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  1. Blockchain for ERP provides businesses with what no other technology can offer, smart contract implementation. With ethereum blockchain app development and smart contracts for ERP solutions, you can automate the transaction process with your suppliers. Once the pre-defined rules coded in computer programs are met, a smart contract initiates itself to automatically and process a transaction. Indeed, you can track the process of shipment and trading, and when once you have received your shipment, the smart contract can automatically release the funds.
  2. Another aspect of cryptocurrency wallet development is ensuring security with stringent measures like DDoS mitigation, anti-phishing software, two-factor authentication and much more. We will cover them in our next blog post which lists the important security aspects one must consider for cryptocurrency wallet development.
  3. Interestingly, blockchain and cryptocurrencies potential extends beyond the applications in the financial services industry. Now, both have numerous use cases in diverse industries apart from cryptocurrency exchange development. Here are some of them, which may surprise you as well.
  4. There are various prominent factors that affect the sort of Ethereum developers or companies you need. For instance, the type of your project, the number of developers you need, project duration, etc. However, if you choose to hire Ethereum Developers working in an established blockchain development company, you may not need finding answers to these questions.
  5. Existing #cryptocurrency #exchange #platforms often find it challenging to cope up with increasing market requirements such as efficient handling of large transaction volumes, advanced user-experience features, and smooth trading experience. The need of the hour is to develop simple and minimalistic crypto exchange platforms. They must support fast fiat withdrawals to include a large portion of the world population that deals in fiat money. Most importantly, they need to be safeguarded with high-level security to establish trust in the network. So, let’s start with basic aspects to consider while developing a modern cryptocurrency exchange platform.
  6. Crypto enthusiasts can also refer to this guide that details the essentials of cryptocurrency exchange platform development in 2020 to ensure success. Crypto exchange companies like Oodles also provide options to develop a crypto exchange with different methods. They include providing a turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software as well as development from scratch to meet specific requirements.
  7. Oodles Scaffold, our turnkey cryptocurrency exchange platform makes the task of adding a new fiat/cryptocurrency an effortless activity. It enables you to modify configurations such as transaction fees, number of confirmations, and much more. Our cryptocurrency exchange development services can convert your current financial ecosystem into a new and improved version of itself
  8. We provide secure and reliable Cryptocurrency Wallet Development services for the safe management of crypto-assets. Our crypto-wallet solutions are backed by features like top-grade security mechanisms, scalability, robustness, and more. If you’ve just stepped into the crypto world by purchasing your first few cryptocurrencies, you might be looking to know which type of cryptocurrency wallet to choose to store them. For seasoned crypto enthusiasts, this task is nothing.However, a newbie who’s interested, it can be quite daunting. In general, there’s no hard and fast rule for it. In reality, it depends on your preferences.
  9. Blockchain applications and solutions have already become the desired addition to several clinical and pharmaceutical operations. Health organizations are using them to establish end-to-end drug supply chain tracking, validate clinical trial results, and prevent health insurance fraud. Similarly, Blockchain implementation in EHRs can revamp several traditional data management standards and provide three new methods for tech-driven care delivery. Presently, blockchain is a prominent technology capable of strengthening EHR systems and making it a full-fledged center of tech-driven care. Recent developments in the blockchain for healthcare industry signify that its adoption rate will likely increase. Startups have already begun investing in blockchain for mobile EHR apps for improved health care and provide data control capabilities to patients. If you’re looking to explore blockchain’s advantages in EHR management, connect with our blockchain team for insightful guidance.
  10. Stellar came into existence in mid-2014. It emerged after a rift between executives of the Ripple blockchain, a platform cross-border payment solutions. Then, Stellar started gaining traction in developing countries where the remittance sector plays a crucial role. Since then, it has continued to expand its reach by establishing partnerships with key players around the globe. But, can Stellar blockchain development provide those features and capabilities that make it a suitable platform for cross-border payments? Let’s explore!
  11. While the adoption of blockchain solutions in the healthcare industry is still in infancy, our team of blockchain experts suggests revolutionary improvements in the coming years, especially in clinical trials. Healthcare blockchain application development in clinical trials is providing new efficient solutions to enhance optimize and simplify complex processes. Develop applications with blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger to augment security, privacy, interoperability, and exchange of healthcare data. Explore our blockchain healthcare development services.
  12. Health information is to a great degree touchy and should dependably be stayed up with the latest and secure. Distorted or lost wellbeing records and medicines can cause significant issues when precise data is required. Enter blockchain. Blockchain healthcare solutions can make a solid unified framework for putting away patient data where their information is secure and can’t be messed with.
  13. oodlesblockchain

    At Oodles, we fulfill clients' demand for robust and efficient crypto exchange platforms with some of the most advanced features and security mechanisms. For more info, visit our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software s and development services. cryptocurrency wallets are as vulnerable as social media accounts and file storage systems. Cryptocurrency wallets are transforming conventional banking account systems by residing in hard drives, laptops, and mobile phones. Their security depends on robust measures to safeguard the digital assets of wallet owners and their transactions.
  14. Blockchain has transitioned into a medium that various industries are adopting to achieve trust, increase transparency, strengthen security, and enhance efficiency in business operations. The transition of this promising technology is noteworthy that even key industry players in healthcare, real estate, automotive, insurance, and financial services are moving toward blockchain and smart contract development services to avail solutions that create value in the business network.
  15. Blockchain generally finds key applications in the financial domain, it is also providing opportunities for building secure IoT solutions. Blockchain as an underlying technology can provide fast, secure efficient transactions and coordination among internet-connected IoT devices.Explore how the combination of blockchain technology and IoT can enable your business to innovate. Oodles provides custom blockchain development services. Our blockchain and IoT experts can assist you through a range of blockchain IoT use cases.
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