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  1. There is a lot that ROY Club and PRIZM can Achieve and i am hoping to be apart of this great movement to change the world together.
  2. simonsnipes

    Yeah and within ROY Club our number highly contribute to the profitability within our individual investments and for that we thank the ROY Club members.
  3. Its a good practice to have tools around u that yo can at any one time decide to use for the better of ROY Club.
  4. PRIZM currency is great and yes i can see that ROY club has been mainly the reason behind its growth as many investors put their money in things that have value.
  5. Thats only feasible within the ROY Club community as a whole and they have taken this advantage and started impacting their communities in a better way
  6. Sigen Pro i think is an awesome platform complementing the operations of our ROY Club and making Withdraws and exchanges seamless.
  7. simonsnipes

    The events and charity program within the ROY Club is just amazing and it has for sure impacted many communities and changed their lives for the better.
  8. simonsnipes

    You know its like how they structured it on the site that it unites like minded people from all over the World meaning doesnt matter the financial status you are in, AT Roy club you fit right in
  9. You know at the ROY Club theres this saying that Money makes Money and its so true in that the Investments we make at the ROY Club hence give birth to more money through JOint paramining of the Club members.
  10. MAn you have said it all Mr Henry, For the uganda community thats between 150,000 - 180,000 ugx depending on the exchange rate and i too definitely call guys to be apart of it.
  11. simonsnipes

    hahaha... willing and yawning to Join i can see but indeed what you are saying is true i see the way people react here when we tell them about ROY Club and how they can earn, the Response is great.
  12. With this kind of turn up we have total confidence in the success of our ROY Club indeed. SO many people coming together for this event shows a strong spirit of togetherness.
  13. Indeed ROY Club has by far come along way in the line of online investment communities as we speak and its still growing in number . The rewards are so genuine and reasonable and well perceived
  14. When one takes initiative to work on there dreams then it becomes a reality. I couldnt agree with you more on this, because surely theres a more earning rate when you Join ROY club on top of having a prizm account earning.
  15. With all these benefits that ROY Club has to offer i should just see guys running here so fast to JOIN and be apart of this. Lets earn together.
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