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  1. Dear partners, we are glad to introduce you offers that are an absolute must to start working with! Red Dog - for USA and Australia CPA: 150$ Goal paid: minimum deposit $10 Neosurf, $20 BTC, $25 Gift Cards, $30 Credit Card Vive Mon - for France CPA: 140$ Goal paid: baseline 20 euros Minumum deposit: 10 euros What are the benefits of the offers? You can buy traffic for them in a traditional way: from sites, dorways, reviews Or you can ask us to give you a mobile app and you will be able to work with Facebook! The advantage is that you ROI will be much higher and you will be able to increase your profit by several times! Do you want to learn more - please, write to our manager live:gamble1more
  2. Money in traffic arbitrage? Easy-easy, real talk! Think about it. CAUTION! Repeating all the actions from the article, you can buy traffic at a profit and die of joy… Hello friends! I want to please you with a new case for buying traffic from FaceBook to mobile gambling apps)) The approach is not new, and we already have the most detailed and comprehensive case that Artem wrote, but analyzing my personal messages yesterday, I realized that there is a need to write another case, a little shorter, and to look into a little other working moments there… You'll soon get what I mean 🙂 Artem wrote mainly about the technical component of creating applications, how to submit the app to the store and etc., and I want to talk about how to launch ad campaign on Facebook and finally start to get money 😄 More precisely, even so: I have already launched more than one such advertising campaign on FB and now I'm just going to write out the algorithm, how I did it and started making money. This may be the first case in arbitrage that can be repeated "exactly"...:D Probably even if you do not use your brain +/- to 0 it will work. So, let's get started!!! Before I bought the traffic, I went to our affiliate managers and asked them: “What is it about apps?” And this is the first point of my algorithm: Text affiliate manager on one of the convenient contacts : Our Lord Affiliate Maxim: TG - @GamblingProMax Skype - [email protected] or Knight Affiliate Stas: TG - @GamblingproStas Skype - live:gamble1more and specify the following questions: 1) Are there any mobile apps available now? 2)What offers? 3)What are the conditions for payment, KPI, limits and hold? What should I do to start working with this miracle? After the contact made with affiliate manager and the process of exchanging information has started, you quickly find out that a new mobile app has appeared in GAMBLING.PRO - Fresh Casino (Russia), with a starting rate of 3100 rubles for a minimum deposit. It is not bad. Well, you’ll also learn that if you really want to, we can put any offer, that fits your request, in the mobile app. P.S. I didn't have any specific requests, I was quite satisfied with Fresh, because I have known this offer for a long time and it is one of my favorite. Well, relatively long) it is 4-5 months from the moment of its appearance. This offer is very fresh, and the conversion rate is so good. But in the application we always put in only the top offers, so do not hesitate and take what we give, we have no errors 🙂 In short, I personally was too lazy to choose something else, and I took what was / was given. My goal is to do little and get a lot, so I generally have this lifestyle, that I try not to make unnecessary body movements without special need)) So let's continue… After you have sorted out the offer (not without the help of our Pro affiliate managers), it is necessary to start setting up advertising campaign. We will buy traffic from Facebook. If you have never done this and this phrase scared you - do not panic. I don't care but by the end of reading this article, you will buy traffic from Facebook, even if you have never done it before...: D Go to facebook log in to your account. In the process of communication, our affiliate managers should send you instructions for the selected application. I studied it carefully and did the following: 1) accepted the Facebook agreement (clicked the link there and clicked “accept”), 2) requested my deeplink from the manager. Go back to Facebook, go to the “create ads " section and get to ADSmanager. And we see this in front of us … О________________________о The purpose of the ad campaign is to Install the app Set the name of the ad campaign, click the “create” or “continue " button, or something like that… There's only one button, you can't go wrong. And you get to the screen with ad group creation. It looks like this: As you may notice, Facebook immediately asks us where are we going to send traffic??? Google play or App store? We are going to send traffic to the app in Google play, so you select the appropriate item in the list, choose the application that the manager shared with you (it will already be in the list) and go ahead. Dynamic creatives-skip it. Go straight to the “Audience” block. By default, you immediately create a new one. Set the settings as in the screenshot: Click "Save audience". P.S. Detailed targeting, links, etc. skip it - in addition to increasing the cost of a click this will not give you anything. So continue. Placement. Here we have two options for how we work: We choose automatic placement and Facebook chooses where to place it. Option called " I can afford it”. Set placements manually. If you do not want to test it, then select the following settings: Stories is no longer used because traffic from them has become more expensive, and the conversion rate is lower. Advertising campaign budget The daily budget for the testing period is 50-100% of the cost of the deposit for each placement - that is 2000-4000 rubles. Other settings Set as on the screen. Click the "Continue" button and go on. Creating ads “Here we will create!” ... (no) Services that I personally use to search for creatives: NONE! I come up with creatives, because I have enough experience for this. You can also see examples of creatives on: advancets.org - there is a new feature that monitors posts from Facebook and Instagram. And on publer.pro - you can also see what creatives are now in Insta posts. You can search for queries such as: Win Withdrawal Download Bonus Raise Balance Deposit Freespin I did all this with Publer as an example. Go to this site. As a result, in 10 minutes, I found these more or less adequate posts and the absence of mislead: I liked these posts because they list all the benefits and advantages for the club's players, there is a “gift " trigger and call-to-action is present - it is banal, but there are chances that such posts will have a conversion Here, in the post on the left, I liked 1) a video with a man who is a bright representative of the casino's target audience - a hard worker, 30+, married,this is a high probability that the same men will react to the post - and that's good)) + emotional presentation in the text “Crazy wins!”, “Cool games!” - It may seem dumb, but it always