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  1. Is it possible to cancel sending a gift? No, by sending a gift, you confirm your consent to the transfer of funds and this cannot be canceled.
  2. Cost of participation: - 800 PZM for bronze and silver partners. - 1600 PZM for Gold Partners. Limited number of seats! Book your tickets in advance. Pay a visit to community of royclub from internet.
  3. Roy Club Ideology Today, 99% of people are hostages of the global financial system. An ordinary citizen is the same resource for politicians and millionaires as oil, water or metal. Power raises taxes and builds palaces. In Africa in the XXI century there is no water and there are kings, with a million state. In India, a huge number of people live in slums, located right next to large business centers. In the US, without insurance, a person must pay hundreds of dollars for an ambulance call. The whole world today is a huge market that destroys human values. The states accumulate our money at the expense of taxes, but the lion’s share of these funds goes not to the development of society, but is deposited in the pockets of those in power.
  4. Paramining Balance is transferred to the Available balance after PZM is entered or withdrawn, as well as after the purchase or sale of PZM on the exchange or in P2P trading.
  5. PZM are redistributed by incorporating transaction fees that are awarded to an account when it successfully creates a block. This process is known as forging and is akin to the notion of "mining" used by other cryptocurrencies. Transactions are considered secure after 10 block confirmations, and the current architecture and block size of the PZM allow processing up to 367,200 transactions per day. PZM includes the implementation of Transparent Forging that would allow you to increase the performance of transaction processing by two orders of magnitude by using the generation algorithm is deterministic block, in combination with additional security mechanisms of the network.
  6. How do I get a gift? To do this, make a Deposit of at least 100 PPM within 3 days of receiving the gift. In addition, after 3 days, your balance must have at least 90 PZM. If these conditions are met, a transaction will be created to transfer the gift.
  7. We have transferred the required amount to purchase PRIZM cryptocurrency; now we need to wait until the exchange sees the transaction and receives the first three confirmations and we have money at our disposal in order to purchase PRIZM cryptocurrency.
  8. What opportunities does the gift offer? If you give a gift, you get a reliable referral. There is no risk that the recipient will immediately withdraw funds and disappear. If you are given a gift, you have a great bonus to your investment - this is the amount of the gift that will always be on the balance and will increase your income from paramining.
  9. Input and Output Are any limitations applied to investment amount? How long to wait for the transfer of funds transferred to the address to invest in the office of the ROY Club? Are any limitations applied to the withdrawal amount? Where will my funds be sent upon withdrawal? How to withdraw PRIZM from my account on the ROY Club? Why when I press the output button, the system requires some feedback from me? I have withdrawn funds, the account balance has decreased. No coins appeared on the wallet. What's happening? What is message signing? How do I sign a message to withdraw funds? What should I do if my wallet has no message signing functionality and I cannot withdraw funds?
  10. MusisiKizito

    PRIZM as the main asset No new powerful computers are needed to mine new coins. Enough to keep a certain amount on the wallet to generate new coins. This principle is called PoS-mining, used in many modern cryptocurrencies The special feature of PRIZM is that the more money in the wallet and the larger the network of wallets, the more coins will be generated.
  11. What will be the profit and when will I receive it? ROYClub Your balance grows at the rate of 20% per month (up to 0.61% per day) Whether you have 1 coin in your wallet or 1 mln coins, the percentage of paramining is the same for all users.
  12. Earning profits on different platform is easier to say but earning profits on RoyClub website its always a quick move and instant transfers without a delay in the system. As your earning from the website you know currently try the new one i have just introduced to you today that is royclub.
  13. MusisiKizito

    7 THINGS TO CARRY LIKE A CRATE OF EGGS •There are things we must carry and handle with extra- carefulness because these things are fragile and once broken, it is not easy to put back together and once some of these things get broken, they can lead to huge damage and destiny wastage. The moment your RoyClub account is verified the way mine was on the first day. That's when you will get to know that you have to hand it with care because profits accumulate every day and then wooooow !!!!!
  14. MusisiKizito

    when it comes to payement royclub is a leading system to give out quick payments of profits to its members that join or do make investments. Start now you will never look back in life
  15. The changes in the system are always effective when i invested in my account 210pzm i started earning my roys in the account which i can convert back into prizm at earn time when i want to withdraw it.
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