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  1. Higher the authorization of your site, higher will be the page rank which ranges from 0 – 10. Google Web Search Engine algorithm is responsible for calculating the page rank of every web page.
  2. Content should be unique in all the way possible.
  3. moraj

    Medical types of services are not running good for SEO, since google follows YMYL criteria and medical related websites need to follow EAT, which is quite difficult to achieve.
  4. Spamming Backlink. Keyword stuffings are the worst black hat seo technique.
  5. moraj

    Canonical URL helps google search engine, to track canonical url if there are duplicate url issue persist.
  6. You need to improve contents of the websites, plus need to remove spam back links.
  7. moraj

    A text that does not have any images on the web page. It helps to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines and ensure a good page optimization.
  8. moraj

    It depends on the competition of the keywords, and how well your website is performing when you consider onpage factors.
  9. Concentrate more on what content and what keywords are you using for your website. Google gives more value to contents in 2020.
  10. moraj

    Social Media is the best platform to improve traffic of the websites.
  11. I think google will give the best answer for this question.
  12. Wordpress is very secure site, the plugins are available to make the site for secure and hack free.
  13. moraj

    I guess PPC is enough for generating traffic for the website.
  14. moraj

    There is an option available on You Tube Enhancement, there you can "add subscription" at the end of screen, which helps you improve subscription.
  15. moraj

    Nice earning, health & wealth goes hand in hand. Its a nice earning for any yoga teachers. Thanks for sharing, I was unaware about this.
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