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  1. The majority of ecommerce websites face price calculating issues. Opencart price calculator extension enables you to manage multiple products with specific measurements units. The extension is suitable for different type of small business or large business such as, sweets bakers, meat shops etc. when customer order in bulks discount automatically added by the opencart price calculator extension. Customer can entered the desired amount of product in height width length and volume dimension. The price will be managed automatically by the extension. Opencart price calculator extension is responsive with all large and small devices.
  2. Woocommerce plugins always helping you to manage your online stores easily. Woocommerc offer price measurement, direct checkout, and customer registration form plugin. All of these plugin have user friendly interface without any compatibility issues. You can customize your customer registration form with extra input fields. You can get value able information from your customer by using these extra input fields. Woocommerce registration plugin supports different types of input fields such as text box, text area, select box, multi select box, checkbox, radio button, date picker, time picker, password and file/image upload. The customer can edited or delete their entered information during the signup form. Woocommerce custom registration plugin has no compatibility issue with website themes.
  3. The Automate price calculating plugins help to manage online stores products pricing. Woocommerce price calculator plugin enables you to manage products prices automatically with specify measurement units. You can sell products by volume, area, and weight by using woocommerce pricing calculator. It also support to product variation such as color size and design. Woo commerce price calculator support multiple measurement units such as sq, mm, lb, g, fl, and oz. The Customers can see the price per unit and sale price for various measurement ranges on separate tab. Woocommerce price calculator plugin is compatible with all website themes.
  4. Woocommerce products addons enables you to add multiple fields for manage your product page. You can customize product page according to the customer preference. You can set 12 types of fields to create extra product options according to customer preference. Woocommerce product display options supports multiple products fields such are, drop down, radio button, checkbox, text field, text area, file upload, date & time, multi-select etc. You can personalize your products for engage maximum customers. WooCommerce product options plugin is compatible with all websites.
  5. Woocommerce offer a fast and easy checkout processing system. It supports the 3 types of checkout methods such as same page, one-click, or sticky checkout method. WooCommerce direct checkout plugin will display the checkout option at the bottom of the same page. woocommerce skip cart plugin enables customer to move on the checkout page directly. The sticky checkout is a unique and useful feature method. Sticky Checkout Method allows the customers an easy access to checkout while continuing online shopping.
  6. Why customer review is important for a business success, let’s take a look, A customer review is a written reflection of someone’s experience and feedback on your company’s products or services. Customers have a free hand to submit their feedback on products without any restriction. Consumers use reviews during the purchasing process to understand how your product features works and if it’s worth the investment. So many good and bad reviews listed on product pages. Good reviews help other visitors to purchase products. Opencart testimonials extension is wonderful for collect your customer reviews on website. This extension contains fields for adding customer reviews such as name, email, website images and description. Admin can edit and delete the customer review from backend. Opencart review module is compatible with all website themes.
  7. The Ecommerce store owner use different methods to retain customer and offer a valuable easy checkout processing. The user friendly interface checkout process increase your store conversion rate. If you are looking for more sales let check the opencart custom fields extension. This plugin contains the 9 different fields for customer data collection such as name, email, phone, website etc. Many ecommerce stores have low checkout progress fields not working properly. Let’s use the opencart checkout page for get additional information from your customer. Open cart custom fields extension support 9 types of fields for getting details information from customers. By using this extension fields can be added at any stage of checkout process. Opencart custom field’s extension is compatible with all website themes.
  8. GeoIP store switcher extension working is almost same like geoip extension. Open cart geo ip ecommerce sites can restrict display of products not available in a particular area. OpenCart GeoIP extension auto-detects the IP address of your website users automatically and helps you to block specific IPs, country, or the whole region. GeoIP store switcher extension help to engage your redirect traffic to another store. In geoip extension we block whole site for a specific region or country. geoip store help you to add 2 , 3 other store. Redirect visitor buy display a custom message with other store links. OpenCart Multi Store Switcher help to rediect traffic to your all stores.
  9. Open cart Event Manager Plugin shows all the events on a separate listing page with each event has its own detail page as well. You can market your products easily through this user friendly plugin. You can manage multiple events like music concerts, cricket match, consults, movie, seminars, coaching & training etc. Maximum customer can take benefits due to 24 hours availability. Events tickets sale increase with user friendly interface. Feature of open cart event manager plugin or sell tickets online listed below: Online tickets booking Details page information Attach Event Videos Audios Photos User-friendly interface Back end Management Highlights dates in calendar view 24/7 Availability
  10. Ecommerce stores contain multiple categories of small and large products. open cart mix and match extension Manage small item products of same category like sweets, fast foods grocery stores etc. It allows your customers to fill the box by choosing products from the available item list. Product box offer product bundles and sell as a gift box. Separate and fixed prices both are available on stores. Prices automatically managed on selection on of each product. Buy open cart mix and match plugin for your stores only in $49.
  11. If you want to hide your ecommerce store data from new visitors. Extendons offer open cart customer group’s restriction extension helps you to block any CMS pages for user groups like about us, contact us, manufacturer pages etc. Show customer groups only specific amount of data. You can block products catalogs for specific time duration easily. E.g. selects starting and ending date Buy Open cart Restrict Customer Groups Extension only in $29. 1. Restrict Customer Groups by: 2.Restrict products & categories from specific customer groups 4.Restrict shipping & payment methods from specific customer groups 5.Multiple Rules for various customer groups 6.Display custom message for specific customer groups
  12. if you feel worry about manage your store products pricing and quantity i high recommend you this app . use this app and run a successful business without worry about measurement problems Shopify pricing calculator App enable you to sale variety of products of different nature. Support multiple measurement units according to the nature of the product. Enable discounts rules for products purchased in larger quantities. Support fraction and integers values. Support multiple pricing units, after adding a unit price; the app will handle the rest of it. Buy this App only in $29.99/month - 5-day free trial.
  13. if you need only relevant traffic for your website then try this extension for best results . Opencart geoip help to target specific geographic areas where there’s a high demand for your services or products. Relevant traffic for your online store saves your much resource. open Cart GeoIP extension enable you to hide products your entire ecommerce website as well. Irrelevant traffic deranks your products on Google ranking. Traffic comes from all regions visitor open site and close the webpage result into increase your site bounce rate. Google thing your sites products are not good. Geoip extension helping you to choose and allow target traffic from all regions.
  14. Open cart Restrict Customer Groups extension used to hide your sensitive data. Multiple rules you can define for customer and products group. You to create easily multiple customer groups and define the rule for each customer. Show custom message alert for block customer restrict group. You can block products catalogs for specific time duration easily. Multiple types of extension available on market place open cart customer restrict group extension is good for target specific groups of customer and products rather than hide whole sites. Buy Open cart Restrict Products Extension only in $29.
  15. Geoip currency & languages module support to change change language and currency according to customer geolocation automatically. Open cart geoip help you to all targeted audience traffic from specific country or region. Geoip support in auto change currency module automatically switches the Language and Currency of the store according to customer’s geo targeting location. Extendons offer open cart currency extension module for according to customer preferred languages and currencies. Customer leave from store due to lack of preferred language and currency.
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