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  1. The Phase 1 of Public Sale was launched on 4 September 00:00 UTC and was intended to end on 7 September 23:59 UTC. However the 2 billion MaMo was sold out within 1 Day 17 Hours 11 minutes 51 seconds. The Phase 1 Public Sale was all sold out on 5 September 17:17 UTC. We are really grateful for your support and trust in us. The Phase 2 Public Sale will be launched on 9 September 00:00 UTC. There are 4 billion of MaMo open for sale in Phase 2, which means there are more for you to grab! Each MaMo price is at $0.000095 for Phase 2. Meanwhile there are still 1 Airdrop and 2 BUSD Giveaways going on right now! MaMons can still join our Airdrop 3.0 at https://forms.gle/DwYNP1k9nLtsgsKA6 , remember to complete the tasks to be eligible to participate in the Airdrop 3.0! Also, we are giving out 50 BUSD to 10 lucky MaMons! What should you do? 1. Invite 3 friends into the community and tag 3 of them. 2. Claim the MaMo Airdrop at dapp.mamonft.com 3. Screenshot and send proof in the MaMo NFT Community at https://t.me/nftmamo and your BUSD wallet address (BEP20 Address) Last but not least, the final giveaway of 500 BUSD! How to participate? 1. Purchase MaMo at dapp.mamonft.com 2. Send proof and BUSD wallet address to us at https://t.me/nftmamo 3. We will verify the submitted proof and pick 10 lucky winners. If you're an NFT artist or NFT creator, you may hit us up for collaborations too! Please email us at [email protected] Otherwise if you need other kinds of collaborations, please send us your proposal attached in the email. The relevant team will contact you ASAP. Ever wonder why we say that MaMo is an one-of-a-kind NFT project? Let us tell you more. Our NFT gamification is one of a kind. This is how the game works: Users have to purchase MaMo Tokens in order to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle on a random basis. Each puzzle is segregated by different amounts of token mining according to the puzzle difficulty level. The unlocked jigsaw puzzle will be having a buffering duration and the owner can trade freely amongst each other. When a single puzzle game is completed, there will be a 72 hours window to determine those who are holding the most NFT jigsaws in a single puzzle and thus be entitled the ownership of the NFT puzzle. Do stay tuned for the Phase 2 Public Sale if you want to grab above 800% of profit! If you have any other questions, please do contact us at: Email: [email protected] Follow us at: Website: www.MaMonft.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/NftMaMo Telegram: https://t.me/nftmamo Medium: https://mamonft.medium.com/
  2. DeHero: Gradually Upgrading to Card Metaverse DeHero, released by MixMarvel, is a card-collecting blockchain game that focuses on NFT+DeFi gameplay, first deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the game, users gain random NFT hero card packs by staking FT assets. By collecting NFT characters and using appropriate card mining training strategies, users obtain DeHero's governance token $HEROES. All NFT cards received can be traded in the Marketplace. DeHero is adding more application scenarios for NFT based on the existing GameFi. At this point, the NFT holders in DeHero are the core asset holders of the project. With the expansion of DeHero's application scenarios, more roles and labor division will gradually form a new paradigm of GameFi v2.0. Current Performance Based on the existing GameFi, various light application scenarios are being added to the issued NFT over the third quarter of 2021. The card packs Shop, card-collectibles mining, Marketplace, and Heroes Lottery have already been deployed at the iterative rate of a new system every two weeks. Card battles and equipment systems are to be launched next month. Upcoming Milestones DeHero plans to endorse cross-chain and more on-chain dapp interactions and cooperations and integrate multiple assets into a token system in the last quarter of the year. Token and gameplay design is in progress, and the beta version V1 is expected to be launched soon. At the same time, the rental protocol will be completed before the end of the year. NFT asset holders will rent NFTs to other users through the rental protocol, allowing them to enjoy the game through rich gameplay and earn simultaneously (play-to-earn). About DeHero DeHero is a BSC-based GameFi application released by MixMarvel. It is a card collecting blockchain game featuring NFT+DeFi gameplay. While collecting NFT cards, players can also earn $HEROES. Since its launch, DeHero has achieved proud results. On the day of the launch, its NFT pre-sale cards were sold out within 24 minutes, and its NFT transaction volume reached second place on BscScan on the second day of the launch. Shortly, DeHero will release new hero characters and support new features. In the future, DeHero will introduce the DAO governance module, and players will be able to participate in game development planning and ecological governance through the DAO community.
