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  1. Thats a good excited because the extent of the benefits of the ROY Club are visible and evident. In Fact they are tangible because you earn and turn it to physical artifacts that benefit your everyday life. This is a great Online platform
  2. Yes george, i think that the binus program is a great way for the Participants or ROY Club members to earn an extra income on their side. As you build the structure More and more opportunities to earn from your downlines.
  3. The Benefits of Joint Paramining Its definitely better to participate in Joint paramining that to do it on your own wallet because of the following; - With Joint paramining the Speed of Generation of Coins is Increased - Here you are able to Earn Bonuses from people you invite in the Club. SO enjoy Higher Profits with ROY Club.
  4. Roy Club is not a financial Pyramid. Why would someone even say this is they knew the definition of a Pyramid, well i say that it is not because everything factual points in that direction. First of that the PROfits are not based on the new recruits but on the Paramining of the PRIZM cryptocurrency.
  5. That is true indeed, lets look at it more clearly Enock. With PRIZM just alone yes you can enjoy paramining to a certain percentage but when you join ROY Club you participate in Joint paramining which increases you overall paramining percentage so as to get upto 20% per month. So awesome right ?
  6. What it Means to be a JOINT paramining Platform Roy Club collects Members money into one big pool to increase the Percentage of Paraming and hence make more coins which are shared among the Members. Thats how the 15% - 20% is made to all the members.
  7. You are on point Sir. ROY Club gives a great chance to develop oneself. That 10% caters also for Motivating higher leaders who are developing the club plus also the system maintenance. Lets Invest and enjoy the rewards.
  8. It is true that we are united in this Club. The Club not only provides platform for investing and Earning profit, but also a community for building Networks and connection. As a team the Club is growing to get bigger and impact many more lives.
  9. Right now we may see PRIZM as having a low value but this is the time to invest in PRIZM and Deposit in your ROY Club account and start earning.
  10. Yeah this is true. I think in the Exchange market by far sigen has shown great improvement in their system and user support in withdraws and exchanges relating to the ROY Club PLatform
  11. Missing out so so much for sure. This money is so sweet and we bless the LORD for such an opportunity to be earning a little extra income for ourselves
  12. Yes Caleb this is the way to go. Many people out there are looking for financial stability and freedom but have to work tirelessly for many hours and earn peanuts just but ROY Club is here with great solutions and options ot earning well and with much less work.
  13. Surely there is no doubt about that because you can even just see that clearly from the nice percentage profits per month of upto 20%, os nice if you ask me...haha
  14. I do not think there is no any other platform that gives the highest percent of profits like Royclub, lets participate and enjoy the profits.
  15. Team work is the way to go. You can achieve your targets even as an individual but when you go as a team you achieve far much more and go further.
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