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  1. Please transfer this to the HYIP section as we have re-opened as an HYIP. Jermaine
  2. New batch of withdrawals now processed. Jermaine
  3. Welcome to all those who joined our program. All new pendings are now processed. Jermaine
  4. Completed all new pending withdrawals. Jermaine
  5. All new pending withdrawals processed. Jermaine
  6. 9 more members and we will already reach 100 members. Let us Rock On Investors. Jermaine
  7. Next round of pending requests processed. Jermaine
  8. Congratulations on your payout davileonardo. Jermaine
  9. Good News, my Alertpay is now verified. I will now add it and will send a newsletter to let everyone know. Jermaine
  10. You are welcome. :) Jermaine
  11. The review of our program by OnlineInvestGuide has now been published you may read it by clicking HERE Jermaine
  12. Processed All Pending Withdrawals. Jermaine
  13. I am Jermaine Bryan admin of
  14. We have just started a poll at MMG regarding adding AlertPay as a payment processor. If you have time please vote there. Jermaine
  15. Ok I am on the process of adding your banner. Thank you Jermaine

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