works. It is necessary to use in your texts words that evoke an emotional response in people and then they will read your posts to the end and respond to their content with conversions 🙂 In the second post, I liked the fact that there are triggers " New " and "generous slots". In general, I liked the word “generous” the most, because I think this is one of the most important requirements of players for slots - that they give!!!)) And even more...:D Well, in both posts there is call-to-action, which is also very good. These are two posts that also interested me in a few points 1) the first one has a deadline, 2) in the second there is the amount of earnings and social proof in the form of a reference to other people who installed the app… ))) When we have found examples of posts that suit us, we need to make them unique. If you just download from Publer (or from anywhere else) images/videos that have already been posted on FB and post them on Facebook from your account again, this will be banned, 100%. In order to make a picture or video unique, just do the following (one or all at once) 1) apply a visual filter to the video 2) apply another sound 3) swap fragments 4) crop/lengthen the video. In general, it is necessary to make some manipulations with it that will change its characteristics and this will be a different video for Facebook)) All this can be done using Adobe Premiere, or using any other convenient video editor that you will discover on Google…:D When you make the selected videos unique, you can return to Facebook and continue setting up the ad campaign. Select " one image or video” and upload our creative. When the video is uploaded, we proceed to the final stage of setting up our advertising campaign Add: Ad text Title (for Audience Network) Call to action - "Install" / "Download" (we use “Download " more often”) P.S. in different placements, the “Download " button is located on different sides, so ideally you need to adapt the creative to these conditions. You can view all the options for placing the call-to-action button in different placements in the ad preview window. You need to get the deeplink from manager of our network in advance and insert it in the appropriate field. Life hack - if this message appears after uploading the creative: You can do this here by clicking on the "custom design" button”: Do not touch advanced settings We check that the ad looks normal in all placements Click the button Congratulations, bro, your ad campaign is ready and it will launch soon. And now the final touch. We are not fools to load one ad and wait for a miracle, so to make our tests representative, let's do the following: Copy the ad 2 times and make a few more options for posts (2 unique videos + text) Change the video and text in the ad settings and confirm them Now that's it, sit still and wait until moderation passes and the first clicks will go. How we test ads and adsets, analyze what’s happening, turn off ineffective ads and scale - we have already described in detail in the article “How to buy traffic on installs with profit”. As a result in 4 days: Facebook ad campaigns are constantly deleted, but I managed to find one more or less decent for this example. 10 603,9 RUB are spent 258 installs are received 41,1 rubles per install The conversion from install to registration varied from 1 to 5 to 1 to 9, on average 1 to 6. In total, 43 registrations and 6 deposits were received. Deposit rate 50$ In total, I earned $ 300, spending about $160 (10603 / 65 at the average exchange rate of $) You can easily see that ROI is about 100% ))))))) 10K rubles for 4 days, for a beginner this would be a great result! For a month you can earn 100-150k rubles. If you repeat all the points of my instructions and read the manual - you can also launch advertising campaign on Facebook and earn your money 🙂 I wish you success and many profitable advertising campaigns on FB =^.^= If you want to work with us, please, text our managers @GamblingProMax or @GamblingProStas on Telegram.
  3. Hello friends! We are Gambling.pro - a team of experienced publishers and specialists, the best in CPA market in Russia and the CIS countries. We are the top 1 Gambling and Betting affiliate network according to CPALife Awards 2019. Why is Gambling.pro the best? 1.Our platform is unique and made specifically for working with Gambling offers. Thanks to this, you will see not only standard traffic indicators (CR, EPC, ratio, clicks) in our statistics, but you will receive extended data on your conversions which will allow you to conduct deep analytics on traffic and will reflect such important indicators when working with Gambling as: - Deposit amount - Number of repeated deposits - The amount of re-deposits - Activity of your players 2.We have more than 800 offers for CPA and RevShare in open access, 50+ offers in private and a huge list of absolute exclusives! These are the best offers for different GEO worldwide and for all possible traffic sources. 3.Absolutely free we give out IOS/Android apps for buying traffic to any of our partners! - Applications with optimization for registration/first deposit - All apps are themed with good reviews - Inside the app you can find any offer you need for any GEO - If you don't know how to work with apps, just text us, we will give all the necessary instructions in English. 4.Only we have KNOWLEDGE BASE from Gambling.pro What is knowledge base - it is more than 80 cases and manuals that we write so you can easily go to arbitrage. We test all our cases - you no longer need to waste the budget for testing the approach, you will definitely find most of the Top approaches here. We give our partners ready-made approaches for working with different traffic sources and with different GEO. 5.We can offer you an absolutely exclusive offer on absolutely exclusive terms, the advertiser of which is ourselves!For access text us. 6.Another reason to say that we are the best is our support - the best managers in the entire Russian market and abroad. They are ready to accompany you at all stages of buying traffic, starting with the selection of the offer, ending with the regulation of any issues on payments. 7.Our payouts are as stable as a good Swiss watch. If you strictly comply with the terms of buying traffic for a specific offer, once a week you will be able to receive a payment using WebMoney/EPayments/Wire/Bitcoin, this is your choice. 8.Team Gambling.pro is a permanent participant of international thematic conferences: CPALife, Kinza, Sempro, MAC, AWE, ICE, LAC - all this is in our arsenal. More than 10+ reports of our speakers and 15 stands prove that we are always happy to meet in person with each of our partners and will also be glad to see you! 9.We are trusted by more than 20,000 webmasters in Russia and CIS countries - and that means more than words! We welcome each of our partners - we are waiting for you in our network! And we guarantee that our cooperation will be unforgettably profitable!
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