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  1. The taxi business is no familiar with the spotlight. Thanks to the launch of dedicated applications, the once hailing services have now transformed and enter the on-demand era. So, what's the big deal? The once decentralized taxi market is now witnessing smooth operations with end to end efficiency thanks to ride-hailing applications like Ola, Lyft, and others. With monumental smart device sales coupled with growing millennials entering the workforce, the trend seems only to be growing. Is the business lucrative? Indeed it is. Hence, the word juggernaut in the title. Let's check some stats (for 2019): The revenue in the on-demand ride-hailing segment amounts to $183,677 million Revenue expected to grow at 14.8% between 2019-2023. The annual growth (CAGR 2019-2023) rate results in market value of $218,765 million (by 2023). User penetration is expected to grow from 13.5% in 2019 to 20.0% by 2023. User base touching 996.7 million Can I enter the market? Yes, with a fantastic app, you can. Although, you would require apps for riders and drivers, a panel for dispatcher, and a powerful dashboard for business admin. However, developing the apps, panel, and dashboard from scratch can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. What's the best way forward? Clone applications have been creating quite a wave across the market. With functions and features matching leading players, one can enter the market almost instantaneously. TurnkeyTown's premier Uber clone offers the perfect platform for entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations to connect riders with drivers seamlessly.
  2. Let’s be brutally honest. Gojek has hit the target well. Started as a bike taxi rental, the company has spearheaded to other fields, including payments, food delivery, doctor on call, handyman, transportation (car and bus), and a whole lot more. How did they get so popular? With a fantastic app, the company hit the sweet spot. The application offered in both the iOS and Android app store connects service seekers (customers) with nearby service providers. Is the market lucrative for other players? Indeed it is. The market leader, Gojek, is struggling to cater to the growing on-demand services. With ad-hoc and scheduled service requests on the rise, new players can enter and thrive almost instantaneously. Ok, how to get started? With a Gojek clone, of course. Yes, you heard it right. Powered with matching features and functionalities, the platform performs glitch-free. Features integrated into the app include: Secure sign-up/sign-in Schedule or ad-hoc bookings Profile creation Browse services Real-time tracking Multi-language integrations In-app payments Rate & review In-app chat & call And much more Who can help with developing the app? TurnkeyTown has been under the spotlight for its remarkable application development services. Their critically-acclaimed Gojek clone offers businesses the right platform to connect service seekers with professionals seamlessly.
  3. Let's picture a situation. Mary seeks a plumber to fix the broken sink. While searching for professional plumber contact details through an old and dusted phone book, her husband John noticed the car's tail light broken. Now both John and Mary have joined the quest to get contact information of professional plumber and mechanic. Couple goal? Maybe not the right one. However, the couple can save time and money with just a few taps on a GoJek clone app and get professional plumber and mechanic arrive at their doorstep. You heard it right, only a few taps! The smart app, powered with cutting-edge features and tech, offers a secure platform to connect service seekers with professionals near their location. Ok, I am curious, what kind of features? The list is endless, however, let's check out the critical ones: Search for professionals Book now or schedule Booking records Profile details In-app payments Rate card Real-time professional tracking Rate & review ETA Notifications Geo-fencing And a whole lot more Can I enter the lucrative on-demand business? Indeed you can. With the perfect app, you can enter and thrive almost instantaneously. TurnkeyTown offers next-generation Gojek clone that is tailor-built as per your business requirements. So, help couples like Mary and John connect with service professionals smoothly with a powerful on-demand application running on popular mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms. Need to Create Uber Clone Check Website
  4. Hailing a taxi is a painful task. Not to mention standing under the sun for hours only to notice all the cabs pass you by. However, with the launch of dedicated apps for booking cabs, the situation has changed for the good. With the market getting lucrative, players are entering the game with their custom on-demand taxi applications that match or in some cases, even outmatch the leading service provider in the market. How are new players outmatching competitors? With an Uber clone, of course. The platform offers easy customizations and integration of many techs and features as per business needs. Thus, helping startups and entrepreneurs save on high development cost and time. What does Uber clone offer? The smart taxi-hailing & dispatching platform offers a dedicated app for rider & driver and panels for admin & dispatcher. The application powered with leading tech and feature promises turbo-charged performance. What kind of features? For driver Route navigation Support chat Trip earnings Invoice details Online & offline toggle And more For rider Book now or schedule later Payment options Push notifications Real-time tracking SOS button And more For admin Earnings report Driver & rider management Document verification God’s eye view Surge pricing And more For dispatcher Fare estimation Manage requests Social media login Rating and review management Real-time matching And more Who to entrust with app development services? Well, based on market research, TurnkeyTown has emerged as a clear winner with amazing app development solutions. They are industry leaders in developing, testing, and delivering next-gen apps for on-demand taxi services.
