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  1. Midas updated Burn-out! From now the function cost reduced from 600 to 300 MIDAS! We canceled Lock-In’s mandatory connection to activate the Burn-out function, so now, to activate the Burnout, you need half as many coins - 300 MIDAS instead of 600 MIDAS. Also the referral payout for Burn-out is doubled and now reaches 150 MIDAS for one referral. This is 50% of your initial investment! This means that in order to recoup the investment in Burn-out, it is enough to activate the function by only two people through your referral link! In case your account sup
  2. Midas Burn-out is a financial instrument that allows you to get lifetime profit from the growth of the Midas.investments platform. To activate Burn-out you need a one-time investment of 600 MIDAS. After activation, you will start receiving your share from each new activation of Burn-out on the platform. 600 MIDAS of each new member is used in the system in this way: 350 MIDAS - Activate Lock-in. Lock-in allows you to use all the features of the platform for free. These 350 MIDAS remain in your account and you can withdraw or exchange them for Bitcoin at any time. 125 MIDA
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