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  1. Everything is listed just make sure you choose the right place to market your content.
  2. Its cheaper compared to PPC and targets wider audience.
  3. @OP you should not post such easily searchable questions!!!
  4. Targeted Page vs Landing Page Use this query in google to get the difference. Thread shouldn't be easily searchable question!
  5. Mostly Articles are approved manually while web 2.0 are published instantly.
  6. Keywords related to the page are best one!
  7. there are so many factors which affects directly indirectly!!! Google updates are the major one.
  8. Complex technical challenges. Getting buy-in. Priority for the business. Tracking effectiveness. Budget for tools/help.
  9. A content delivery network (CDN) is a global network of servers that can optimize web performance by utilizing the closest available node to the user, for faster transference of assets. Image CDNs differ from the standard content delivery network in a number of ways.
  10. So, are you sharing your opinion or asking for ours?
  11. I guess @OP have had enough suggestions for KEI
  12. Here is how you can utilize expired domains: Find a relevant and high-quality expired domain. Extract its backlink profile. Find contact information for all the quality link opportunities. Reach out and let the linker know that they are linking to a dead resource/website.
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