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  1. Money and risk management are the cornerstones of trading, from my perspective. It is a pity to me that not all of the traders pay their attention to these techniques which can surely save your trading account from huge losses which may be caused by the unpredictable movements of the price. I believe that only those who know how to keep their budgets from harm can achieve success in trading just because of the fact that every occasional price movement can destroy your trading account before you can say Jack Robinson.
  2. I guess I was just lucky to timely short this metal on H1. It gave me a good opportunity to earn money. That trade on H1 absolutely covered my losses on M5-15 and allowed me to be in the green. I guess I'll keep on trading metals, but I don’t want to rely on luck. looks like fundamentals matter a lot in this field. It feels like I learned all the technical analysis nuances for the last time, but fundamentals is the thing that still puzzles me.
  3. I opened an ECN account with the broker. I didn’t want to keep myself waiting any longer. I wanted to get down to real trading. I tried to trade silver. I don’t know why I decided to trade exactly silver and not gold, but I devoted the whole week to this instrument. It was a big challenge for me. For some reason I decided to trade this asset on M5-M15. It was not an easy thing because it’s too volatile and liquid and more than half of my trades were losing.
  4. It is an open secret that success in every sort of activity is hard to achieve and forex trading is not an exception, unfortunately. Beginners should abandon the thoughts of coming to forex and start making profits immediately. Before you begin making profits, you need to learn a lot and acquire new skills. You will have to learn how to manage your risks and calculate them properly. You will also have to acquire the skills of combing your psychology and emotions. All of these knowledge and skills are significant for the future success, so, before you make up your mind to invest your money in forex trading, you should have a clear-cut idea of the fact that you'll have to learn a lot and keep your motivation, otherwise, you will lose all your money and nerves.
  5. I try to take care of my health. I think there are at least a few reasons for this: *For the health of my body, if we are talking about physical fitness and sports. *In order to please myself. If you like yourself in the mirror, it increases self-confidence and a feeling of satisfaction with life. Which entails a generally positive mood. *To please my life partner. Yes, of course, the myth that "you have to like me for who I am" is very good. But it is very nice when a partner looks 100%!) What am I doing? A healthy lifestyle, visiting the gym, full meals, Vit D in a preventive dosage at adequate initial levels, Omega 3, more positivity, physical activity.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I think I will open a demo account here soon. I feel I need to catch up with it. I traded for two months and then I had a pause that lasted for a year, but recently I became interested in trading once again. Why do you have so many lines on this NASDAQ-100?
  7. There are so many different opinions about the best way to learn forex trading and in most of the case they contradict each other. I, for one, think that it is next to impossible to learn to trade on demo accounts. I men that surely, you'd better start with demo account if you are absolutely new to trading and financial markets, but demo trading will teach you how to use trading platform in an appropriate way, but it will not teach you to trade. Demo account doesn't include psychological factor in trading which plays an important role in trading. In most of the cases traders are affected by different kinds of emotions during a trading session and they should be able to cope with psychological pressure otherwise their trading decisions will be based on feelings rather than facts and common sense. That is why I strongly recommend trying your hand in trading microlots after several months of trading on demo. In this case you'll learn how to control your feelings and how to calculate trading objectives including spreads and other commissions.
  8. Does anybody trade JPN225 with this broker? Look! What the hell is this? That’s a D timeframe. Terrible! How to handle this gappy stuff? Gaps are everywhere. It’s no difficult to imagine how it looks on H4. I’m very interested in indices. I started to trade two months ago. Other indices don’t come with so many gaps. This one puzzled me. Since it’s one of the major indices, I would like to know how to trade it.
  9. Trading with leverage adds certain risks, however, leverage also adds potential profits. It is very important to bear in mind the idea that big potential profits imply big risks. Some brokers offer negative balance protection which reduces the risks, but they still exist, never forget about it.
