment via transaction exchange could be in different currencies & you pay extra charges. But in the case of the crypto wallet if you send money from the crypto wallet you don’t need to pay extra charges. 3. Ease and convenience It is easy to use in payment systems. You can easily customize your wallet. Multiple cryptocurrencies can also be managed very easily because you can prioritize the features you want. 4. Safety and assurance A lot of people feel unsafe about cryptocurrencies as a transaction purpose. it is the responsibility of the wallet offering app or website to break it down for them. 5. Reliable and Secure It is reliable & secure for payment systems. Blockchain-based cryptocurrency holding wallets help people make easy transactions.
  9. Here are the 12 blockchain services areas that will work in different fields. All you need to know it works in different blockchain applications through these areas. Many blockchain development companies develop blockchain applications according to customers’ requirements. 1. Secure sharing of medical data Medical data sharing and protection scheme based on the hospital’s private blockchain to improve the electronic health system of the hospital. 2. Music royalties tracking With blockchain, musicians are able to receive equitable royalty payments, venues are able to curb counterfeit tickets and record companies can easily trace music streams and instantly pay all artists who contributed to songs or albums. 3. Cross-border payments Blockchain technology in cross-border payments can enable secure transfers between an infinite number of bank ledgers. 4. Real-time IoT operating systems Blockchain can be used to track the sensor data measurements and prevent duplication with any other malicious data. It provides IoT device identification, authentication, and seamless secure data transfer. 5. Personal identity security In identity management, a distributed ledger (a “blockchain”) enables everyone in the network to have the same source of truth about which credentials are valid and who attested to the validity of the data inside the credential, without revealing the actual data. 6. Anti-money laundering tracking system Blockchain is useful as a tool in new anti-money laundering solutions for fraud and risk departments across financial institutions. This is because the data that is stored on the framework is immutable.
  10. Blockchain technology has been with us for just under a decade, and it was introduced as a method to store or send the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin initially. However, when technology improved, most of the people started to use it as a variety of methods in various industries. Blockchains are known as distributed networks, including millions of users worldwide.
  11. Blockchain is like a tree structure that manages our records or data in a block system using cryptographic methods. It works on cryptography systems. 4 major uses of blockchain technology. 1. Cryptocurrencies 2. Financial Services 3. SCM (Supply Chain Management) 4. Compiling Data on sales

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