  5. Taxi business is one of the leading businesses across the globe that helps startups and business individuals to earn massive revenue in a short span. Let’s have a look at how profitable the industry is, The global taxi market is expected to reach a CAGR of 9.22% during the period 2019-2024. There’s an increase in the number of passengers who prefer ride-sharing services in developing countries. Owing to the rapid adoption rate of ride-sharing services, there’s an increase in demand in the Asia-Pacific region. After the success of taxi apps such as Uber, Lyft it is now the dream of every entrepreneur and business individual to enter the profitable on-demand taxi world with an advanced app. Turnkey Town, one of the pioneers in the field offers an easily customizable Uber clone script that helps entrepreneurs launch an app for their business in no time. Their app is built with advanced features such as, Push notification Route navigation Document verification Review & Feedback Stopover points Server compatibility Red zone areas Enter the lucrative world of on-demand taxi industry with an advanced Uber clone app right away.
  6. Today, more and more people are using taxi services to travel between locations. Cab applications like Uber and Ola provide great convenience to customers as they can book rides from the comforts of their homes or offices. Moreover, it also helps users to save time and effort that would otherwise be expended on physically hailing taxis. Uber clone scripts are the perfect way to segue into the taxi industry that is predicted to grow to more than $300 billion by 2025. These scripts can be deployed with ease and offer better scalability. However, there are a few things to consider before investing: Technology Stack: Ensure your provider uses the latest software to build your platforms. This will help avoid buggy user experience. After-sales Support: Select an app development firm that offers post-sales support. This will help you update and upgrade your platform in the future. Customizability: Find out about the different customizations your technology partner offers. Latest Features: Most importantly, ensure your platform is loaded with all the latest features that are trending in the market. For the best Uber clone apps, visit Turnkey Town. They are a trusted brand offering premium app development services. Their solutions are highly robust and completely white-labeled.
  7. Today, taxi aggregators such as Lyft, Ola, and Uber are valued at billions of dollars. These companies have transformed the way people travel intra and inter city. They have also changed the perception of taxis and have made them very accessible. Moreover, they are also inspiring entrepreneurs to venture into the taxi business. Today, it is very easy to kick-start your own taxi booking company. By using Uber clone apps, it is possible to enter this industry in a very short time. Below is a list of advantages associated with this model: Saves time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on building an application from scratch. It comes loaded with trending features and functions. Built to perform efficiently on Android and iOS. Can be customized and deployed without any efforts The platforms can be scaled with ease to meet new challenges Turnkey Town is a leading provider of Uber clone solutions. We offer feature-rich platforms that are user-friendly and highly customizable. All of our solutions are completely white-labeled and are very easy to scale.
