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  1. Maria Jonas

    Are you using all these tools? What is your review for GTMetrix?
  2. Maria Jonas

    Did you created this thread for the sake of link sharing?
  3. Maria Jonas

    It takes different duration for different sites to be crawled and thus, your work to be indexed
  4. Maria Jonas

    How do you know this term so well?
  5. I came to this thread to add an answer but found some useful tips instead. Thanks!
  6. One activity at a time & we're using SEO & Social Media Marketing right now
  7. Maria Jonas

    Spam Links Irrelevant Links (not specifically called as bad but not useful for the site) Links from Low DA sites
  8. Maria Jonas

    My website rankings are stable but I'm witnessing traffic drop since a past few days. My off-page activities are on track & being indexed too. What could be the issue? I'm not able to figure out. Can any webmaster help me out?
  9. Maria Jonas

    Can you please elaborate all these points?
  10. Maria Jonas

    Why do you expect us to get redirect to other forum?
  11. Maria Jonas

    I wonder if you ever find time to read what you post. The term itself means that the tool checks the backlinks.
  12. Maria Jonas

    Keyword cannibalization occurs when a site has more than one page focused on the exact same keyword.
  13. Maria Jonas

    Do we need to add more definitions or the contributed ones enough for you to understand?
  14. Maria Jonas

    KEI also called the Keyword Efficiency Index or Keyword Effectiveness Index, is an important index in the field of search engine optimization. It forms a criterion for measuring the effectiveness of certain keywords. It’s a mathematical comparison between the number of searchers (demand) for a particular keyword and the number of pages in the index of a search engine (supply) or so-called competition. Through keyword efficiency indexing, you can conduct statistical analysis of the keyword phrases that would be most successful on your page.
  15. Maria Jonas

    Remarketing (aka, retargeting) is an advertising option that allows you to deliver targeted ads to people who visited your website.
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