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  1. Hello everyone, I have been working as an architect for quite a long. I'm planning about quitting the job and start business on my own. Actually one of my colleagues suggested this plan. We have been thinking about contracting the projects that we design, with the help of our good friends in this industry. This is our first try so everything needs to be done correctly. How could I get a contractor's license? I found this business school offering the contractor's license. And what is your opinion about this whole idea? Can I proceed with this? Have anyone here approached this business school before?
  2. HenryDIrwin

    Hey, I am going to start a new company. I do not have any idea regarding the advertising part. I shared this with one of my friends and he told me to consult this site offering brochure and postcard printing services. He says it is one of the best methods of advertising. Have anyone here approached this company for services? If yes, please do share your experience. Thanks in advance!!!
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