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  1. TOP 6 applications to help organize webmaster's time management 1. The most basic and simple place to start with is a yellow notebook. Yes, this may not be the software you expected. But it really works. Since there is a lot of work in your life at the PC, it will be quite convenient to write down all the work moments in the diary. 2. If you don’t want the "classic", then there is a pretty good analogue, the Time PLANNER attachment. Download it to your iPhone (free and PRO version available for $ 4.99). The program combines the functions of a task manage
  2. Good afternoon. Today we would like to present you new GEOs for the Vulkanbet offer, which is familiar to many webmasters. Bonus - conversion rates for apps from Facebook for the last 14 days. Poland - 31% click2reg, 14% reg2dep Portugal - 19% click2reg, 15% reg2dep Germany - 26% click2reg, 11% reg2dep VulkanBET - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1641 Bid and paid goal: 60$ per mindep GEO: Portugal Minimum deposit: 5 euro Test limit: 20 fd VulkanBET - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1642 Bid and paid goal: 140$ per minde
  3. Webmaster's time management Life is hard for a webmaster, especially in the context of time management. Today we’ll tell you what “arbitration” time management is, how it differs from regular planning, and why it is difficult to manage time in our field. Let's start with the fact that the work of any affiliate marketer (especially a beginner) is full of unpredictability. The market in which we operate is very labile. It is important to understand that the differences are both for the better and for the worse. In addition, the work of any webmaster is often not standardi
  4. VK traffic arbitrage: How to do and What ROI Traffic generation in VK, the same arbitration as in other sources, but certainly with its own specifics. Where to start and what to do to make your work successful? 1. As in other sources, go to the affiliate program, choose a product, make a portrait of the target audience. 2. Look for thematic communities of your target audience. Make an agreement with the administrator about advertising placement. (Keep track of your budget. The cost of posts can vary dramatically and can be very expensive. Note the activity a
  5. What “Traffic source” is and where to find it? 26 sources and their description Sources of traffic to a site are the channels through which visitors go to a particular web resource. Traffic can be paid and free. "Free traffic" - means that the owner of the resource does not pay for visitors. There is a certain fee for the "paid" one. You can also distinguish "cold" and "hot" traffic. Hot sources are those sources from which already interested people get to the site. The user passes because he is interested in the topic, he is already familiar with it. Now, in order to make it e
  6. Who is an online gambler? Everyone who wants to start an online casino wondered who will play? To understand this, you need to identify the target audience. After all, the more we know about the player, the higher the likelihood that we can get it. Strictly speaking, the entire audience can be divided into several simple groups: 1) Regular players (addicts, earners and strategy checkers) 2) Random users (who is interested in playing, be bored or wants emotions) Each player, regardless of the group, chooses for himself a certain the
  7. Fast farming algorithm for Facebook accounts About generating traffic for gambling through mobile applications. Hi, friends! Gambling is becoming increasingly popular in traffic arbitrage, just like Facebook is as a traffic source. As of today, almost 50% of total gambling conversions come from Facebook. The number of affiliates wishing to work with this source is growing, and the number of banned accounts in FB too XD We are often asked to share our account farming method. We are interested in your success and therefore decided to make this manual so t
  8. Friends, we want to share with you new offers with payment for registration SOI! Attention, there is a test limit. Have time to text your personal manager and start this year with a profit! Powerplay - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1605 Jackie Jackpot - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1604 Bid: 6$ Geo: Canada Plaza Royal - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1606 Eskimo casino - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1607 Bid: 6$ Geo: Netherlands Bid increase after successful traffic generation! We recommend you to generate
  9. How not to get rejected in Gambling? It's no secret that Gambling is one of the most monetary verticals in CPA, and therefore the interest of webmasters in it is growing every day. Those who used to generate traffic for goods, installations, games, dating, subscriptions and similar topics with small payouts go to Gambling offers. Many beginners often do not even think about what the quality of their traffic depends on and, as a result, make rather stupid mistakes due to not understanding simple and obvious things. Let's see what the quality of your traffic d
  10. Case: Generating traffic to casinos from Telegram Hello! The Gambling.pro team is with you and now we will analyze one of the simplest and most effective methods with which you can generate traffic to Gambling through the Telegram messenger. The essence of the method is to create a Telegram channel on behalf of a person who cheats the Casino and shares the ways in which everyone can win big money. We will receive traffic to the channel in both free (spam) and paid (post purchase) ways. Now let's take a closer look at this method. Chan
  11. Friends, we want to share with you current offers with schemes: Vulkan stars - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1500 Payout: 25$ GEO: CIS Unique Casino - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/397 Payout: 45$ GEO: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy MaChance Casino - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/398 Payout: 45$ GEO: France, Spain Slottica - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1230 Payout: 50$ GEO: Spain Royal Spinz - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1447 Payout: 50$ GEO: Spain, France, Italy, Germany
  12. CASE GAMBLING.PRO CASINO INCOME 358 000 RUB 70% ROI Hi, friends! For a long time there were no cases, but why? That's right, the artist traveled a lot, attended conferences, held meetups and now lives in sunny Yerevan under the wing of Megapush. Today we'll talk about gambling in push notifications and how we can make money here. I started generating traffic on November 23rd, finished on December 27th, First there were tests, then breaks, I waited for feedback, payments, and somehow everything didn't go well. As a result, there was always only one campaign l
  13. Change CPA on RevShare from Gambling.pro Hello! )) today I want to talk about RevShare. More precisely, on the topic of redirecting SEO traffic to RevShare casino and betting. Recently, I have been fond of SEO, and so seriously that on our YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtizEdHgPfNQAMDrnXphGsg there are already several videos with the hashtag #СЕОчелендж and there will be more soon! And there will be a lot of videos, because SEO is not an easy thing... But you better look about it in my videos, and now I want to talk about RevShare :-Р Why do I wan
  14. Frightening foreign countries. Fears that prevent starting work with other GEOs Hi, Tanechka is online!)) I finally found time for new good content)) I think that we all look at foreign offers. Everyone does this for their own reasons: Are you tired of working with old brands and want new offers; You feel how the conversion of deposits replenishment has decreased, and the price of the install in the Russian Federation and the CIS has increased; You are attracted by high payouts for conversions on foreign offers ($ 150-200 p
  15. Mini-manual: How to use spyservices correctly Hello! We have previously described “How to download a creative directly from Instagram”. The manual works if an interesting creative has been targeted for you, or you just search for them this way. Today we are going to tell you about the second way to find creatives - using spy services! There are many different options, they differ mainly in geo, sites and placements. But they are all almost identical 🙂 If you have mastered one, then you have mastered everything 🙂 The main thing is to understand th
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