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  1. Hi there! I'm not an owner but a customer, and I can confirm that service is very important even if it is online. I really like to buy everything online, meds are not an exception. I use Canadian Pharmacy bcz of its simplicity and convenience. So my advice is, try to be a customer to feel what you exactly want and then your business will be successful.
  2. Mirry

    As my dog's vet said, vitamins are vital for animals as well as for humans. He also suggested buying supplements for my dog because he can't have all necessary from only his food. I usually search for them at Canadian Pharmacy Online where I could have all info about each item.
  3. Mirry

    I buy drugs online and think it's very convenient. I also had some doubts about the quality of medications. I was suggested to try Canadian Pharmacy and I'm fully satisfied with the drugs' quality as well as with their service. So I can recommend it to you as a reliable pharmacy.
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