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  1. they have new update, 500 points each hour for voting top cryptos
  2. 18D token price https://info.bakeryswap.org/#/token/0x7d9c30b7131ae9ada3f26bdeb2206fbf08213ba5
  3. How to get your share in 18digits: As a registered member you are earning a predefined amount of points for several of your activities. When you have reached a certain balance of activities points you have the right to convert these into equity participation rights … in Swiss based 18digits. Unlike facebook and others, we will share the success of our platform with you and all our members. To execute the conversion it will be necessary to undertake a full KYC under Swiss regulation. We will inform you in good time about the exact steps you need to take to convert points into 18digits e
  4. 83 days still paying https://sagmining.com
  5. sagmining never stop paying https://sagmining.com/?ref=LuffyPH
  6. THIS IS MY 17TH PAYOUT https://sagmining.com
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