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  1. The landlord is making the investment for the income. But if you believe in the survey, then you find that the owners are just confused as they don’t get the rent on time. Obviously, it can lead to eviction, and problems become more than the benefits. When you talk with any landlord, you find that chasing for the rent is common. The main reason behind the same is forgetfulness. The tenants know the fact that they need to give the rent, and they are prepared for the same as well but at the last moment, they just sleep the same from the mind. This is also one of the reasons why landlords love to
  2. To have the growth in the rental income, you have to raise the rent. But for doing it, you need to take care of many things. The approach should be in a way that the renters also understand you and making that hike is not giving you that many issues. Now, you can understand that a strategic approach is highly needed and if that is not clear to you, then here the article is that will tell you about it. Know the same, plan accordingly and it will help you to increase the rent as much as you can. Research perfectly Understanding of the market will be the thing that you have to be perfec
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