  3. TokenEco trading platform and Klein Labs reached in-depth strategic cooperation According to official sources, the well-known digital asset trading platform TokenEco has formally reached a strategic partnership with Klein Labs, a blockchain laboratory, and the two parties have effectively cooperated on high-quality project incubation, BaaS services, and brand promotion. In this round of cooperation, Klein Labs also provides solution support for DAO landing research for distributed communities around its own professional advantages and industry resources, and combines content advantages to provide brand optimization services for TokenEco's platform asset TT, and help TECO's ecological prosperity. The TokenEco trading platform (www.tokeneco.info) was established in 2018. The investment holding group OFFSPRING INVESTMENT LIMITED, registered in the Marshall Islands, is a world-leading digital asset trading platform. At present, TokenEco has established a complete digital asset trading ecosystem, including currency trading, leveraged trading, legal currency trading, ETF products, mining pools and other businesses. At the same time, it has a strong technical team and operation team. Millions of users in the region provide the safest and most reliable high-quality digital asset trading and asset management services Klein Labs is a professional blockchain laboratory registered in the Virgin Islands. It has long been committed to the research and technical consulting services of the blockchain track, especially in DEX2.0, DAO, distributed storage, GameFi+NFT and other competitions. Dao has a systematic methodology and rich case experience, and has partners in Europe, North America and Singapore. Twitter:https://twitter.com/tokeneco Medium:https://tokeneco.medium.com/ Telegram:t.me/tokeneco_official
  4. Lepifany, new generation passive income & BNB redistribution project on BSC. An ecosystem changing the Crypto space in terms of security & other aspects Lepifany Whitepaper [https://lepifany.com/lepifany-whitepaper] Presale: dApp complete with captcha - (End of month or earlier) Airdrop: dApp complete - Lepi investors can claim their first Airdrop on 7/8/2021, referrals will be live for a bonus. BNB claims: dApp complete - Released prior to pre-sale for a play around Lepifany - "Do not expect, trust, nor - authenticate and certify" - CEO & FOUNDER [https://lepifany.com/staying-safe/]Most important: Please read the staying safe on the Lepifany journey AMA (Ask me anything) with CEO & Founder - To be announced, will be live on YouTube or Twitch What is the basis of Lepifany? The core mechanics and focus of Lepifany will be security with a leading auditing Artificial Intelligence tool that will scan smart contracts for vulnerabilities and security issues on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network. This will launch for the BSC and ETH network to begin with and will be expanded further to other blockchains and networks to be utilized for the benefit of investors. Lepi's ecosystem will also include other elements that is described in detail in its whitepaper. Lepifany is also a self-governing DeFi project produced on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to provide its investors a continuous passive income in the form of free BNB. The smart contract functionality is implemented in such a way that it will be cross-migrated to provide security via various well established and recommended methods through the Ethereum security protocols and code of practice with Lepifany leading the security development on it's own accord to build upon. Trezor integration tutorial upcoming and how to store Lepifany in a hardware wallet through Lepiblio and on the website! The problem - Existent Issues (page 8 of whitepaper) The solution - Lepi's Response (Page 9 of whitepaper) Why Lepifany? OVER 80% (Conservative figure) - Initial Coin Offerings have been riddled with malpractices, at least 80% of new ICO‘s are fraudulent and investors money is simply lost without any assistance to recover the stolen funds. - Lepifany is on a mission to change this once and for all. One of the main purposes of Lepi is to provide a resource of income to investors long-term and to bring change to the current lack of security existent within the cryptocurrency sector. This includes keeping users of the crypto space safe by using its sophisticated security tools to deliver unparalleled results where bugs, unwarranted and malicious code contained within smart contracts are not exploited. Lepifany will be deploying features within its ecosystem to resolve issues that are related to the security of investors. This will be initially introduced on the BSC network to assist users in making a clear and concise decisions. Lepi will further provide an in-depth understanding of the methodology of keeping safe by reviewing reports of smart contracts on the blockchain generated by Lepi Shield. Besides the Lepi scanner, there are a variety of tools covered in this Whitepaper, working together in succession, and keeping investors in the know of projects newly founded and existing on the BSC network with smart contracts that may potentially contain exploits and bugs to steal investors funds or sensitive data. - A detailed report from the scanned smart contract will be available for review, shared, or even downloaded for record keeping. - Details