  10. Minimizing the risk is important in trading but it is hard to do without reducing potential profits.
  11. Knowledge and skills are necessary for successful trading. However, discipline is also of utmost importance because you will never achieve any success if your emotions affect your trading decisions. So, unfortunately it is not enough to be smart and skillful, you should also control yourself and your psychological state, otherwise your emotions will take the leading role in your decisions and all the deals that you open will fail.
  12. There are people who make good money from it. Many such services run such competitions and it can be an interesting experience that brings in real income.
  13. Knowledge and experience are very important for trading, but demo trading will never give you the proper experience. You can start trading with demo for some time till you get used to the trading platform, but later on you should switch to real trading with small sums. This will provide you with some kind of relevant experience. Then you an gradually enlarge you deposit. I believe that this way will make you better in trading.
  14. Learning is key to success. If you don't want to learn, you'd better stop trading before you lose the money you deposited. Before investing in some financial instrument, you've got to know as much about it as it is possible. Only under this condition will you have the idea of how to open and close the deals, otherwise, any fluctuation will make you feel at a loss which will eventually lead you to the failures and losses.
  15. Successful trading implies infinite learning as market is constantly changing and you've got to learn new reality in order to catch up with the market and updated trends. If you don't learn, then you won't be adaptable to the new status quo, which will make you leave behind and gain low profits. So, learning should be your habit.
  16. When you start something new, you need to learn the details and all the possible difficulties you might encounter. This will enable you to prepare and act according to the situation at hand.
  17. This is particularly popular today because more and more people are interested in investing and working with cryptocurrencies. It is promising and profitable.
  18. I totally agree with you here. Following other people's ideas is getting us nowhere. You should make your personal opinion on the things which take place on the market. It is never harmful to hear some other traders' ideas because sometimes they make you think outside the box and broaden your horizons, but nonetheless, you shouldn't follow those ideas without making it through your own perception of the trading.
  19. Greed is undoubtedly detrimental to your trading along with fear of losing the money. It is all about emotional aspect in decision making, so, your goal is to eliminate psychological factor in order to remain sober in all of the trading situations, so that your decisions will be based on sheer logic and common sense. That is the only way to make decent consistent profits on forex market.
  20. That is a characteristic feature of forex market as it is opened 24 hours a day and you are free to choose the best time to trade within the whole day. However, you should bear in mind the fact that the level of volatility is different throughout the whole day. It doesn't really matter if you trade long-term as you can simply use pending orders, but if you are a scalper, it will be better for you to trade during a certain time period.
  21. I cannot but agree with you here. Starting capital affects the absolute value of your profits and in order to protect it from the absolute loss, you've got to implement risk and money management. Along with that you have to work out the proper trading strategy which will bring you the profits and understanding of the market. More than that, it is essential to pay attention to the psychological factor because it may influence your decision making process greatly.
  22. All the investments are accompanied by certain risks. Speaking of trading forex, the risks are huge, but the potential profits are big as well. However, in spite of high risks, you still have the chances of making decent profits from trading if you follow the key principles of money and risk management. These skills will definetely protect your budget from absolute loss.
  23. Demo account can be helpful for newbies but they shouldn't use it too much. I mean that you cannot really learn to trade using demo because there are no slippages and psychological pressure. I believe that the most adequate way if using demo is to learn how to use your trading platform in the most efficient way, but when you master it, you'd better start trading real money. You can start with some small amount and you will feel that trading even micro lots differs from trading with demo.
  24. According to an international survey, traditional Italian pasta was voted the most favorite food in the world, ahead of meat, rice and pizza. Although national dishes such as paella in Spain and schnitzel in Germany are still popular, pizza and pasta are a favorite food for many. I once read that according to a survey in 9 out of 17 countries, this Italian food was the top three favorite foods. While pizza is the favorite food in the United States, Australians were mostly sweet-toothed, with a preference for... chocolate. The English put steak in first place, and the Spaniards - paella. In India, they give preference to national dishes, and in Russia - meat dishes, potatoes and vegetable salads.

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