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  1. As roy club members, we can all earn. but it is good to set a goal such that we know how much we need to invest so us to earn basing on our needs.
  2. when you are part of roy club, you can earn as you continue to do your other activities and this is what is called passive income. you earn after investing
  3. The bonus program is for all roy club members and it works if at all one recruits a new member under there affiliates. you receive 9% in form of coins off his/her deposit on the roy club account.
  4. soon the prizm will move back to the rising trend and the set objectives will be achieved in the set time frame. now we have to obtain as many prizms as we can to be part of the rising course.
  5. Roy club is not a pyramid in any way since you can withdraw at any time you wish and earning is equivalent the the amount one has invested in the prizm coins.
  6. At roy club the only thing we all have to do is to invest and grow the club by inviting more members to be part of the roy club program.
  7. when we invest in roy club, we earn through paramining. this enables our coins to grow and hence provide a return on investment between 15 to 20% on a monthly basis.
  8. Indeed roy club is here for the development of our society. how ever this can only be possible if we join together and invest in the prizm.
  9. we all know that with time the prizm will rise again and all roy club investors will be on the earning side again. its investment time now.
  10. Roy club is determined to improve the financial and social well being of every one. this is clearly stated in the club's objectives.
  11. The main intention of roy club is to empower people from all around the clobe financially and socially. an economy that works for all.
  12. Roy club brings like minded people together so that we can all earn together as a group. it is a worldwide community for all.
  13. When i here of a passive investment, i just come to know that you can invest and earn with now physical involvement. roy club is offering such an opportunity.
  14. There are a lot of new regulations on the sigen pro site which are enabling fair competition.
  15. even when every person is running and preserving what they do have, roy club is still providing financial and social help to the community.
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