will also be retained with a reference and will be available in the user’s account eventually. - The bugs and security flaws are too vast in number to cover every single one here. - However, part of the Lepifany ecosystem is devoted and will contain details on all available flaws related to blockchain security. - Specific parts of services will require users to hold Lepi Tokens, which can be used to access premium products. - Applications will be continuously monitored for advancements and upscaling. - Feedback will also be more than welcome from the user base and community. - The safety measures which are currently being established within the Lepifany Shield Scanner will act as defense against bugs and known attacks on smart contracts such as the forthcoming (List of attacks not exhaustive and more information concerning each term mentioned can be found on Lepiblio upon launch). Features (Covered in LEPI Whitepaper) Security ecosystem: » LEPI Shield - Automated BSC and ETH Auditor » LEPI Patron - Lepi Crypto Encyclopaedia » LEPI Xpose - Securities And Vulnerabilities Database » Lepiblio - Almanac (Knowledge of crypto in one central location) » LEPI Aloisia - Reporting Portal of crypto malpractices External cross-linked ecosystem (Several components of ecosystem not being publicly released, simply announced). Other segments of the ecosystem: » LEPI Finess - Gamification - Design phase » LEPI Sepherus - P2P Marketplace - Design phase and prototypes near completion » LEPI Aurora - Crypto Payment Checkout - First phase live » LEPI Djam - Social Network - Beta launch upcoming in the next two months or earlier » LEPI Drago - Provably Fair Casino - Halted, pending community vote on next phase (This month) » LEPI Quantum - Wallet And Swap Exchange - Under Development » LEPI NAYA - Helpdesk And Ticketing Support - First phase complete and Live » LEPI Eunoia - Lotteries, Raffles And Giveaways - First phase complete (Launching prior to pre-sale) Progress Trackers of each Application: Available within a week plus Roadmap Helpdesk FAQ Knowledge Base WEBSITE | TWITTER | | TELEGRAM | INSTAGRAM WHITEPAPER Whitepaper: https://lepifany.com/lepifany-whitepaper Website: https://lepifany.com Donate to the Lepifany project (crypto): https://lepifany.com/lepifany-donate/ Ecosystem: https://lepifany.com/kbtopic/lepifany-ecosystem/ Helpdesk: https://lepifany.com/helpdesk Knowledge Base: https://lepifany.com/knowledge-base Socials Channels Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lepifany Twitter: https://twitter.com/lepifany Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lepifany-101640845489308 Telegram: https://t.me/lepifanytoken Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lepifany YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO2LdZNRjVcwoUE1GUy2K6A Tumblr: https://lepifany.tumblr.com/ Vk.com: https://vk.com/lepifany Discord: https://discord.gg/fRCqsG8t8x TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@lepifany Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Lepifany Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lepifany Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/lepifany Contacts Info: [email protected] PR: [email protected] Legal: [email protected] Lepifany Investor Support: [email protected] Partnerships: [email protected] Marketing: [email protected] Press: [email protected] Charities: [email protected] Lepifany Campaigns: [email protected]
  5. Our device can connect to any of your devices using advanced quantum technology currently under physicist development by Team Quantux. We are seeking product testers who are interested in providing feedback and joining our waitlist while we develop a consumer model version which will be for sale for consumers using our FIREX TRC20 Token on the Tron Blockchain and currently listed on JustSwap. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions, thank you! We are currently allowing paid access to our ALPHA testing phase of production. In ALPHA we are able to connect our device to your audio equipment. Our device is currently classified and located in a remote facility until we have perfected a consumer model version for public release.
  6. With the vast popularity of cryptocurrencies our company felt that there was a demand for a currency that could offer a great deal. This is when we created FX Merge Coin. The official symbol of FX Merge Coin is FXMC. Our main aim is to revolutionize the market by offering to alternative payment for Forex services. One of the best things about FXMC is that the client can carry out transactions using this coin, with super low commission. We are currently also working on creating a wallet for Windows, iOS and Android systems, so as to include FXMC in other important exchange markets. This will enable the use of FXMC on main FX payments. The FXMC it could be sent to the portfolio installed on your PC. You will also be able to send and receive transactions to and from family and friends, and in case of a business, by your clients too. You will be able to pay for forex statistics , change to other cryptocurrencies and exchange to different currencies. https://fxmerge.com/fx-merge-coin
  7. A free to use blockchain that is live now, supports private block transactions and has an associated erc20 token on Ethereum. Babylon Blockchain that runs on a eco-friendly consensus algorithm.