  8. Uber clone platforms are truly turnkey and feature-rich that give you a competitive advantage. They come equipped with a robust admin dashboard that helps you manage operations with ease. Meanwhile, the user-friendly UI helps your customers navigate the platform with ease. The accurate GPS-tracking function ensures that drivers travel between destinations without any delays. Turnkey Town also assists you with key insights and strategies that make you stand out in the crowd. VoIP Calling for better privacy Surge pricing during peak hours Ride-share feature Simplified KYC and document verification Optimized for Android and iOS 100% White-label solution Highly Customizable Unparalleled Scalability
  9. The taxi-booking app revolution changed the lives of numerous individuals. Making taxi-hailing extremely simple and instant, companies like Uber and Lyft gained a huge following from their very initial stages. Users became completely dependent on these services and traditional taxis lost their flavour. Some of the major reasons for their popularity are: Cabs arrive in less than five minutes Application is simple to use and user-friendly In-built GPS system makes navigation easy Multiple payment modes benefit customers Rating system to better services Entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own taxi-booking app can use the latest solution - the Uber clone. This readymade copy of the taxi giant is extremely useful and can save entrepreneurs a huge amount of capital. If you are looking for development companies who can assist you in building an advanced uber clone taxi app, then check out Turnkey Town. They have great developers who produce high-quality results.
  10. Taxi apps have made users’ lives extremely easy with accessibility and a friendly user-interface. Building an app like this is easier than ever due to solutions like the Uber clone. Allowing entrepreneurs to spend a minimal amount of capital, an Uber clone gives numerous opportunities for increased creativity and innovation. If you are building an application, you should really consider this as an option because of the following reasons: Entrepreneurs make huge savings with this solution. They can stay updated with trends and build an app within a short period of time. The basic features come with the Uber clone.
  11. Build your own Uber clone with the help of experts like Turnkey Town. They offer highly customizable solutions that can be integrated with the latest features. They also provide end-to-end solutions for all taxi-based businesses. Get their top-class services to digitize your business and stay ahead of your competition.
  12. We cannot survive without our favorite mobile applications. They are used for different functions - entertainment, services, information, and more. The taxi industry has gained much with online apps. Efficiency and reliability have been improved significantly. Users can book rides whenever they want. When the solution is in the palm of their hands, what more can they ask for? This industry is brimming with opportunities for businesspersons. Get started on your own taxi venture with budget-friendly and instant solutions like the Uber clone. Turnkey Town can assist you in creating highly-advanced applications for you!
  13. Uber transformed the taxi-hailing industry. Instead of waving on the sidewalks at passing cabs, services now arrive at your doorstep or wherever you require. An app makes all this possible. With features like in-built navigation and payment systems, an app like Uber makes life easier. If you want to build a taxi app like this then here are some of the basic features you should integrate: Geolocation for easy navigation to pick-up and drop location Social media registration for instant sign-up Multiple payment methods for cash and cashless payments In-app chat system for communication between drivers and users Rating system to maintain the standard of services Visit Turnkey Town for the best app development solutions. They offer cost-effective solutions such as Uber clones to give opportunities to budding entrepreneurs and startups. Give their website a quick look!
  14. Uber, the taxi titan was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. With its headquarters located in California, United States, it has spread to over 65 countries and 600 cities worldwide. Its rise to fame was steady and calculated, bringing in success from every corner of the globe. The company is valued at over a whopping $70 Billion and it continues to grow exponentially. Uber has penetrated the lives of more than 50 Million individuals, most of whom avail taxi services every single day. It has transformed from being a luxury to becoming a lifestyle in a short period of time. It is no shocker that Uber has completed more than 10 billion trips worldwide. It focused not only On Providing Seamless Services to users but also in making the taxi industry a friendly environment for drivers. An average Uber driver takes home an income of $364 per month. There are 3.9 million Uber drivers globally. By creating a bridge for the two major stakeholders (riders and drivers) to meet, Uber made a complex and chaotic service extremely simple. This is the major reason for the huge figures attached to its name and why entrepreneurs are trying to imitate its framework using solutions like the Uber clone. The Business Model of Uber | Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs
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    Turnkey Town is a leading app development company offering seamless Uber clones. Our solutions integrate the best features and are optimized for Android and iOS. You can easily customize the platform to match your business requirements.
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