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  1. markwinget

    Link velocity is the rate at which others are linking to your site
  2. markwinget

    Keyword effectiveness index is one of the quickest ways to find keywords that show potential - that is, those keywords which are likely to help your site attract more traffic.
  3. markwinget

    Google Suggest or autocomplete is a Google internet searcher work that gives recommendations to clients as they enter their inquiry question into the search box.
  4. markwinget

    Doorway pages are web pages that are created for the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes.
  5. markwinget

    Google index and Crawling Time SEO Back Link Result. Keyword Ranking Organic Social Media Reach
  6. markwinget

    these is the best search engine. Google Bing Yahoo Ask.com Baidu DuckDuckGo
  7. markwinget

    Blog regularly Use long-tail keywords Get your Meta down Create quality content Use internal links Encourage incoming links
  8. markwinget

    Google don’t crawls images. Its only crawl text. Putting text or description to images is telling to crawlers about image.
  9. markwinget

    User Explorer is a new set of reporting in Google Analytics that allows customers to anonymously analyses individual interactions to their website
  10. markwinget

    SEO -Search Engine Optimization -We can improve online visibility and quality in google with the help of seo SMM -Social Media Optimization -we can promote our business product or services in social media.
  11. markwinget

    Google Knowledge Graph is an innovative tool that enables users to discover your business and contact you without even clicking on your web page.
  12. markwinget

    Get Listed Online Reduce Page Loading Time. Use Long-Tail SEO. Write More Local Content.
  13. markwinget

    Selenium. TestComplete. Ranorex. Sahi. Watir.
  14. markwinget

    A blog post is any post on a blog. It could be a post on your own blog, blog for your business. A guest post is making a post on someone else's blog by contacting the website owner and asking if you can post a story on their website
  15. markwinget

    Google Analytics Google webmaster MOZ bar Ahrefs GTmatrix
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