  8. How much money can you make on the dark web is a question that has been asked by many Internet Marketers and this is the reason why there are so many people who have failed in their businesses on the Internet. When you are on the World Wide Web, there are millions of people who are trying to sell you all sorts of products or services. But the problem is that the majority of people who register at these websites do not know what they are getting into. It is therefore important to understand how much money you can make on the dark web before you sign up for any online venture on the Internet. There are many methods which can be used to determine how much money one can make on the dark web but it is important to choose one that is right for you. In order to find out how much money can you make on the dark web, you need to look at how much money can be made through link building. Link building is considered one of the most important aspects of the search engine optimization (SEO) process. If you can effectively build links that direct traffic to your site, then you can effectively increase your ranking on the search engines which will ultimately increase your visitors and sales. The more traffic you have to your site, the more successful you will be on the Internet as well. When you are trying to figure out how much money can you make on the dark web, there are many people who offer different services. Some of them will tell you that you will be able to make tons of money on the dark web. Whilst other people will tell you that you will not have any luck if you try to use this method because there is too much competition on the dark web links . The truth of the matter is that no matter what anyone says, you can make money on the dark web. All you have to do is know how!
  9. OVO, Pioneered the first global standard for digital copyright certification - Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM) It is reported that OVO (The Only Value Observation) global digital copyright service platform is expected to make its first public appearance on July 3 based on the "dual copyright inspection mechanism" digital copyright service platformdigital copyright service platform, which provide a solid infrastructure for a wide range of creators' economies. Recently, Japan's famous two-dimensional character "Nyathees" has concluded an IP licensing cooperation agreement with OVO's global digital copyright service platform.Starting on July 3, 2021, "Nyathees" collection cards will be auctioned on the OVO platform.At the same time, the OVO platform will airdrop the "Nyathees" card to users during the auction.In addition, OVO is negotiating with major IPs such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Saint Seiya, JOJO's Bizarre Adventure, Hatsune Miku, etc., and will continue to disclose relevant information in the future. https://cryptointalk.com/ 1.About OVO platform OVO (The Only Value Observation) is a digital copyright global service platform that focuses on digital copyright issuance, digital copyright trading, digital copyright derivative finance, and digital art exhibition. Provide users with a one-stop management solution for global digital copyright applications, realize the layout of the entire industry supply chain from copyright issuance, trading, auction, and circulation, help traditional copyrights get on chain, and expand the potential dividend value of copyright application channels. 2.Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM) "Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)", that is, the OVO standard is to issue the underlying "Authorized NFT" based on the authorization cooperation agreement signed by the IP copyright licensor and the authorized party, and then issue the "Copyright" anchoring the artwork based on the "Authorized NFT", all copyright and distribution information are publicly available on chain databases and cannot be tampered with.The dual copyright inspection mechanism established in this way can protect the rights and interests of IP copyright authorizing parties and authorized parties.In addition, OVO platform also carries many first-line brand cooperation strategies and famous artist alliances, as well as a powerful copyright advisory mechanisms to build the authority of the licensing cooperation agreement, and gradually improve the brand image. Looking at the leading NFT trading platform, there is no clear industry standard. And it has not been clearly defined whether the NFT purchased by the user is proof of the purchase of copyright or ownership, and there is even no statement on the rights and interests. Moreover, users cannot verify the authenticity of IP copyrights. This will inevitably cause various problems and lead to confusion in the NFT market. The "Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)" and "Third-Party Advisory Panel Mechanism" industry standards initiated and established by OVO for the first time can be described as a milestone innovative experiment and the first historical innovation to introduce an industry standard. In the future, the OVO platform will start from the Japanese market and gradually cover the art collection markets in the Asia-Pacific and Europe and the United States. Virtual reality technology (VR technology) will be deeply integrated into the OVO gene to complete the global virtual asset circulation value consensus. 