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  1. Hi Does anyone know if you can use a Cajamar Bank card in other European countries (rather than use our British bank card)? Many Thanks Corinne
  2. Favourite Korean Films I just watched The Villainess and I honestly cannot remember more fun I've had with a Korean film. I don't watch enough Korean films, despite many actually appealing to me very much (I had The Villainess on my PC for 6 months!), so it shouldn't be a long list (I hope to frequently add to it). Here are my favourite Korean films: 1. The Villainess A- 2. The Host B+ 3. Oldboy B+ 4. 3-Iron B 5. Snowpiercer C That is a pathetic list. I should've watched many more. Films on the wish list: The Good, The Bad, and the Weird, The Handmaiden, Train to Busan, I Saw the Devil, Lady Vengeance, The Wailing.
  3. First of all, people invest money in cryptocurrency because of the high chance of becoming rich, that's all. Especially if you know this area, you can earn solid money and then invest it in real estate (as I did, by the way). And you don't have to have millions now to invest in real estate. It's enough to have average capital and knowledge to succeed in investing in real estate. Crowdfunding firms allow an ordinary person to invest small amounts of money in projects and receive interest from this. I think I read about it on this site -- https://moneysavedmoneyearned.com/diversyfund/, but I'm not sure.
  4. Investing in gold is a good idea because it will never lose its value. The main problem is that it is not gaining value very fast. This is why investing in real estate is a better idea. Two years ago, I wanted to enlarge my business to Europe, and I decided to buy real estate there for my business. Innovation-park.eu helped me find the best offer for my business needs. Now the real estate that I bought is more expensive, and with it will get more valuable, and I will be able to sell it at a good price and make money on it.
  5. This is an excellent way to pay cheaters for ruining others' games! I also played GTA Online, and there are too many cheaters in the game. It is destroying the gameplay experience. I was also playing with cheats, but not on official servers. I played in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and I got some cheats from iwantcheats.net. I was afraid of getting banned, so I wasn't playing on official servers but community servers. I enjoyed it and had fun because I was making mad a lot of players with the Wallhack.
  6. Leverage will help you if you lose your job and can't pay monthly for the mortgage. I hope I won't lose my job in the next twenty years until I pay my mortgage. I will get a good credit history by paying the mortgage on time, and I will have even more advantages while getting loans and mortgages. When I was searching for offers of mortgages, I used the help of a mortgage broker. As a first-time buyer, he was able to find a good mortgage offer with a smaller first deposit than average, which is excellent.
  7. WOW! I might try playing on the online casino you shared. The fact that you can withdraw cryptocurrency is excellent. I am playing poker on off-holdem.com, and there you can't gamble with cryptocurrency, but this disadvantage doesn't make it a bad online casino for poker. I like playing on it because there are always a lot of players online, and you can easily find a table with poker to play. Also, they recently renewed their website, and now it has a better interface that works faster and is smoother.
  8. Thanks for the link. It was exciting. By the way, guys, my boyfriend wants to drop out of college as an economist and try to enter the fire academy, but I'm trying to persuade him not to do it because he's risking his future. Do you think it's worth advising him not to do this or let him drop out of college and go to his dream? He also found some website that prepares students for tests in the fire academy. In short, he caught fire with this dream, and I'm thinking, is he doing the right thing, or will he regret it later? Maybe I'm writing a little offtopic, but I'd like to know your opinion on this thing. ___________________________________ search and rescue jobs Victoria
  9. I am also a fan of Minecraft and the D&D universe. I have been playing various board games in the D&D universe since I was a child. Now I have two options, start playing MMO RPG D&D or find a server where many people play. I'm tired of playing by myself, and I'm very lonely. I want to go to the fresh Minecraft server with someone and try to play collectively. Guys, if someone wants to play together but is also looking for people, write to me in private messages, I will send you my discord server, and we will already figure it out. ___________________________ minecraft.buzz
  10. Wow, what a beautiful design! Previously, it was generally rare for gambling sites to be beautifully designed. Although I played more slots, everything is usually monotonous in terms of design. Except, of course, the coefficients and strategies, lol. Over the years, it is easier to analyze what kind of profit you can get, but sometimes without such assistants as www.slotsformoney.com, it can be not easy. You can find good articles or tips there. I hope that a review of your application will appear there over time. By the way, can I download it on Windows Phone? Or only on iPhone/ android?
  11. I could not be entirely sure that it is not cheating. For several years now, I play only in proven casinos, and I do not want to run into scammers. So, I advise you to visit the site https://www.bollybet.com and enjoy amazing online games in real-time with an exclusive streaming casino. There you can chat with professional and live dealers to get the most realistic gaming experience possible. With real tables, real dealers, and real-time play, you'll find these games that will keep you entertained for hours right on your phone or tablet! I wish you good luck.
