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  1. That's right, you described it very briefly and accurately and explained why it is necessary. Thank you.
  2. The best way to protect your house from it is by not allowing any visitors into your home and you also staying home a much as you can. Have les interactions and do not greet no matter what. Do not touch anything unless you have to. What makes you safe is your actions and not the protection on your house.
  3. I respect trading for the fact that there are unlimited opportunities and great prospects here.
  4. Regulation is exactly what helps us. And what keeps our money safe... Therefore, such news is an occasion for me to be in a good mood.
  5. It is good that you touched on this topic, it may be especially important and informative for beginners.
  6. I don't know, but it seems to me that everything is gradually getting better...
  7. Bonuses are of course great news. But I would like to know more about services and terms of cooperation with the company.
  8. It looks scary, but this is reality, so sometimes it happens...
  9. There is a stable economy, so it does not surprise me at all...
  10. Well, this is a standard situation... Something like that often happens in the market!
  11. Useful advice is always good, especially if you know how to apply it in practice.
  12. That is very true. in this line of business you have to take things the way they are supposed to be taken. If all you thin about is money and yoiu try as much as you can to get it while not considering the risks then you will crash and burn badly. You need to have knowledge an mae sure that you get enough of it. Do not skip even one bit of it.
  13. As for me, long-term trading is suitable for calmer traders, who are ready to wait for more results. They understand that the profit will match the waiting time, and are ready for it. Even if the deal is unsuccessful in the end, they will still be on the plus side. But short-term trading - it is more for those traders who want everything at once. They don't want (or can't) wait long to complete a deal. They trade more quickly and impulsively. It doesn't always pay off, but with the right strategy they also become profitable.
  14. When I read the headline of your review, I thought it would be a good discussion of the peculiarities of trader's psychology. And there was another veiled advertisement...
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