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  1. sophiawils59

    The effect is indirect when it comes to google. Some other search engines do claim to factor in number of shares, but Matt Cutts with Google has clearly stated that shares are not directly factored into the algorithm.
  2. -Get Listed in Online Directories -Build Backlinks -Post to Social Media -Target Long-Tail Keywords -Start Email Marketing -Start Guest Blogging -Generate Free Traffic with Influencer Marketing
  3. sophiawils59

    SEO mainly involves creating and publishing excellent content, relevant keywords, link building, site navigation, etc SEM is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is also known as PPC ads.
  4. sophiawils59

    RankBrain is a component of Google's core algorithm which uses machine learning (the ability of machines to teach themselves from data inputs) to determine the most relevant results to search engine queries
  5. sophiawils59

    Robots.txt is a text file webmasters create to instruct web robots ( search engine robots ) which pages on your website to crawl or not to crawl.
  6. sophiawils59

    -Choosing the Wrong Keywords -Using Keyword Stuffing -Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords -Publishing Non-Original Content -Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions -Missing Quality Links -Not Investing in a Fast and Mobile-Friendly Experience
  7. sophiawils59

    Keyword density is an element of keyword optimization that refers to the number of times a target keyword is used on a webpage
  8. -Search Engine Journal -Search engine land -MOZ blog -Neil patel blog
  9. sophiawils59

    Google AdWords is the former name of Google Ads. It is an advertising platform that allows us to manage search ad and display ad campaigns. Search ads are the ads that show up when you do a search at Google.com. Display ads can show up in a variety of webpages and apps and in a variety of formats (video, image, text, etc.).
  10. sophiawils59

    Following are some of the important factors -Website structure -Website deisgn -Content -Backlink
  11. Following are some of the keynotes for the perfect keyword research -Study your niche -Define your goals -Make a list of relevant topics -Create a list of seed keywords -Use good keyword research tools -Study the search intent -Identify long-tail keywords
  12. sophiawils59

    -Title -Description -Headers (particularly H1 & H2) -First paragraph of text -Link texts -ALT / TITLE tags in images
  13. sophiawils59

    -Facebook -Instagram -YouTube -Twitter -Pinterest
  14. sophiawils59

    Google Webmaster Tools for is a free service offered by Google that helps users monitor and maintain a site's presence in the Google Search results. Setting up Google Webmaster Tools for SEO can help you understand how Google views your site, so you can optimize its performance for the search results.
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