  12. If banks refuse to give you a credit card, then just change the bank. For example, the bank I use looks for me the best interest rate and saves on interest and costs. And the most important thing is that if you bid, you also ensure that you do not pay too much interest or charges on the 4000 euro loan you applied for. Also, the main advantage is that you save time in any case without sending applications to more than 30 different banks and financial institutions by yourself. Have you heard from them https://www.edullinenlaina.com/30000e-laina/? I hope my comment was helpful to you. Good luck.
  13. Decentralized betting? Sounds interesting...
  14. It is the first time I've heard of such a musical ecosystem. The music format has been undergoing a lot of changes lately. One of the most significant changes is the death of the mp3 format. It was a widespread format with excellent perspectives, but it is outdated. As a result, now all manufacturers are massively switching to the wav format. It is a very cool format that takes up little space, and besides that, it has a lot more prospects. Most converters like https://coconvert.com/youtube-wav-converter.html have also started to create software for converting YouTube videos to wav format.
  15. I have long found a site where I can exchange skins for free or for money. I've been in this market for a very long time, so to speak, so I don't need it. Here's what's really new for me, so I found the service https://globalcsgo.com/gambling-sites/, where there are good gaming sites and bonus codes. This is a good feature, thanks to which my game is several times better, especially since they are free, so this is already good, tho. And to earn even more money, I sold these codes that I took on this service, where they are free, lol.
  16. I wonder if someone has read this topic in full? haha, I stopped after the second paragraph. What kind of casino do you like? I have been playing in casinos and various such games for a very long time, and I earn money from it ( not as much money as at work, but still as an additional income it is suitable ) I'm currently playing the 강남홀덤 that my brother recommended to me and I'm fine with it. In general, I like to play in gambling houses in my city ( I live in New York ) but due to the pandemic, this is generally unrealistic at the moment, since all gambling houses are closed and I have no choice but to compensate for my desire with the help of an online casino
  17. Hello. I hope you will find a good bookmaker for yourself. Because many beginners do not understand much and often they need help. This was my experience when I became interested in sports betting. I didn't understand a lot of things, but I was helped by a friend who makes money on betting. He told me a lot of little things that I didn't even think about. He puts most often here https://tips.gg/ , because here has high coefficients. And he told me a very important thing about the fact that at some point the excitement can get the better of a person, so you need to bet wisely
  18. If you are looking for a site for reading news, you can try kisspr news. It is a very good platform for people that like to be informed all the time, or just spend their time reading something interesting. It is perfect for people from all domains because it has the latest articles and news from almost every category of news. It is also very good for busy persons. Near every article, you can see the time it will take for a person to read it, so it is easy to manage your time while you are reading the news. I use it for one year and I can say that the news isn't fake. ___________________ https://news.kisspr.com
  19. Food catering for example, ordered a lot of food during the lock down. I also think about going to https://exitadviser.com/business-for-sale about some financial advice. Even though I work in IT and have a very decent salary it has become very boring lately. I am a sociable and extroverted person and working from home induces me into some kind of depression. Therefore I think that investing in a business and operating it could be just the solution for me.
  20. Any drugs of chemical origin are harmful to health. I've been smoking marijuana for about 5 years. Always buy. At some point, the quality of the purchased weed became much worse. Then I decided to buy equipment for growing grass. I ordered everything I needed from here https://topgrows.com/best-digital-scale-weed-review/ and started growing marijuana. It is much easier to smoke and feels completely different. But we must remember that this, in any case, should not become your habit
  21. Depends on the car I guess, I got 3k for an old ford by taking it to scrapi.com. To be honest if you are looking to get top dollar for a used car then a scrap yard might just not be the best option. Nevertheless scrapi offered a very decent one so I gave the car as I had neither time nor desire to wait for a buyer as I had to leave for Washington. The money you get for a used car depends on ts condition obviously. If the car is functional sell it if not just take it to a scrap yard, that would be my advice.
  22. Yeah feeling stressed is always a mess, I never loved when my wife was getting stress at work then comes at home with a bad mood. She was trying many things to get out of stress, but we both know that those were just consequences, but the source was still the job. Yet I loved how white maeng da effects my wife after getting a tea of that, she calms her nervous system and body instantly, yet next day at job she gets stressed again. Well, anyway she left this job after some time, but I really feel bad for people who have to work at those jobs, hating them.
  23. A friend of mine lost around 5k on it having invested 10k on the ethereum. Even if bitcoin might seem a little more stable I still think that it's a lottery to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you still want to and don't care about the risk of losing I recommend that you visit https://haruinvest.com/blog/earn-interest-on-bitcoin/ for financial advice. The investment market is like water it shifts every day and these guys earn their living by studying and prognosing it, be aware that no calculation can guarantee a 100% chance of success though.

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