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  1. You can find educational videos on YouTube. youtube is a great video sharing platform. You can watch the video anytime it's available on YouTube. For confidence you can save the video on your computer with mp4 converter - https://2conv.com/en54/youtube-mp3/ So you can find the help you need and not waste time looking for
  2. I'm an interior designer. I'm just starting my career. I need your advice and help. To implement the projects I need to find interesting products for the house, furniture, accessories. I can draw a lot in the proctes. But in fact I'm facing the problem of buying what I designed.
  3. I’ve managed to get an interview for one of the jobs out there friday at 8am and i will do my absolute best. I really want this job. I crossed my fingers and prepared. Mentally, I repeat the story of my life. i used to prepare target interview questions https://mrsimon.ai/interview-questions/target/. I’d like to imagine all my friends placing their paws on me for good vibes only .
  4. I'm afraid to think what's going to happen to the business after the end of the quarantine.
  5. I've been working from home for a day. My office is closed for quarantine. Tell me how freelancers work from home? How can you combine work, home, children's lessons, caring for your husband and more?
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