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  1. Thanks for the information, it’s clear that you can safely trust the blockchain.
  2. And so friends will very soon, or rather, on December 5, 2019 begin to celebrate the anniversary of the Roy Club. Events will be held in Sochi from December 5 to 10, 2019, 500 Roy Club partners are expected whose status is from silver and above. Have a nice holiday!
  3. Earnings of course real, but it's such a boring and low-paying job.
  4. Friends, it's time to get ready for the Roy Club anniversary. The celebration will be held in Sochi. We will look forward to it.
  5. Ethereum has now dropped to $ 180 per coin
  6. 11/01/2019 11-45 Moscow time, the price of the PRIZM coin is $ 0.75 yesterday; the price of the coin reached $ 0.79; we hope that today the price of the coin will cross the mark of $ 0.80.
  7. Thanks for the information . I hope this information will bring success when earning in a casino. I will try . .
  8. November 8th, the presentation of prisms in Bangkok, powerful Thai networkers through Hotbit enter the prisms, there are 200,000 of them there team. Next, the bit team connects the input of money into prisms from bank cards (including credit cards). Input will be from 31 countries. Naturally an increase in the course of PRISM. China, Korea, Vietnam, Latin America will also drop in soon and the course can go up to $ 100 for 1 PRIZM.
  9. Thanks for the useful information . We will try to use in the work.
  10. On November 2, 2019, a Roy Auto program is launched in the Roy Club for those who wish to purchase a new car. Entrance to the program from 2000 to 3000 PRISM coins. Details later on car models and timing
  11. The PRIZM cryptocurrency was included in the listing of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Hotbit On October 8, trading in PRISM began in tandem with bitcoin, ether and the dollar. All this greatly increases the popularity of PRIZM cryptocurrencies, because China is one of the world leaders in the field of cryptocurrencies.
  12. The Kingdom of Bhutan made an official statement - they adopted PRISM as the official cryptocurrency of their state, it will be on a par with the fiat currency of the country.
  13. Thanks for the information . We will use it in working with cryptocurrencies.
  14. Do not even hesitate! Roy Club can really change your future no matter what country you live in. You will realize all your dreams.
  15. Join the Roy Club while the action 100 + 100 is valid; this will be your start for the PRIZM cryptocurrency paramining.
  16. I earn in the Roy Club by paramining cryptocurrency PRIZM income on the growth of cryptocurrency and paramining up to 30% per month
  17. Hurry up to buy PRIZM cryptocurrency coins since today the price of a coin dropped to $ 0.38, it's time to buy a coin.
  18. Earning cryptocurrency PRIZM is very profitable. Firstly, you earn on rising cryptocurrency prices and most importantly, you earn on cryptocurrency paramining.
  19. Roy Club continues to move forward with new promotions and programs. One of the latest Cradle programs from the Central Federal District Artel.
  20. I bring to your attention the PRIZM cryptocurrency which is growing in price, its rating among world cryptocurrencies is growing, and in addition it has a unique ability to paramining, which creates additional income on passive.
  21. The Roy Club based on the PRIZM cryptocurrency gives us a unique opportunity for joint paramining of the cryptocurrency coins that are on the wallet in the Club. PRISM will change your financial condition, do not hesitate to purchase and start paramining.
  22. Check out the PRIZM cryptocurrency which is growing in price and also has a unique ability to paramining, which will create additional income for you
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