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  1. Automate the blockchain ecosystem with fast, reliable and secured smart contracts and bring more efficiency, transparency in crypto related asset transactions all over the world. At bitdeal we have a separate team of enthusiastic blockchain developers for both smart contract development and for smart contract auditing.
  2. Education is being one of the main key aspect for the growth of fields like medicine , agriculture , science , and almost all kinds of industries . Its a complex task to run and manage an educational institute. There are lots of issues faced for educations from pre-kindergarten to PhD students. The use of blockchain in education sector can bring a big revolution within 2020, also created a way for the acceptance of Crypto currencies as payments/fees for courses in many institutes . This may result in a easier and a transparent way for both students as well as the institutes .
  3. Blockchain in the Pharma industry provides real-time information to all the users in the supply chain to prevent fraud and to enhance patient safety. A blockchain is a Software or public ledger or a distributed database, Store every data and group them into sequentially ordered blocks. It is an open-source technology and anyone can access the details at any time. By experiencing the security, integrity, and transparency of the technology, many industries started to use it for their enhanced data storing and retrieving methodologies. Benefits of Blockchain in Pharma Supply chain
  4. Blockchain an open, distributed ledger that can store records of the transaction between two parties in a secures manner and having its high beneficiary in various industries also. Blockchain has been the biggest technology, now blockchain has become the heart of bitcoin and to various cryptocurrencies. The Contracts, Transactions and the records are the defining structure of blockchain and also to our economic, legal and political systems.
  5. Bitdeal - a top-notch Blockchain Development Company in India, proudly providing the high-grade Blockchain Development Services. we have been giving rise to startups, enterprises and turning every business to a profitable solution through our robust blockchain solutions. We are a group of 120+ blockchain developers who can deploy the best possible blockchain solutions for enterprises, startups, and organizations. We started our journey as a bitcoin exchange script provider, and now we are providing many blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions over 100+ overseas countries.
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