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  1. Dreamworth Solution

    The popular key performance indicators in social media reporting are – Reach Engagement Leads Conversions Likes Shares Traffic data Leads Active followers Brand mentions
  2. Add more PPC keywords to expand the reach Split ads into smaller segments to have a better Click Through Rate (CTR) Review non-performing PPC keywords Refine landing pages to align with search queries Improve campaign relevancy by adding negative keywords
  3. Dreamworth Solution

    The headlines and sub-headlines should not be more than 30 characters and the descriptions should be within 90 characters
  4. Dreamworth Solution

    Call extensions Callout Extension Promote extension Structured snippet extension Sitelink extension Affiliate location extension App extension
  5. Dreamworth Solution

    The anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the page ranking in search engines.
  6. Dreamworth Solution

    White hat SEO – It is the most popular SEO technique that utilizes methods and techniques to improve search engine rankings of a site which do not run afoul of search engine guidelines. White hat SEO uses techniques like high-quality content, link acquisition, website HTML optimization, and restructuring. With White hat SEO, you can expect a long-lasting growth in your rankings. Black hat SEO – It exploits the various weaknesses in the search engines algorithms to get high rankings. The Black hat SEO is not in accordance with the SEO guidelines set by search engines. Some of the black hat SEO techniques are keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden text, hidden link. Using these techniques, you can expect unpredictable, quick but short-lasting growth in rankings. Grey hat SEO – Grey hat SEO is neither black nor white, it rather combines both. It is a transformation from black SEO techniques to white SEO techniques and from white SEO techniques to black SEO techniques.
  7. Dreamworth Solution

    Google AdWords Remarketing is referred to a targeted marketing strategy that assists the marketers to reach out to people who visited their site previously but did not complete the purchase. Remarketing helps target the right people at the right time with the right ad. It helps increase conversion rates as the past site visitors may already be familiar with your brand and turn into prospective customers easily.
  8. Dreamworth Solution

    It refers to factors that you can optimize on your own website to grow traffic. Of-page SEO is all about your online reputation. It includes acquiring backlinks for your page from the authority sites in your niche. The main components involved in on-page optimization are – Title of the page, Meta description tag, Optimized Image with alt tags, URL structure, High-quality content, Optimized internal links. The main components involved in off-page optimization are – Acquiring Backlinks, Leveraging social interaction with your site, Promote your content via social channels, Add social book markings, Guest Blogging
  9. It should be done through Click Through Rate (CTR). CTR is the rate at which PPC ads are being clicked. The formula is given as: Click-Through Rate = total clicks on Ad/total impressions.
  10. PPC with a clear understanding. A good and attractive landing page looks like: Many benefits Trust symbols Powerful headline A clear call to action Lead capture form
  11. Ad ranks are nothing but the actual cost per click paid by opponents when other individuals click on their ads. The calculation of CPC goes like this, Price by you = Ad rank of the person below you / quality score + $0.01.
  12. To effectively increase traffic to a website, you need to focus on SEO and referring links primarily. It will not only help you gain visitors but also assist in brand recognition. However, the essential factor you need to focus on is User Retention. For example, getting Moz Link and around 10 thousand visitors to the website is a good result. Though, you need to remember that the conversion ratio will be comparatively low. However, converted leads are very certain to land on the website various times. But if you focus on retaining the users, you are going to experience an increased conversion rate gained from a few thousands of visits in just a few months. By rendering focus on engaging users, you can go ahead with building a site whereby people will come back again and again.
  13. In the case of branding, the advertiser has to expose his brand to sites and applications having higher audience reach. The most known methods here are YouTube ads, custom ads, display target ads and remarketing. But in the case of direct marketing, the advertiser is mostly interested in establishing communication with his target audience, very common campaigns here are shopping ads, dynamic search ads, Search Network only and others.
  14. Dreamworth Solution

    A website that is capable of adjusting its layout according to the orientation and viewport size of the device. The content that is presented on the small screens and big screens appear the same but with a different layout that offers an optimal experience over the display size.
  15. Dreamworth Solution

    1. Pause first; Don't react. When receiving negative feedback, it's natural to want to defend yourself immediately. . 2. Understand what the person's concerns are. ... 3. Assess if the feedback is true. ... 4. Reply to the person in kindness. ... 5. Recognize receiving negative feedback is a positive thing. ... 6. Learn from the feedback.
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