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  1. A canonical tag tells search engines that a particular URL represents the master copy of a website. The use of the canonical tag avoids issues created by similar or "duplicate" content occurring on different URLs.
  2. The keyword difficulty is used to determine how difficult it is to rank a keyword on the search engine result page.
  3. Yes, blog commenting is a good activity to do in SEO as this helps to improve the overall keyword variation and quality of the content.
  4. Those visitors who come from sites other than the search engine is known as referral traffic. If a user clicks on a link to access a new page on another website, Analytics reports the click as a referral visit to the second location.
  5. People who visit your website as a result of a Facebook recommendation, which is an inbound connection from another website, are monitored by Google Analytics. This is the case with users who come across your material on Facebook's app and website.
  6. The good designs of furniture give a good appearance to a place. If you are interested in purchasing furniture at wholesale price then PapaChina can be a good choice for you to visit. Here, you will get standard quality furniture.
  7. For improving your Domain Authority, you can follow these steps:- Work on Your Off-Page SEO. ... On-Page SEO Optimization. ... Work on Your Technical SEO. ... Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly. ... Improve Your Page Speed. ... Increase Your Social Signals. ... Be Patient.
  8. I have read your whole article and found it very interested and informative. You have shared all the criteria about SEO which everyone needs to known. So thanks for sharing.
  9. There are so many off-page SEO activities to do for creating backlinks on other sites and gaining traffic on your website:- social bookmark image submission classified submission blog commenting and posting Question and answering PPT Guest posting
  10. No, it is not bad. You can continue with this process. But next day, use another content for social bookmarking. The unique content will increase the traffic on your site.
  11. One of the best brand promotion way within a offline marketing method is best selling promotional products. These promo gifts are cost-effective and can easily imprint the brand name or logo for advertising camping. If I talk about the online promotion method then social media and seo is the best way of promoting your business, services, and products.
  12. By ensuring that your website is featured in related searches, SEO will increase your web traffic and thus attract visitors. The method of achieving a natural placement on search engine results pages is known as Organic SEO (SERPs). By using location-based keywords, SEO marketing can also boost search rankings.
  13. Keyword analysis to identify the types of keywords consumers look for is the best ecommerce SEO technique. Based on your keyword tests, site design. On-Page SEO in meta tags and content by strategic keyword optimization.
  14. The use of Anchor text is very high as it helps in making a clickable text in a hyperlink. The SEO best practices dicate that anchor text be relevant to the page that its user is linking.
  15. There are too much difference between do-follow and no-follow backlinks. The Do-follow backlinks are followed by both Google and users which are helpful for boosting the rank of a website but in another hand the no-follow backlinks are followed by only the users which never helpful in improving the rank.
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