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    Google Search Console. Google Trends. Google Keyword Planner. Google Analytics. Moz Keyword Explorer.
  2. PrakashVerma

    The robots.txt file, is a text file that tells web robots which pages on your site to crawl.
  3. PrakashVerma

    Guest posting means someone is writing blog and it was published by another person or website.
  4. PrakashVerma

    Selenium TestingWhiz Ranorex Sahi Watir
  5. PrakashVerma

    Indexes are utilized to rapidly find information without looking through each line in a database table each time a database table is gotten to.
  6. PrakashVerma

    The open source project behind Google Chrome is known as Chromium. The first version was a beta for Microsoft Windows was released on September 2, 2008 in 43 languages. OS X and Linux versions were released in December 2009.
  7. PrakashVerma

    Sandboxes and production org are different environments and maintain separate domain name registries
  8. PrakashVerma

    Google Chrome supports four release channels namely: stable, Beta, Dev and Canary channel
  9. PrakashVerma


    Inbound is a incoming link form your website Outbound is a outgoing links to other resource from your website.
  10. PrakashVerma

    Directory submission for SEO still works.
  11. Improve Website Loading Speed Create high-quality Content Select attractive Start Blogging Social Media Marketing Make a Mobile-Friendly Website, etc.
  12. PrakashVerma

    An incoming link to your website is called backlink.
  13. PrakashVerma

    Write Engaging Content Consider Optimal Length Keyword Insertion.
  14. PrakashVerma

    <h1> tag is helpful for bringing ranking of the keywords.
  15. Web based life is one of the most cost-productive computerized showcasing strategies used to syndicate substance and increment your business purpose.
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