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  1. Go to Content – Content by Title on the dashboard, and load the page. ... All kinds of nonexistent or broken links will trigger the 404 error page. ... The next step is to click the “Go” button on the Google Analytics filter page. ... Remember that redirecting and fixing broken links is an ongoing process.
  2. 5 Steps to Optimize your Website Keyword Research. All search optimization begins with keyword research. ... Create Great Content with Keywords in mind. Content is the basis for the entire Duct Tape Marketing approach, and posting regular content will help your website show up on more searches. ... Speed it Up. ... Use Landing Pages. ... Update Your Page Titles.
  3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider. The only way to ensure your website is SEO-ready across all its pages is to audit regularly. ... Ahrefs. ... SEMrush. ... Moz Pro. ... Mangools KWFinder. ... Searchmetrics. ... Majestic. ... cognitiveSEO.
  4. Google PageSpeed Insights. ... Moz Local Listing Score. ... Keywordtool.io. ... Google Analytics. ... Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools. ... Ahrefs' Backlink Checker. ... Moz Link Explorer. ... Google Keyword Planner.
  5. What are the basic tools required for SEO?
  6. Hello Friends, The most important area where one can include their keywords are as under: Title (Primary plus Secondary Keyword) -Meta Description -URL -H1 Tag -Body Content (Follow Keyword Density). Try to include the keyword in first -paragraph of the body content. -Alt Tags -Anchor Text
  7. Hello Friends, Here are few areas to optimize keywords: Meta title. H1, H2 & Subheadings. Meta description. Web page URLs. Image Alt text. The first paragraph of your content.
  8. Hello friends, The best advertising way of business are as follows:- Local Listing Service Social Media Marketing Blog Posting Video Marketing Press Release Relevant Community Cross Promotion Marketing Seminar or Presentation, etc.
  9. Hello friends, Yes, social media links are important to make good traffic to your website plus also rank keywords higher in search engines.
  10. Hi Friends, A Google penalty is a negative impact on your website’s search result ranking based on updates made to search algorithms or even a manual review. The penalty can be due to the various reasons with the main being usage of Black-Hat SEO techniques. You can avoid a Google Penalty by avoiding these Black-Hat SEO Techniques: Cloaking and/or Sneaky Redirects Hidden Text Keyword Stuffing Pure Spam Spammy Structured Markup Thin Content With Little or No Actual Value Unnatural Inbound and/or External Links
  11. Hi Friends, Having quality content is the most important aspect of SEO along with creating high-quality backlinks that pass on good link juice. In terms of SEO, quality is always given more authority than quantity.
  12. Hi Friends, The quality of content on your website The length of content that you are using for SEO The freshness, unique and interactive of your content By using backlinks By improving the computation speed for the webpage
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