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  1. anyone in TGF invest with this hyip ?, i see they give lots of profits to their member, myself earn a lots too, but other can get bigger profit than me, if anyone of you invest with them too, let's discuss, please.
  2. hope so, wish all of many good things, healthy, peaceful, and happiness come to me. Thank you
  3. Relatively new, Tested, and sure Paying hyip. Minimum deposit just $5 with 5% daily profit every work days and the invested amount back at 6th day (100%) 3200% after 25 days and 2500% after 20 days, and many more deposit offer, just check on their website (check the link bellow to see the proof, they are paying) Referral commission start from 5%, look like they use some reward system, more you can refer investment, more you can get the bonus. Pays profit automatically (don't need to login and withdraw manually) Fast and Friendly support. All monitors status: Paying Go and make deposit : http://bit.ly/earnmonster Want to see many proof that they pay ? check: http://bit.ly/payoutproof Accepted payment processor: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer or if you want to ask, discuss, or already invest in it and want to share opinion, would happy to know it from any of forum member here.
  4. same, newbie here, Lol, hope can learn and sharing info together
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