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  1. TransferGo Extra Money - Limited offer With TransferGo you can send money to many countries. For first transaction they offer a gift 10-15 £ Also, they have an affiliate program which offer you £15 for every friend who will make a first transfer with TransferGo. Here is a step by step guide how to make money with TG affiliate program. Sign in with a special code http://trgo.co/en/r/E4kfDF 1. Use this code during a registration: E4kfDF 2. Remember to use real data, there is also KYC 3. Chose your transfer from which to which country should go, usually you can do it with Monese (You can find here on this forum how to make money on Monese too). and chose United Kingdom and GBP 4. To get extra money you need to send minimum 50 £ 5. With first transaction use extra code Pm me for more info 6. Wait for your transfer and extra money. 7. Spread info to make money on your promo code.
  2. The Big Stellar Space Drop 2 Billion Lumens for Everyone Just about $144 million USD https://keybase.io/a/i/r/d/r/o/p/spacedrop2019 Here is one of the best Airdrops I have joined with, so I would like to share that with you. I just copy all content from original website. Airdrop is distributed every month day 15. In November, we get 688 XLM each member, next month we will get Stellars again. All is easy just download app Sign with mobile number Generate 2 privat keys in app Join in airdrop and wait for Crypto 😄 UPDATE #4 November 15: 💖 Good news, everyone! @spacedrop is delivering Lumens right now to registrants. It will take a few days, as @spacedrop builds an encrypted conversation on Keybase with each recipient. You can watch the balance drain to see how far along it is.. We got a lot of people warning us about bot accounts diluting this month's 100 million Lumens. Don't worry, we've been watching. We just disqualified 95,000 accounts earlier today who had appeared to signup multiple times. The final number of qualified recipients was 145,300 so the Lumens per person for this month -- currently going out -- is 688XLM (just about $49 worth). Everyone else: if you register now, you can still qualify for Dec. 15. At Keybase, we've blogged before why the Stellar network is our favorite cryptocurrency technology. Transactions take only 5 seconds and cost under 1¢ Stellar does not burn mountains of fossil fuels Stellar has a "path payments" system for magical currency and token conversions. The last point is special. I've got US dollars, and you want Japanese yen? No problem - 5 seconds later I've sent you yen, around the world. The Giveaway The Stellar Development Foundation is sending out 100 million Lumens each month, divided equally among all qualifying Keybase users. There are no strings attached; SDF is a non-profit and it wants to give them out. Keybase makes it easy. If you register, you'll keep receiving Lumens. SDF is dropping 100 million more on January 15. And 100 million more the month after that. In total, they are giving 2 billion Lumens (roughly $144 million USD) out using Keybase over the next 20 months. On approximately the 15th of each month, SDF will give the next batch, divided equally among everyone. Those who join now will participate every month until the end. So people who join earlier will get more. To Qualify You must join Keybase, which is free and open source. And you must prove you're a real human, by receiving an SMS. You must verify a phone number in a country that hasn't attacked us with fake accounts. The current list of acceptable countries is: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. We will edit this list if necessary. Canada is excluded due to our inability to verify Canadian phone numbers were not purchased at scale. And what is Keybase? Keybase is a free, secure alternative to Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other chat apps. It supports groups big and small, communities, and teams. Inside Keybase, all chats are end-to-end encrypted. Imagine if someone broke into Slack's servers and stole and published your company's or family's messages? It would be devastating. Keybase's encryption makes a cloud break-in impossible. And because Keybase is powered by public key technology, it also can understand cryptocurrencies. So all you have to do is install the app, and you can register for the free Lumens.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm 32, My name is Marek born in Poland. Living in Denmark since 2008. I am going to move to Cyprus soon in 2019. Also, I love to travel around Europe and Asia countries. I'm a full time marketer and freelancer my best place to work is Social media Facebook, Instagram. I'm focused on work with people, helping them grow on SM do consult work. I love every kind of investments. I have been investing in Hyips, Revshares and many others since 2013. I have lost a lot of money that time and finally earn them back I' am one of the best deal hunter with apps and everything that gives money for free like : Airdrops, mobile apps, testing aps for money. I' am Forex user trade myself and like to use PAMM trading, Proptrading cooperating with some companies. I have started investing in crypto early 2016 most mining PoW and PoS and buy and HODL for long-term. I do my own research for many projects and have them in my portfolio. (Btc, Eth, Stellar, Xrp, Ada, Neo, Tezos ect.) I do investments with whiskey - buying old good and unique bottles like: Macallan 1978 18 Y.O , Springbank 12 Y.O , Balvenie, Port Ellen 1982 26 Y.O. ect. I' am so excited to be part of this community, and looking forward to learning more from everyone.
  4. Monese - gives you 5-15 pounds for setting up and testing a free account. I don't know how long this promotion will last, so it's worth doing immediately to get a bonus. There is a lot to read on their website, but the biggest one is that we get a free card, £ 5-15 to spend, it will take 10 minutes to setting up. We also get the opportunity to share this information with others, after which for each person also received £ 5-15. (Bonus depend on your location, could be 10,15,20 pounds) Registration Guide: Register an account to your home address because you will receive the card to this address. It's important to choose that you want to have a pound account, but then you'll get 15 euros instead of 15 pounds and the message in pounds will come out with more bonus. To get BONUS, please use the code: MAREK438 during registration. Registration in a few steps: We set up an account: https://monese.app.link/27sZS63faX?invite=MAREK438 Remember to use the MAREK438 reference code in the application Select a UK account and a free plan because you will receive £ 5-15. Enter data. Verify yourself. Choose a starter plan, order a free physical card. Click the menu in a large corner format, find PROMOTIONS - enter the code: PREMIUMPLEASE (give you a 3-month premium subscription for free to reduce fee costs) - I don't know how long the promotion and this code will be active. - It is not necessary. Top up some money on your prepaid app min. £10 you can use your debit card or bank transfer. No worries! (money that you can use immediately for shopping or withdraw with a bonus to your account) In the application in the card section create a "virtual card" (the card can be used immediately for online purchase) Use cards in the store or virtual over the Internet when shopping. E.g. Aliexpress, (The bonus is granted up to 48 hours) Hope you will be happy with free money
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