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  1. Social media is a means to transmit, or share data with a large audience. Everybody has the chance to create and share. All you actually require is a web connection. Whereas, social networking is an action of engagement. Groups of users with general interests, or like-minds, join together on social networking sites and create relationships in the community.
  2. Keyword cannibalization is when a single website unintentionally targets the same keyword across multiple posts or pages.
  3. Link building strategy refers to the steps that one takes to build high quality backinks for his/her website.
  4. By following different off-page activities you easily create backlink manually.
  5. Google’s Knowledge Graph is a knowledge database created to collect and connect information. In essence, the most significant and valuable details are creating a type of mind map that provides people with answers to their questions. This graph presents the key points such as people, companies, places, events, facts, things, and other.
  6. -Amazon Associates Program -Adversal -Taboola Native Advertising -Media.net -PopAds -Adcash -Infolinks -Propeller Ads
  7. Please post a thread that is related to the category!!
  8. I request you to avoid the use of automated link building tool!!
  9. Negative Keywords is a type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. It tells Google not to show your ad to anyone who is searching for that phrase.
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