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  1. I really like the castle escape room which is a perfect solution for me. I used to attend https://questfactor.us/castle-seattle-escape-room which is a perfect place to have a party or just to relax with your friends. I prefer to have some fun using escape room opportunities. This one was perfect! I really liked the organization, everything were done in a perfect way.
  2. I can suggest using Magento, which is a perfect opportunity to develop an e-commerce website. I was using https://elogic.co/blog/ecommerce-development-cost-set-the-right-budget-for-your-project/ which helps to create a perfect budget for your business.
  3. I know that https://pz-law.co.il/en/lawyer-in-haifa/ is a perfect lawyer, based in Haifa. He is given free consultations, different law advices and also speaks English. The lawyers office is based in Israel but it's not a problem to ask for a Skype consultation.
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