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  1. We are now at 15% - 20% Sir, but I agree with everything else you have said. ROY Club gives the chance for a clear income earning with no barriers to how much you can grow.
  2. True and my coins are there now almost a month and the growth has been great. It is nice how you go into your account and see when you have made money at least
  3. Sometimes we tend to limit our ability based on what others think but you are far more than that. At ROY club we say you have the ability to change your life.
  4. So Roy Club is giving us the opportunity to be able to earn a passive income as we push through participating in Roy Club community.
  5. Would you wish to grow strategically in terms of your finance, well Roy Club is here for you with a number of opportunities to grow your earning and stability financially.
  6. The possibility of making those dreams a reality just became so much feasible now that we have Roy Club. Passive income earning is assured in this big community.
  7. Its only at RoyClub where you are assured of earnings per day and you are able to see your payments. Join the ROY Club community and lets earn passively together as a whole
  8. Am a witness of the ROY Bounty Program where we are involved in doing social media tasks to create awareness about the Club and we get paid for it.
  9. The Direction I see the currency moving is great and ROY Club being a great player in the growth of the Currency also means a great leap for the ROY Club community
  10. Its all about how one plans out the Long term investment and how much one is ready to commit in the Investment. The Higher the Investment the Higher the Returns surely and ROY Club guarantees the results.
  11. Me too I had not like fully understood it but now I see that ROY Club has some serious profitability. So lets engage ourselves in the ROY Club
  12. Well Said Levibanks, ROY club with its Ideology has opened the door of opportunities to so many out there who are looking for something small to do and am also one of them.
  13. I have been monitoring the system and been contacting some of the participants of the system and the reports are great so far . This means I can join surely and make some profit too. Thanks for the posts.
  14. Roy Club is a great online community where people are jointly making income from there investments by collective playing a role in Currency mining in the Background of the System. Join that you may experience this beautiful exchange
  15. I have been in some good conferences too of ROY Club and the community of Investors is really nice and I encourage you to Join the team too and begin earning daily
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