3.NFT derivatives services and Hermes cross-chain applications leading to Metaverse OVO provides a variety of NFT derivative services, such as DeFi liquidity mining, lock mining, auctions, copyright transactions and derivative product transactions, lucky blind combination (with card synthesis and decomposition functions) and so on. The OVO platform will start to develop the Hermes system in version 3.0, which is a cross-chain application for all existing meta-universes. The digital copyright issued under the dual copyright inspection mechanism and its various derivatives will be connected to various Metaverse series platforms through Hermes. In addition, in the three-dimensional virtual space, everyone can use a virtual identity (Avatar) to reshape their own identity. In Metaverse A, the user can be a tree, in Metaverse B, the user can also be a kitten, and perhaps in Metaverse C, you can also experience outer creatures... Users can experience a different life in the countless existing Metaverses. Therefore, a traditional philosophical question arises. That is, "I" is acting as different identities (avatars) in different meta-universes. How to prove the existence of "I"? In fact, the answer is very simple, that is N-di. OVO will define a unique initial identity N-id for each user. According to the N-id, different roles can be experienced in various meta-universes. 4.OVO Museum of Modern Art (Metaartia) If artists want to sell works or copyrights, they need to pay high fees to intermediaries to achieve certain goals. This prevents most artists from maximizing the profits , and unable to show their works on a bigger stage. OVO built a modern art museum (Metaartia) based on blockchain smart contracts. "Metaartia" can include various concepts and things, such as mainstream art forms and non-mainstream art forms. As a contemporary digital art museum open to the world, "OVO METAARTIA The Museum of MetaArt" is based on "Essence = what is it?" "As a starting point, we will introduce to you creative activities such as artworks, designs, structures, etc , which are generated in different regions with sensibility, form (material or non-material),sound, digital, text, and so on. And according to the characteristics of NFT non-fungible tokens, it not only effectively solves the problem of disintermediation, but also allows artists to maximize their interests. Artists can also promote their works globally and interact with fans in a virtual space. In the future, OVO will introduce VR technology to the art galleries competing with traditional art galleries, which can provide artists with a higher degree of freedom and free creation space. 5.Japan's famous two-dimensional character "Nyathees" will be listed on OVO's global digital copyright service platform for the first time It is reported that Japan's two-dimensional character "Nyathees" has concluded an IP licensing cooperation agreement with OVO's global digital copyright service platform. Starting on July 3, 2021, "Nyathees" collection cards will be auctioned on the OVO platform. At the same time, the OVO platform will airdrop the "Nyathees" card to users during the auction. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="II0sDaK"><a href="https://imgur.com/II0sDaK">View post on imgur.com</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> 【Nyathees public auction and airdrop schedule】 Date Time Event Detail 2021.7.3 10:00-11:00 エアドロップ(AirDrop) 1★ 20:00-21:00 オークション(Auction) 1 2021.7.4 10:00-11:00 エアドロップ(AirDrop) 2★ 20:00-21:00 オークション(Auction) 1 2021.7.5 10:00-11:00 エアドロップ(AirDrop) 3★ 20:00-21:00 オークション(Auction) 1 2021.7.6 10:00-11:00 エアドロップAirDrop 4★ 20:00-21:00 オークション(Auction) 1 2021.7.7 10:00-11:00 Collection cards and lottery 77 【The number and types of auctions of Nyathees】 Activity Rank Number Types Airdrop 1★ 350 1 2★ 200 1 3★ 100 2 4★ 16 2 Total 666 6 Lottery Total 77 1 Auction Cards ― 4 4 【OVOTwitter】:https://twitter.com/ovo__official?s=20【OVO Official Website】:ovo.space【OVO Contact】:[email protected]
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  12. How fast can you find a sugar daddy in 2021? If you haven't found a rich older man to give you financial support, Read more to see what are the best sugar daddy sites in 2021? Nowadays, sugar dating is becoming more and more popular because young women can get a lot of gifts from rich sugar daddies, such as sports cars and luxury homes. Those sugar daddies in turn can reap the company of young women, which is a mutually beneficial thing, so hurry up and join the sugar dating sites.
  13. BlockFace is a decentralized social network that supports file storage that runs on Babylon Blockchain and IPFS. The Dapp is hosted on the Interplanetary File System (ipfs). When an user sets off the beacon on the map; the co-ordinates are deployed with description of the incident to the blockhain where other users can see. mages uploaded to the Dapp are hashed and stored on IPFS nodes and the address of the IPFS hash is deployed to the crypto.
  14. Are you interested in 100% Genuine Passive Income On Autopilot (5 Years Old Company)? If yes, then An Auto Bot will do everything for you. You have to invest just $10, $50 or $100 (You will also get $50 free investing bonus). Without.... 1) Monthly fees. 2) Recruiting or referring. 3) Building any email list. 4) Paying for adverts. 5) Talking to nobody. 6) Having sleepless night. 7) Spending hours online. I am only sharing this with my friends so that they can also benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am also delighted to share one of my evidence of profits withdrawal to my Bank Account. The question is....are you ready to start your journey with Marketbot? Please follow the steps below to get started right away. Step 1: Click on this link to get started: <a href="https://cutt.ly/qnctiNr"> https://cutt.ly/qnctiNr </a> Step 2: Then click sign-up in the right corner of the website, and choose this option "inb network" or click on the 1st blue icon on the left to register. NOTE 1: Your name and username should all be in lowercase. Example: Name: mickey Username: mouse Password: Mickeymouse123 Step 3: Fund your account with a minimum of $10. (but I recommend you start with $50 or $100): Watch this video to learn how to fund your account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrLzd4YBRJ8&list=UUemcPdcBxVtfG5fNEPCFPrQ&index=3 Funding Methods: Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money. Also watch my live $541 profits (in bitcoin) withdrawal from Marketbot. https://youtube.com/watch?v=MugXn3llY30&feature=share
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