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  1. i like what you are saying. nothing is better than acting in a gentle way. indeed roy club is a gentle community.
  2. how i like the way roy club comes up with new solutions to close the gap for the existing challenges. we will use that mobile wallet.
  3. when we are more fortunate than the others it now becomes our task and responsibility to make sure that they are empowered.
  4. its very important to always introduce a new idea and roy club always does it timely. all for the improvement of the club.
  5. we can now not say that we were not guided on how to be part of roy club. how ever the decision still remains in our hands to join roy club.
  6. luyimbazihenry123

    roy club is here for all to benefit and be socially and economically empowered by its various activities worldwide.
  7. luyimbazihenry123

    i like your point of view that we should indeed create awareness about roy club so as to enable every one benefit.
  8. its so true MR snipes that one earns as much as he/she has invested. thats why roy club offers an open opportunity to all individuals.
  9. every body would like to be part of a growing business and indeed roy club is going forward on a daily basis.
  10. roy club is always at it and trying to make sure that it simplifies every thing for us roy club members. the transactions will always be secure and first.
  11. transacting in a secure investment that has a gradual positive growth rate is key and vital to economic success and roy club presents all that.
  12. if we stay behind on this we will have missed a chance that would have had a positive impact on our lives. am also a roy club member and am happy to be.
  13. any move to expand on the use of a prizm as an online cryptocurrency is welcomed. this will in turn increase on the return from paramining.
  14. its very crucial to know were you want to go and how you will plan to get there. roy club is on point and a road map is needed
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