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  1. How to get benefited by articles ?
  2. How to get benefited by articles?
  3. Thanks for sharing good information for schema
  4. Amelia Earhart

    Once we have our web page finished and published on the internet, start moving it, promoting it. The visits do not come alone, you have to run an online marketing campaign with the aim of attracting quality visits.
  5. Which is the best Site Analytics Tool?
  6. Each homepage of the website can be accessed at six different URLs: www.site.com site.com www.site.com/ site.com / www.site.com / index.html (or. php ,. asp, etc) site.com / index.html (or. php ,. asp, etc) While it is true, with each of these URLs the visitor will get the same information, each URL can be indexed causing duplicate content in the search index. Finally, search engines track that these do not duplicate, but until then basically all of this is working against you. Even once it does, there is no guarantee that you will get 100% of the link associated with any of these versions. The best solution is to add a canonical tag to the source page code: <link rel = »canonical» href = »http://www.site.com» /> This tag tells search engines that www.site.com is the correct version for their index and link metrics.
  7. Amelia Earhart

    Google Adwords in 8 steps to get started. 1. Sign up 2. Adwords Express or normal Adwords 3. Set up your first campaign 4. Understand how bids work 5. Choose a bid strategy 6. Choose your keywords 7. Make relevant announcements and with calls to action 8. Analyze, measure results and optimize
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