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  1. If you are a CEO or a CIO of a manufacturing or a processing company yet to decide on investing in Artificial Intelligence and wondering what would be the RoI, you are not alone. Today, top-level executives of manufacturing industry are investing in AI to improve operational efficiency, productivity, performance. From achieving significant cuts in downtime to generating better-designed products and improving the safety of employees, AI in manufacturing industry is evolving.
  2. Today, the ability to align products, operations, and business models to a “predominantly customer-centric operating model” determines the success of a business. Digital transformation, therefore, is a given, not an option. To digitally transform both customer experiences and operations, organizations apply technology to these facets of the business, ensuring that they are customer-led and insights-driven. To know more about Digital transformation success visit here.
  3. A Healthy inventory is not just about stocking goods every day but managing them efficiently. Even top businesses fail to understand the fact that IoT in inventory management solves the basic business need and plays a major role in the overall supply chain. Yes, a well-maintained inventory will not only maximize productivity but also will ensure your business never run out of stocks and at the same time never create an overstocking situation
  4. Traditional or modern or the highly advanced – the key to profitability in Manufacturing (both product and process manufacturing) is in the most productive utilization of your assets, physical as well as human. A performance-driven company would be obsessed with quantifying, tracking, measuring, and monitoring their assets. And, without asset tracking this is highly difficult.And compared to legacy models of asset management, IoT asset tracking is cheaper, faster, and better – giving you a competitive advantage if deployed right and quick.
  5. As an IoT app development company, they offer complete IoT services using advanced technology, tools and developers to transform your conventional processes to smart ones. Thier expertise from device to cloud to analytics & applications helps you to connect, monitor & manage your machines & equipment through a central dashboard. Their well defined approach helps in identifying your business needs to derive your IOT needs & solutions.They have in business since 2006 so you could imagine their knowledge and expertise in handling IoT projects
  6. Mobile has already taken over the desktop and mobile applications are no longer an option but a necessity for enterprises. As a mobile app development company we focus on building enterprise-grade applications that bring amazing results to end users. Hakuna matata solution offers the best mobile applications.
  7. Hakuna Matata Solutions is able to leverage the power of cutting-edge digital technologies like IoT, RPA, AI, Chatbot, and Cloud to develop business-specific solutions that help enterprises transform their conventional processes impacting their efficiency, productivity and ensure rapid growth, RoI. It has been in the market for 14 years and they are able to pull off difficult projects with custom made solutions . They have done a lot of projects in mobile app development for different customers
  8. Enterprises should leverage web applications to engage customers better and developers should identify the trends & technologies to improve the development standards to help enterprises improve customer experience. The increase in the number of websites could only mean that the growth of web applications will soar in the years to come. As a web app development company we deliver amazing user experience across any devices.
  9. With the increase in demand, web developers have to focus on the key trends and technology advancements of 2020 to help enterprises with world-class applications driving user engagement and RoI. As a web application  development company we deliver amazing user experience across any devices.Enterprises should leverage web applications to engage customers better and developers should identify the trends & technologies to improve the development standards to help enterprises improve customer experience.
  10. Yes e commerce will be the one thing that will see an exponential growth
  11. Well said thanks for sharing with us
  12. The statistics point out that IoT implementations will soar post-COVID 19 as most companies have to leverage the technology to ensure employee safety (enables remote operations), at the same time must improve productivity to meet overflowing customer demands. Contact us to get to know more about IoT for Manufacturing
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